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Wear extra long acrylic nails for one day girls vs. boys family diamonds

1 Nov , 2019  

They’Re huge look at his nails. Show me your hands. Oh, of course not a clean guy’s mode. This is beast mode right. Look into my eyes. I would be getting acrylic nails, but that is right. Everybody’s gonna get a pretty mouth little eyes, yeah. Not so much fish, it’s too little, we’re gonna be doing different stuff and we’re gonna be competing boys. Here’s another hint! It’s the boys yeah this big, a big thumbs up and subscribe, because everyone is ready already, except we have a yet? Oh, my god, she’s telling bed.
What is that cookies? Either? Yes, okay, okay! So pretty much you are going to be pudding, so you’re gonna be getting orders and you’re gonna have to fulfill those orders. And if you don’t fulfill those orders, then the customers are not gonna, be too happy and they’re, not gonna pay. You this is running a hot dog with some fries I just I’m making some fries now this one wants a hamburger, this one’s getting a little upset. You can right away, tell there’s your hotdog, your fries fries fries. You have to be so fast. Thank you for the money and yeah you have to be super fast. You can also upgrade your kitchen and make it look a lot better and it’ll go a lot faster here soda this one wants a cupcake. Thank you for the money, there’s so many orders. You guys have to be super fast. If you guys are not fast, then you guys will not get paid and your customers will not be happy. I am going and I’m trying to go as fast as I can. This is so fun you guys like fun and you’re at level 24, and you have three stars: if you guys want to download this game, the link will be in the description. Okay ma. I know this game is really addicting, but you need to get ready when it’s a go. Tell Carly I’ll start can’t wait to see the boys faces when they have them on. Oh, my god, that’s gonna be hilarious. Let’s go seems like they’re ready, car and range is ready, so we just go to the nail salon and we’re gonna get our nails on that’s right. Now is the time yeah we’re super excited. What color are you getting this brownish mix with purple brownish mix with purple? Yes, I don’t know what that color is, but hopefully they have it. I’m getting pee, let’s go even oranjee. Oh that’s cute! You always pick colors like that, this one for sure yeah. This is different, yeah, you sure, okay, I was later. Oh, my goodness. Okay, are you sure that one okay, great suit, almost done nice? Let me see, okay, guys.
We are finally done and I have to admit it seems like everything we do is gonna be SuperDuper hard. I’ve never had him this long ever I’m the type of person that gets I’m really sure, because I’m always bumping into themes and they Bend back so wish us luck. We are gonna actually head to our first challenge for our nails: girls versus boys, yep, bye. Okay, guys so right now we will be challenging the boys and that will be try to text. So they’re gonna have to try to send a text message to somebody, and so are we so wishes like ready, yep on your marks, get set? Okay, so he’s gonna send the message saying I love you bro try to use this, you could have local. This is the voice challenge. You can help them. I can help him what this is easy for me watch this I mean I could you could help him not do every. I love you, that’s right when you bro who’s bro put brown with this yeah with an Urkel, okay, okay, it’s our Tiger five! Where are you typing the same thing? I love dogs. Okay, let’s see you got it. Okay, let me speak. I love dogs, okay, so who do you guys think did it in the yeah? I think we did right. You did it’s for you guys. No, we have to check out the time all right, so the next, let’s go to the next challenge. So now it’s our turn to challenge the girls and the challenge. It’s going to be. You forgot right. I tell you okay, so we’re gonna challenge them to pick up a coin from the floor. That’s right! We’Re gonna win and now they’re gonna go first yeah all right. Let’s see! Okay, this a go! Is there some? First? Okay? Let it go? Okay! Let’s see who’s going first, oh my I mean who’s gonna. Do it are you gonna? Do it in both of you guys shoot okay, tsunami go through okay, do this, do the sights of the No wait? Try to go like that? Maybe like a hoop. I can be used both hands yeah, wait. What if I help her with less wine? It’s a team work. We won, wait, wait! We need to go to okay. Today, okay yep, we listen. I sharpen you drop the quarter. Okay, he’s gonna throw it in the wall. Your hands are dirty. Okay, you just have to throw in the floor ready and your marks get set, go drop it all right! Pick it up. You can do it. You got this use three fingers like this. Like a claw like, like a bear, nice good job, that’s way too fast, I’m cheating you have glue. You cheated, didn’t you okay guys, so it’s girls turn to pick a challenge and we have picked or challenge tell them what it is.
