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Weekly VLogi Home and Mom and Back to London

30 Sep , 2019  

Hello, everybody welcome to this week’s weekly vlog. It is Christmas Day so Merry Christmas, everybody mom and I have done, presents I’ll show you some bits and bobs I got and I’m not.. Actually, fine, I’m kind of a bit vulgar really sometimes, which I don’t know why, but anyway I’ll show you some bits and bobs I got for Christmas. It’s always been spoilt rotten and mum. When I liked all the presents, I got her. She really liked the photo album book, which is just there already, Daphne the cat here as well.
I’ve just been peeling potatoes and parsnips in preparation for people come around today. So we’re going to have a big Christmas lunch and I probably won’t vogue it because it’s quite nice spend time with family without shipping cameras in people’s faces, but yeah. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day um, it’s only ten o’clock on you in the morning anyway week, mum waiting up at 7:00 to do presents because she was so excited. So I feel like I’ve been up for already a Merry Christmas. Everybody be a wonderful radio, TV voice. I don’t know that was it was a thing. Sounds nice and one of the things I got for Christmas. We got two from mum, Tom, Dix and glasses. I have a weird thing. I think I must have said this in the vlogs have enough that I have a weird thing for glassware and except for wearing office. Cooler, don’t drink wine. But someone got me some wine glasses, a Christmas because about certain people, wine in tumblers and eyeballs. What wear it anyway? So what why I’m also two of these that’s so nice, but they’re, really heavy at the bottom and then really thin at the top, and my dream is one day when I’m all them responsible, they’re, not smash things which I still do is to have what you’ve Got the Malik the crystal once there’s an ER decanter yeah, yes, get myself some very strange place! Really it’s quite place. Why and we’re going to why we go to Argos? Why are we going to Argos? Why are we going I’m picking up this? Oh she’s ordered a game for tomorrow for our next family day and today we’re going on a walk in Norton Orland, which is the middle of nowhere, and it’s where I grew up and how long did you live there for twenty smelling is one time Jesus and What else, oh, I said, I’d show some presents, will show what, when I’m back, we had a nice Jesus. Now watch me go. Why is this place like a maze, almost really really nice, but something stops it that’s what’s weird, what is it stops it? Some of it is slightly nineteen seventies architecture, which is not in keeping with the stone of the market.
Town – hey guys it’s Wednesday, finally going to show you some presents of Enderman promising this for a few day. Oh there’s that awesome in dress. I’m will try that on for you at some point as well, because I have it taken up man perfect. So some of the Christmassy things I got shows you there’s glass Felicity tonight from UM Tom Dixon. What you really nice, this I’ll show you cuz, I’m gonna put someone now the selection of by Rado perfumes, my god it is, I’m really picky with perfumes. Lindsey will vouch for they want you new on for ages, and I am so indecisive on them. So she’s got three and not even go, try and say what they call, but 100 gypsy water, which is a really popular one. I do like it, but I don’t love it. I’m gonna try this one, which is called lunch. I think it’s gonna be quite a clean, like fresh sheets, smelling smell, very clean for a sheet smelling. So yeah mom got me the ears, which is a good way to try new ones and can’t decide if um well, I think of them, though she wasn’t sure and from my cousins I saw when I was in LA at Fred Segal. This amazing book called Hollywood. Royale by Matthew Rolston, and it’s just like a book for the photographs of Hollywood stars and stuff. It’s my coffee table absolutely loved the cover of it here. Look at the London cookbook! I don’t have some really nice recipes in it as well, so excited to do that Tom Dixon glasses got with some other glasses from that home wide shot. We love called covert, but they’re all wrapped up in tissue paper. So I’ll show you that when I get back to I’m one and then it also got these amazing candlesticks, which I’m really excited to put on my mantelpiece, how nice they love her matte black there huh mom got me there as well lots of a soft lovely Bit when Louise and lots and lots of chocolate, definitely chocolate um. Oh these gloves from costs, which I really really really really like, yellow one the men’s stuff. You can never have enough pairs of gloves, yeah lots of those surface, wobbliness spoiled rotten, and so today we’ve got more family. Today, my uncle marks going around and Denise and Charlotte’s and her boyfriend Harry so so they’ll last like family Christmas day. I didn’t sleep very well last night for some reason, and but I did a lot of work yesterday, actually eating and I’m feeling good for being back, and I was saying all the other bus at bagram can I take another week off, but I was suddenly like Really want to get back into it, so I’m feeling good for having started that again hasn’t helped mark and also desperately need a coffee, hi guys hole, we’re underexpose, let’s bring it back up there.
