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Wedding plan update! | Place, date, registry + gift delivery

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome to my apartment, because I just owe it to you I feel like I haven’t, had a chance to just talk one-on-one to the camera and tell you what’s going on. Okay, I got engaged in April. It’s now been five months feels brand-new. This ring is still every time I look at. It gives me a shock. We have officially picked our wedding date, it’s going to be in September 2019, so it’s just about a year away, which gives us a whole lot of time, but also, as I’ve heard from many people, it’s gonna, go by in the blink of an eye.
We’ve also chosen our venue, we looked at a few venues in New York City and the one we ultimately settled on is outside of the city and we’re really excited I’m not gonna announce just yet where we picked, but we’ve got the venue. The next thing we’ve already chosen is our band. We’ve got the date, we’ve got the venue, we’ve got the band… Thankfully, we have hired a wedding planner for this big event, which I am so excited about, because I’ve got a full time job and sometimes when they email me, I’m just like how would I ever have known to do this? If I didn’t have you so super grateful for the planners, some things that we have not selected yet include my wedding, dress the catering company, our flowers um. What else to need for a wedding lighting? I dunno what colors I want my bridesmaid dresses to be, but I don’t exactly have the dresses picked out? A few things are done, a few things are still in the works, but overall Michael – and I just still could not be more excited that we’re engaged and we’ve been to the venue a bunch of times and every time we drive past it, we get the chills. One other thing we’re in the process of working on is building out our wedding registry, pretty much every single friend that I have that has gotten married already used Sola for their registry, so it was just a natural first choice for us. It’s so underrated Lee fun to just go through and try to envision yourself. You know like do I need this mixer. Is this something I could see myself doing? Is this plate? Something that will be in my future. Home do do do do do dodo, wherever’s one for a moment in time and it’s in everlasting. They do have kind of all the classic bestseller stuff that people want in a registry like kitchen appliances and electronics and all that, but they also have really really cool experience.
All things and offerings that you just wouldn’t normally see on a wedding registry, for instance, you can get things like a gift card to Airbnb or monthly packages for gym memberships. They also have incredible random things like drones, which I don’t know about you, but that is certainly going on my registry, in addition to it being just a traditional registry website, it’s sort of like this back-end suite of all the tools you would need. If you were a bride, everything from the guest list function, where you can manually add in all of your wedding guests, is strong. There’s an awesome checklist function that basically, you would enter in the date of your wedding and then it back fills and kind of tells you exactly which month you need to be doing what to stay on track. For this event, we actually decided to move forward with a bit of an unconventional save the date. So, sent it out yet so I don’t want to ruin it and show it don’t know you can’t escape me darling cuz. You always be my baby. So, yes, we did decide to move forward with a bit of an alternative, save the date option, but Zola does actually offer over 100 really beautiful invitation sweets. They have invitations, save the dates and RSVP cards and it’s fully integrated with that back-end system, where you’ve put in all of your guests, so it basically can autofill the addresses from that guest list. It is really fun. I actually got stuck down a rabbit hole for a couple hours of popping me and Michael into a few different templates and seeing how we looked. I do want to go around this apartment and show you some of the early engagement presents that we’ve gotten from some friends and family in this drawer right here, which is some kitchen appliances. I’ve got this cake cutter from the mouse who are my really close family friends. My friend Liz went Hopkins with me. This is from her and her parents. I believe they got it on Etsy and it’s a cake cutter that we are gonna use to cut our wedding cake, which is another thing that I forgot to mention. We didn’t pick yet so we still need a wedding cake, but it’s one of those cake cutters. It says I made a wish and you came true and then there’s a mister and a mrs. fourth, and we are most certainly going to eat our cake off of these on the wedding day Also in this cabinet up here, Michaels grandparents, close friends, sent us these crystal champagne, glasses they’re, some of my favorite glasses for sure my friend Lauren, the one who just got married this past month actually gave us this the first time she saw us after our engagement.
The photo from our engagement in this adorable little cube, we’ve received a couple of eye masks Actually, this company slip sent us these silk eye, masks that say mr and mrs, and then my friend Julie sent us another pair of eye masks from Jonathan Adler They’Re really really cute, the back of them is so soft and they also come with ear plugs As far as Michael and I are concerned, you can never have too many eye masks Moving on to the hallway in this closet, I’ve got a couple goodies First and foremost, there’s this denim jean jacket from Levi’s that my friends, Hannah and Haley got me and from the front, looks just like a normal, jean jacket, but from the back, this is Morris Speaking of mrs Morris, my friend Rose, sent me this one of my favorite things and something I’m definitely gonna, be bringing to the wedding day and hanging my gown on So I’m having a lot of fun planning this wedding and the main reason is just because I’m marrying Michael September 2019, I’m gonna be walking down that aisle, saying yes adding another ring to this, and it’s gonna be official I’m also still trying to figure out what type of wedding band would go nicely with this ring So if anyone’s got suggestions, comment below and one other thing I just was reminded of – because I saw this glove and I like spinning it – we have no idea where we’re gonna go for our honeymoon That’s another thing I would love suggestions on, so we want to go somewhere, relaxing and warm, but we’re kind of open for ideas share yours below and you know, if you yourself went on a dream honeymoon and it was amazing and you highly recommend it please let Us know where you went and when I tell you say that and how much it cost they’re gonna be so many other steps of this amazing process that I’m going to want to share with you guys So follow me on instagram at Lucy bethink, because I’ll be doing most of the sharing there, but also, if you’re not yet subscribed, be sure to click right here and subscribe now, because I will be uploading more wedding, bye, guys,

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