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Wearable editorial makeup! Burgundy Eye and Gold Film

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back, I wanted to do something a little bit different today. I’ve gone for a wearable editorial style makeup, where I’ve got a very softly, diffused beautiful burgundy eye with heaps of golden highlight on my brow bone, my cheeks in here on my lips and perfect glowing skin. That’s what I’m doing today with, of course, red eyeliner guys, Marc Jacobs, have sponsored the eye portion of this I’m using their new Omega eyeshadows and their new highliners their glory ones.
I have a spare one because they sent me two. They keep trying to hook me up with heaps. I’ve got a lifetime supply, but I just want one of you guys to have one so you’ll be able to recreate part of this look yourself. All you’ve got to do to enter is leave a comment in the comment section within the first 12 hours, which means you’ve got to be a subscriber and a member of the notification squad so hit the subscribe button and the belt. If you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys down the comments, yes, so this is the look I came up with guys. I love it and I’m about to go. Wear it out tonight, so I’m gonna go and salsa and I’ll leave you guys with the tutorial, and so I already put my moisturizer on and for that I use the C rush from Ola Henriksen. I’m now going to use my banana bright eye cream, which I really like to use before. I do my makeup, although celebrity makeup artists, do that so this primer, I don’t actually think I’ve used this one, but I’ve had it for a while. It’s the Urban Decay self, adjusting complexion primer, so it’s like a white color. It was meant to be like that. Okay, I don’t know if you can see that, but it has like little dark dots in it and I think they’re gonna like pop on my face. Can you see that at all anyway, I guess it’s gonna even out my skin, as I apply it, this one’s also meant to control oil. Oh feels like dry weight, hmm! Well, it’s really nice! So the foundation I’m going to use is my covergirl trublend map made foundation in m30 – probably that’s probably too much because I’m gonna use a brush today, not a sponge! Well, really good much! So if you’re wondering this is the Sigma flat kabuki brush just gonna take whatever is left on my hand and make sure it’s blended into my jawline. This is something that said that always calls me out for, like my jawline is not blended. Okay, how good does that look for eyebrows guys? I’ve really been loving this pencil from Rimmel brow this way and this one’s in soft black, which is probably like a little bit too dark for me, but every time I do my eyebrows with it my cross.
Looking so good, I just make sure I use a really light hand, then, for eye primer, I’m going to use the kk w XR genis eye color and this one’s in the color more your this on my eyelid, mmm, nice and creamy. I guess I’ll use my finger I’ll take a blending brush and make sure that’s really soft. Okay, guys, I have to tell you something I had so much on today that I just had to run off to an event. I will my makeup like this to the event this is me coming back, I just have to like a fresh and everything up again before we resume I’ve. Just like got too much on right now and then I got a message for my sister saying that my dad had to go to the hospital in the ambulance. So today has not been good he’s: okay, it’s not a heart attack. It’s still like freaked me out. Honestly, so I’m just putting um eyebrow gel on this is the Ready Set brow and I’m just going to like take a little bit more of the I’ve genis stuff because it did crease a little bit. Interestingly, I smoothed it out, but no I’m just gonna add a bit more, but I got a lot of compliments at the event like people asking me what I had in my eyes. So came up pretty nice. Everyone said it was like editorial and I was like well well that’s what I’m going for a bit more on, but remember this is just a base. Oh wow, what a day, okay. I’m going to be showing you, the new eyeshadows called the Omega. Like Oh exclamation, mark mega. What are the windows? It’s itchy, Marc Jacobs, has released these Omega shadows and they’re like single shadows that come in a large pan. It’s three times the size of this pan that you get in like palettes, and basically you notice that people were running out of like their fav colors in their palette, and so the idea of this is that you’ll never run out of your most-used shades. So he’s got quite a few colors and they’re all like very common loved shades. I picked a marine one because I wanted to do like a monochromatic editorial. Oh, these are actually called the Omega shadow gel powder eyeshadows. They call it that because they have gel coated. Pigments they like glide on and then they stay for 12 hours, so I’m gonna take this. It’s got a nice little mirror in it and they have like a crease proof texture. So, let’s test that out, I’m going to use this big fluffy brush like very unique texture like very glide II, if that makes sense very silky on the eye and that’s like way more pigment that I anticipated so I’m gonna have to be careful when I’m Blending it out, so I don’t, I don’t think I’m gonna use any more there Wow it’s beautifully rich and then I guess I’ll.