We go in the car again not been vlogging, because I’m useless again. No change there on a little doji, some photos of mom and then we’re going. I’m gonna go to Leeds I’m meeting up with some old school friends for the afternoon, which I’m really really excited about, and I am sorry for. Why did she to go back to London start working again now super anxious at the moment, and I’m not generally not that much of an anxious person, but I’m like Oh getting it bad at the moment, which is where I think I don’t know. I don’t know what it is well as a few things. I think it is maybe we’ll talk about it later, I’m so yeah, I’m looking forward to catching up with people. It is a beautiful blue skies day. So that’s all good and I’ve got a massive spot on my cheek, and I forgot to put concealer in my handbag. Such is life such is life. What else can I tell you wearing a jumper and a blazer again nope, nothing near with me, hello. Everybody. Last morning, at home, so I’m just having a final mince pie: oh yeah, I’m a coffee which is the best. What co-op? Oh Tyler, Dale’s, the because of the price difference co-op has to win yeah mommy’s, taking me to Leeds train station. You have to do everything for me coming down to this hello. Really, as you can see, I am back in my flat. Just went into the food shop got out of the way like I soon got here and dropped my roll film off. This is the same. So always really it’s oddly warm here. I don’t know why, but I’ve had to take off so yeah, I’m just gonna unpack the shopping and how much happened. You guys at same time the days that I’ve been vlogging during the past week, or so I’ve been at home, and but I just think about just not blogging this week. I actually want to keep vlogging, even though I’m not always in the mood for it, because their response. So it’s so good to hear that side of things and it sort of made me think that I think part of the reason why you don’t hear that silent YouTube is because it’s really hard to film and show your life when you feel it alone, because you Have to edit it, and it’s just it’s just quite difficult to do so. I think that’s. Why, then you don’t end up necessarily seeing people have the down day you need.
You are having the down days, it’s so much easier to show the positive bits that when you have to edit it back, it doesn’t make you feel worse if that makes sense, and but then at the same time that’s not a realistic representation of what things like And while at the apeman’s obliged to share low moments in their life, I – and I don’t want to in terms of I always divulging those details about stuff, just to show that you’re having those load of days. It’s like everyone, everybody goes through them, and I’ve had them back-to-back. Like you know, Christmas is really hard. Yeah, I’m gonna keep trying to block basically but consistently. I’m really really pleased to be back in London really really pleased and business was amazing. It was so so so nice to be at home. I took time off my head and really just put work to one side and really really needed it. Like mum said today that looks so different, leaving that I did when I got back so it was just so knackered, so it definitely has do me some good, the first time I’ve stopped and slowed down and taking stock since having moved to him, didn’t you know, Kind of put this whole year early, so it was nice, but it was a lot to think over and a lot to dwell on and yeah. Maybe that’s why he have had, amongst of the reasons these down days, but it’s the New Year. Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve hate nearly passionately, then I’m going to go to a party. But what I really want to do is sit in and go to bed and just pretend it’s not a thing. But I’m worried that I’m gonna make that decision and then to sit and be miserable all evening. So I think I am gonna go out and drag myself out, but I just can’t wait for it to be next week and for it to be right. Back to the working with Roma something’s working redesigning my blog and that’s maybe oops sorry, that’s let me feel super inspired stuff again. Thinking about that and different ways. I can present stuff and i order some stuff. Oh sugar. I wasn’t to go. I’ve got time and ordered some stuff for May 6, and that’s why I just remember like to put something on hold and was shopping, Notting Hill, which need to do trial and so yeah. Everything is feeling good. I just need to get into next week and get into the work zone and then I know I’m going to feel yourself address up into stuff. Okay, that’s like remember, Dells the best. If you travel a lot, I am so yeah that’s update and going going to see.
Lin say I’ve missed flimsy, so so so much it’s ridiculous. So we’re going to go into our favorite in Notting Hill for some dinner and obviously a very, very big capture. When I just cannot, cannot wait to see yeah so and yeah, that’s the plan, although I need to knit to the shop, but I wanted to unpack hangover tomorrow. Just takes time, mr. Claus evening, using this as a tripod phone very stealthily placed just here and using these to tilt the angle, it’s amazing what you can achieve me put your plants things TC evening now. I should probably tell – and today was in to say in the goryeo and I’ve got my nails done and at posh nails and Notting Hill. I always go enjoy this really forward. Think of my nails show you just know. If I can nude, ah Sh kill me kill me well, this please just focus any second. Now a minute everything’s out focus now. Can it be that hot and there we go? It’s just a news color I should have just said nude and, and then I’ve been puttering around. I did like a thing on its from stories of best moments of 2017, which literally took me an hour and a half, because I had to go through all my camera: roll screenshot them, so they were all at the top and then it should be Searle on To tau it just took me forever. I was like to be a 15-minute job. Now, I’m just writing blog post before going out this evening for New Year’s, at which I hate media. It’s in fact, I’ve only got one boot on it. They went because my music, so I’m just gonna make a drink. Why talk to you yeah? We finish a blog post, I’m going to live purpose account and she lives a little bit out of London, and so I’m gonna get uber the hair. I think we should all now play game. Well, let’s mentally guess what the new resurge will be on the way back home. I think five times normal at least what I come here to make a drink, and so your way to the purpose it’s the New Year, which should be really nice. I just need to finish off Tamar’s blog post before I can go. I’ve got on that new dress, that I’ve got awesome and I remember like Sharma boots: did you try and lift my leg up? I have to show him there we go. I just got one of them all. What have these really cool ice ball? Things where I should be so this is angle, it’s literally like you just fill it with water. You know come as then I think, and they kind of a booger to get into, and then you have a really fancy ball nice and you drink.
