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Weekend morning routine

1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning, guys so most mornings usually look something a little like this and ya know it’s a little bit of G for the morning, but if we can, we have a lot to do today. Most of the time I wear a little crop and pants to bed. So I thought to save you guys from seeing that I would check on a little dressing gown this one is so comfortable because it’s silk love it and then I’m just opening up the curtains to let that light. In first thing I do in the morning is play music.
I love you just set the vibe on a really happy note with some loud music I just listen to whatever is trending on Spotify. Now it’s time to check my little diary, I’m trying my best to stay organized this year. That is definitely one of my new year’s resolutions. So just spending like a minute or two writing in my diary and seeing what I have on that week and then, of course checking my Instagram and snapchat and all of that good stuff. I will have all of my usernames linked down below, if you guys want to keep up with me on there, it’s finally time for breakfast, so today I’m having some Turkish bread with poached, eggs and avocado on top. I am a sucker for bread, but it makes me really tired, so I try and limit it as much as I can so, maybe once every few weekends it’s it’s fine to have, and now it’s time to eat this beautiful masterpiece that I made holy crap. I’ve. Never tasted anything so YUM. This one went for like 30 minutes and I watch the whole thing so proud of myself and then I found bindi on the table. God I trained her well now. It’s time to freshen up a little bit and start my morning, skincare routine. So the first thing I’m doing is taking a gentle, everyday cleanser and just rubbing this into my face for about 15 seconds, I like to do it for a while just to get rid of all of those impurities and dirt and sweat, and all that gross stuff. Now, just brushing my little pegs and yes, I know I have a really weight obsession with my dog. I can’t help it so just moisturizing my face I can’t start the day without moisturizing my face, otherwise it feels really stiff.
So this is definitely a must In my skincare routine, if there’s anything that I hate doing, it is moisturizing, but it’s definitely something that I have to make myself do, because my legs are naturally super dry and I fake tan, so it just cracks really easily so making sure to do this Every day my ten stays nice and dark so, depending on what I want to do on the weekend, sometimes I’ll head to the gym and do a nice workout I only recently just started back up at the gym, I’m so unfit So I’m basically doing about 15 minutes on the treadmill of running and some fast walking and then I’ll do some other little exercises, but I’m working myself up to getting fit again I used to be fit, but look at me now Another thing I like to do on the weekends is to eat, surprise, surprise and just to relax and watch movies and TV series and stuff Jonathan, and I could literally just do this for days on end If you guys haven’t seen it, the TV series called suits You have to see it It is so good while being dishes eating grapes, she’s so cute, oh we’re pretty cute too and then other days Of course I like to go shopping or to the movies or just select, do fun things go to lunch and stuff like that, so just applying some foundation all over my face and then some concealer under my eyes to really wake me up, and then I like To set that with the Laura Mercier translucent powder, this stuff is so good, so yeah just really quickly Speeding through my makeup, if you guys do want to see at my everyday makeup routine, I will have it linked down below and I should really do an updated one as well, but yeah Now I’m heading out the door and getting on with my day So it’s time for lunch, I thought I’d grab some things to be healthy I hope you guys like this morning routine If you did please, please give it a big thumbs up because it helped me out so so Incredibly, guys

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