That’s going to be writing on paper and the boys are going to be telling us what to write in that piece of paper. Well, our rights, it’s the most neatly ones, that’s an abuse. Of course. You know it’s gonna be as obvious. If so, I’m gonna tell them what to write and they have only five seconds to write it. So you ready, you are responsible for paying bills. Let’s see you can’t even stop to talk really got it. You are with for fame. Two words. Good luck! All right, good job, you guys you ready! These are your turn, guys who’s going up. Alright, so hey! Do you want to do it for you? You want me to do it. That was the weirdest fist bump ever and your marks you. I saw that you saw that no, oh, my god guys. Can you let’s tell us what this says, because I honestly don’t understand and essays God or you you you okay understand are, but this is like Chinese words challenge. Given five, we want yeah, that’s right, yeah, the quarter on you this time, let’s go to the next one. So it’s our turn and we’re gonna challenge the girls to brush our teeth and we’re gonna brush their teeth and see. Who does it better? You know more hi, hi, hi, hi, honey, hi hi. All right, you ready we’ll see all right. Let’s go he’s gonna, be brushing her teeth. She’s gonna be brushing his teeth and I’m gonna be putting toothpaste cuz. It was really hard for them to do it, so here’s a little bit toothpaste for you and here’s a little bit of toothpaste for you now you gotta, add water love guys already and at the same time, diesel you’re doing a pretty good job. So you really got that brushing you get it back in there nice. I think you’re gonna be a dentist. Okay, okay, I think it’s obvious turn. Let me see your face yeah we did it. We won no come on. How did no wait? You were nothing! Okay, the challenge was to brush inside the mouth, not outside of the mouth. So with the toys. The word is, I don’t know right. What do you do? You think you won? Who do you think won this challenge? Girls are boys, girl, power. Give me five careful cuz might not be right. Can you see him yeah yeah that looks like you’re gonna get inside your nose really a second there blood look coming up so mine’s pink we’re just waiting for chicken wings. Why did we? We? Girls are gonna way You look like me, you guys did we look alike.
I think we look alike coming behind the scenes to eat chicken wing wait This is our last challenge and we gotta eat chicken wings Yes, oh that’s The best challenge ever we’ll see we’ll see, I don’t think, there’s anything better than eating chicken wing What do you think so? Don’t you think this, like the best challenge ever hey guys So this is our last challenge and it is of course the chicken wings, as you can see, let’s see with you you’re holding it okay, so the winner will be whoever eats the chicken wings like faster and not getting so messy Okay, so another hand yeah in the mouth, so you guys ready gets it start eating Remember, try not to get so messy guys grabbing this song Oh, I love that you see he’s killing it Okay, you need to take in there so we’re gonna lose Oh, my god, so you haven’t even started You have to go every controls we lose these Are you getting messy? Look at the bones, show the bones, but look at his face Oh try not to get so messy Okay you’ll eat it Without getting messy We could still win this okay, you’re, licking it Okay, that’s Mars! You don’t have any sauce any oh! You are dirty Oh you know that cheating Could you? Yes, pretending, you’re a cat? Now, that’s what a cat will do Yeah you’re cheating cat will keep a cheat yeah or cats will lick ball It was she smart because she wants to get all the sauce before she bites us yeah yeah, all right, I’m just gonna say the winner is, of course, who’s, not dirty I’m so proud of you still this, oh god, it’s a little something Why don’t we tell Lila diamond members vote who do they think won this challenge? This one are all of our challenges I think all of them yeah yeah all of them and he actually bit off everything all these so you’re My mood right now, look at that Look at his nails sure is show me your hands Oh now, you show me your hands This is, of course, not a clean guys mode This is beast all right That is all for today Thank you guys so much for watching, which is to give a big thumbs up, subscribe and comment down below who, you think won Hoh challenge, and once you subscribe me tip it to hit that post notification ball, so you over notified every time we put something new My tongue is spicy like a second

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