Just work on the edges. That was quick, Wow, okay, I’m gonna take some concealer and I’m gonna call that under my eye, because I don’t want it to go that high cool yeah, this is turning out well and then something that I always really like to do is. Why did they make it so hard to open, though the kqw brightening powders guys? I find that they’re really good for brow bone highlight you know if you want like a barely there kind of product, and I like it because it has these like shimmery reflective pearls in them. But it’s super natural, like I really like. Kick your W products just really nice and light, but then I’m gonna have to go back, make sure it’s super blender, because key to this is having that professional blend how’s that okay under the eye as well. I’m gonna take like a little stiffer brush. This one is Sigma, medium, sweet pot, be fifty four pick up some of that weight. Have you guys noticed that there’s no Fallout interesting, I always enjoy when something doesn’t have fallout, because it just saves me a step. I’m gonna take that Matthew, sick brush and I’m gonna try to use that to blend out underneath guys, I’m so proud of my blending. This eyeshadow is blending really good like this is just one color. Now I’ve got to do it to the other side. So I take more pretty good right and it looks a bit messy, but everything’s gonna tidy up in a sec. Now I’m gonna proceed and conceal. This is the no filter concealer from colour-pop in the color light on a medium 30, bring it in there. You blending that out brushes too big, my god blending is so tedious and then next is the Marc Jacobs, glam glitter, gel crayon gel eye crayon brands make the longest names honestly. Let me read this Highliner glam glitter gel eye crown. I didn’t do too bad and I picked it because they’re gonna make a really nice duo. Let me swatch this, so this is the eye shadow and then the hi liner in glam jam. It’s a really nice red with nice, glitter pigments in it they have neutrals, but they also have some fun shades. So I wanted to pick a fun shade, so I got the red one now.
This is waterproof guys and I was watching them on the back of my hand yesterday I could not get it off, so the fact that it’s waterproof makes it perfect for my waterline, so I’m just gonna like nip my eyeliner down. Well, it’s so vibrant! Oh, that’s! So pretty I’m glad I did this. It’s like a really pretty sparkle on my inner corner here. I love that, while my eyes look so green, okay, I’m making sure to drag it down a little bit on the inner corner. So I get some of that sparkle Shoei. You need to wear more like red colors. I think they look good on my eye color one of my fave mascaras. It’s definitely my favorite of the moment. The nos climax – I really like it, especially the brush bristles and the fact that my lashes, just they don’t clump together like at all, it’s just like quick like because it is a clump. I don’t need to manipulate it as much and spend as much time. So now put this Pat McGrath sublime skin, highlighting trio so obviously that one’s gold – you can’t really tell, but this one’s like a white with a gold throw and this one’s got a pink through I’m gonna take the white with gold reflex mix it in with A little bit of the gold one that one thing I don’t like is there’s no mirror in this they’re really expensive. So I feel like they probably should have a mirror put that here my brow bone. Then I will blend that out and then in here too take a little blending brush and blend it out. I have some real gold leaf here and we’re gonna put that just kind of like dabbed on the inner side. Here a little bit outside of my eye, so I’m gonna take glitter glue from Too Faced put a bit on the back: oh yeah yeah. I just Pat that here and then I put these teensy weensy little tweezers, I’m gonna pick off some of that break it up. On the back of my hand, okay got little tiny pieces. I’m gonna stick them down here. Okay, so these are the iconic London lashes on I’m gonna. Take the brightening powder from k’kaw sweep it up under the eye and then I’ll also put some here some radiance there. I want my nose to be very snatched. So I’m gonna take this contour powder. It’s by Roy dial. I’ve been using it a lot guys it’s in this really nice like leathery, I think that’s probably fake leather but compact and it’s a contouring powder in oh three It’s a really good cool tone for country and I’m using it with my are teeth wow, that’s! So how to read! It’s the linear three so easy to sculpt out my nose with this I’ll link this below.
If you want to buy it, it’s so good I’ll Take a little bit of that just gobbling out like this top part of the cheek, by just doing like a little oval here, see how that’s just making like a little shadow, I’m just gonna bronze a little bit This is the bronze o3 from Laura Mercier It’s like a baked bronzer It’s really nice! You, okay, I’m gonna! Take that Pat McGrath highlighter Again, you sure it’s the same okay, clean brush! Now – okay, a little bit here and here yes now, I’m gonna use this iconic London, water, mist, glow, okay, cut the brush of it damp I’m gonna work that into the product it’s going to become one with the skin, then well see that that’s beautiful! Now I bought this lip liner at Kohl’s, it’s from Maybelline and it’s called the color sensational shaping lip liner in 105 nude whisper, and I really like it because it’s a really good lip color for me see how it’s just like my lip color Now I’ve been wanting to use this on camera for a while, it’s another Pat McGrath product, and it’s this glittery lipstick it’s more like a lip balm, but it’s gold So that’s pretty so it’s like she ate with gold glitter in it Let’s finish off the look with Mack warm sole mineralized blush, really good natural, cheek color, although it has shimmer in it so mmm complete guys I don’t normally like those cringy posing um things, but I’m gonna do it for this Okay, okay, ready set a tone on the porno music; okay, guys, that’s the end of the tutorial, I’m obsessed with how came out I just did a little like selfie session I can’t wait to upload a few guys to see you my Instagram I love it I mean I’ve gone overboard with the highlight and that’s what I wanted to do I really love the one eye shadow color and then that little extra pop of red on my waterline to just enhance that beautiful burgundy, Marc Jacobs, eyeshadow It’s a nice subtle sparkle in there that you’re gonna see when the light hits it and going salsa dancing Tonight so it’s gonna be good anyway Guys Thank you for watching I’ve got quite a few editorial looks like saved on my phone that I’ve been meaning to try some really fun like neons and stuff, and I want to get that ago So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed don’t forget to leave a comment, bye

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