Just getting you for dancing there, we go I’m just getting out. Also since it’s not go to plan shrimp, it’s a bit there we go, I fall in so then you literally just put open this top little black bear. That’s broken! This go really. While I’m selling these well and refill it, which how do you make that quick drink, we’ll finish this thing and I’m living job for a house this year and and it looks I’m in a bed – and it looks amazing on photos – and so I’m really looking forward To in it in real life, my chair, tripod before I go suddenly have run out of time. I was on the fence of Kate, do you like it an hour or something so everything’s run away with me? I love it. I will vlog it out this evening, but while I’m still at home, it felt a balance of words, because it’s nothing quite like living on the edge, and I thought it was sort of a good time to because it’s New Years, Eve, obviously which, by the way, Isn’t evening, like generally, I don’t particularly enjoy, and I felt like a good time to discuss. I don’t want to discuss the air I’m doing that at a blog post and some things are better written than spoken. It would be very wofully thing to discuss hopes of a more concise and writing and, but definitely to say thank you to everybody. Even thank you just for this month alone. No this this year, it’s been unstable in so many ways, and the most stable thing has been my audience and probably to give credit where credit’s, due to myself my work ethic, which has made you guys be the most supportive more supportive than I could ever ever Ever hope for because I know that you always see that and appreciate that as well and and I mean I don’t ever see like a media as a cut-off point isn’t suddenly in 2018, I’m gonna do something really different. I’m redesigning my blog as it said, which I did last year, because it does help to kind of get you thinking differently. But for me for much of 2018, I want to do much of the same to create content that you guys want to see to create content. That’s maybe a little bit different to what other people are doing and to push it more to keep working with the brands even exclusively, with the brands that I love and yeah. Always you guys always know that feedbacks welcome. So if there’s stuff you want to see, please do always tell me because it really helped that I’m feeling uninspired but generally. I hope that music wasn’t too distracting sorry, and I just want to be able to keep doing what I’m doing, because I love what I do so so smaller than I can put into words How much I love blogging and creating content and being able to having a job, I’m never bored, because I can always make it interesting again, but I do something different and actually don’t think, there’s any bigger privilege than being able to say that and so yeah.
I do just want to get better at everything, I’m doing all the time and refine everything, but really I just want to keep doing what I’m doing for the most part, because I think we’re all this year It felt like a journey more than any other year My life has and to do it with tens and tens and thousands of people behind you if at times intimidating, but that is completely outweighed by just how overwhelmingly supportive that is, and just how lucky that I feel to have an audience that is mostly female Based women, who all recognize hard work want to work hard Do you know the stories that you guys showed me about how clothes make you feel I’m like? Oh, my god, that’s how I my relationship with clothes as well, and just I feel so similar and close to my audience It’s it’s just! It’s just really really really lovely so, and I just want to keep creating what you guys want to see, which is the only way that I can ever say Thank you for everything is to just keep doing it and putting it out there what you subscribed or followed for in the first place So that is what I want to do and I’m gonna stop talking now, because this is getting wofully and someone commented the other day say it’s will Is he ever managed to do a vlog without chopping a head off in it? I think I’ve said this already did I maybe not it made me, laugh so much cuz It is really really sure of so bad and I was just thinking Then my head was chopped off the whole time and but yeah I’m just gonna carry on with this post I think because I’m writing about the whole year It’s making me quite gushy and I’m not normally like that, but I’m just I’m on to make a few more months to get that Yes, I need to get my head down hi guys Obviously it is the next day now and I didn’t sign off the vlog last night I had a really really nice evening It lives it was so so lovely and yeah It was just a really nice and relaxing way to see in the new year So, thank you so much for watching this week’s weekly vlog I really hope you have enjoyed it and I’ll see the next one

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