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We’re trying to make Caribbean food from scratch.

1 Nov , 2019  

There are so many ingredients, it’s probably gonna, take a long time find a zero-waste. These are super complicated recipes. I’m worried the zero waste version is gonna, be so much more money. The Rosi Rosi zero. My daddy makes the stew chicken nations we have our own special chicken dish, so I’m really excited to make stew chicken. My homegirl danny is also going to be making a Caribbean dish, she’s Puerto Rican and I’m very excited because she’s making mofongo and I’ve never had it.
I met Joyce through art. Who’s been my best friend since we are nine. I’m really excited to bond with grace and make Caribbean food. I’m gonna be in so good and you guys are gonna get to watch me ain’t good, so I’m gonna see if they’re gonna, let me put the chitchat run in this bag or if they gonna, be weird about it. This is like anybody Rico. They just have it out here later, just one big one. Maybe yes thank you so much both of my mom and dad were born and raised in Haiti. I am half off reporter Egan and half Irish for those of you who are liquid so for Puerto Rican. It’s basically my mom is black but speaks Spanish. My dad’s really secretive with his recipes, so he sent me a link of a website. He really likes and he said just go with that: chicken cuz you ain’t, gettin mine. This is all things are normally buy and this is the cost. You know it seems pretty. Mama pretty average for what I would normally pay to get this a lot of things are already packaged free, like the herbs and the onions. A really good offer is getting beans and rice and cloth bags getting produce without plastic and then trying to find these seasonings about. So my recipe is just from experience and knowing what I like, I also like, don’t want any shade from other Puerto Ricans. How I make my phone glows, how I make my mouth full? Well, if you don’t like it, you can make your own mobile phone, so I guess what I would normally get. What do you think your challenges are going to be getting the son in the adobo and, like maybe we’re gonna, put everything back, that’s packaged and then go to, but we are gonna buy the party that wasn’t packaged and still never see the dishes. So good, I would never drink chicken broth, but I would drink the chicken broth from this chicken. That’s how good this chicken is. Mofongo is a staple dish in the Puerto Rican culture.
They do it all over the Caribbean, it’s sort of crispy and gooey. My favorite, filling in particular, is an uncle stop. Can I get three lobsters in this? Food is definitely a big place in my heart and my soul. It’s what I was raised on it’s one of the ways I connect to my culture. My background in Puerto Rican. Cooking is lots of fried delicious food, which is the majority of most Puerto Rican food and adobo. They actually pop it over with glass and a metal top. So it’s like at least fully recyclable get the bullion in glass. This is definitely interesting, so I got my beans and rice. I’m gonna take a picture of the food number Haitians have a traditional mayonnaise called amaz Epis, I’m not really sure I don’t know Creoles, because my parents wanted me to assimilate to American society. So if you guys want another tea, that’s why I made that my dad always made them for cooking any of these dishes. I thought it was a brand Moho because it had the labeling on it, but he made the sauce himself and just used the container. So my dad is truly doing any big dish is usually overnight. We’Re gonna put the celery stock, some red peppers for the haters in the back lemon lime and sour orange juice. Vinegar addresses destroy garlic, ground, cloves 5 sprigs of thyme a couple sprigs of cilantro enough. How to make my eggs call me back habaneros. I grew up knowing this is called scotch bonnet chicken bullion. This is not what normal Haitians were to use when you should use a Goya, cubed um, it’s in Spanish, it’s really thick. Like me, a little bit of adobo. I let the sauce sit overnight, so the flavors can really come out all right. So I’m making my sofrito we’re gonna start with the onion, then we’re gonna do garlic, it’s really hard for me to find sweet peppers that weren’t in bags. So I got the bigger sweet peppers, we’ll do 1, green pepper and 2 mixed colored peppers, oil wine and then I’m just gonna blend tomatoes to pluck these babies in there. We couldn’t find culantro because it’s LA – and it’s just really hard to find. But if you can’t find culantro just mix a little bit of oregano with the cilantro and it tastes about the same and last but not least, our half a lime juice and our couple tablespoons of salt. Let’s get a nice green and then we have our sofrito.
I’m peeling the plantains, you kind of just like chop off the ends of an angle like this, and then you find a place where you would like to peel from so I usually like to go from the back. Stick your thumb in and then it usually peels right off, feel like Vanna White is also Puerto Rican. Oh right, so I am mixing lemon lime and orange juice to rinse the chicken off and clean it with it’s just a big tradition that fresh citrus aftertaste that you get when a Mayan village. Again, it’s so important! So next I’m gonna put the chicken in the marinade after the flesh ripped out. I saw these beans overnight and I cook sound be pureed like before US isn’t, but mixed we put the coconut now the chicken bullion 1 tablespoon of olive oil. It’s gonna check on the rice. I look looking good, so I’m something and then we’re gonna stir. It see that gooey thickness. That is the key to this spot. Oh my god. I love this wah, it’s so nice. I love the coconut flavor and thank you guys for making me a little vegetarian plate. Yeah, I’m gonna start the chicken word. I’ve been letting the chicken marinate for about four hours, and it’s looking pretty seasoned to me, but I’m gonna add a little bit more seasoning, but then we’re just gonna put it this side down I’m putting a little bit more of the marinade seasoning. Then more water! This is really similar to three guess: a clip dad like potatoes and carrots. We call it sauce boil a ah just literally jamon sauce. Oh she’s got a little dark, but it’s okay. I’m done I’m so cute the chicken it needs to sue for about 30 minutes. This is moist. You know my god, you taste all the flavors. You can just solve your mo home and now I’m gonna start. My rice whoo, it’s arroz con gandules time. I like to use short grain rice, I’m gonna eyeball about two and a half fish cups. I’m going to turn on the stove cause. We kind of want to toast up the rice a little bit for, like optimum flavor, I’m gonna add a little bit of safflower oil. I’m gonna now add oh so good. When I saw you mixing it up, I’m gonna add this very liberally and then just mix it up some people like a lot, I’m one of those people yeah. I might actually add more. You know that, yes, it’s sauce on that, but what is that friends’ll? I had to get the sauce on in packaging because we literally searched far and wide for a, I think I’ll hand it over to trash demon Joyce.
This is where I need you. Oh, yes, may I please have chef the tomato paste mm-hmm great, so I’m gonna use about a spoonful of that I kind of got lost in it for a second sorry dreaming about eating this and IKEA telling me to come inside boom yeah and got it. This is the tomato water that we got like to clean out the can you can never have too many olives. Please include some of the juice we haven’t added water, yet we’re just kind of adding like liquid and seasonings. Some people love putting in the pickled roasted bell peppers, so I’m just gonna throw it in there, especially since this is a vegetarian one and last but not least, the star of the show. The gun doulas also could not find in bulk. Oh I’m gonna dump the whole can in with the juices, I’m gonna. Add some adobo seasoning in there. Sometimes it doesn’t eat extra water, but in this case it needs a little bit of extra water. I’m gonna set it on high. Until I see it boiling and then once it starts boiling a lot, I’m gonna cover it and then put it on low and then let it simmer right is like a meal by itself. I love Danny. I have the pleasure of being her best friend, so I’ve definitely eaten them before we’re going to put the lobsters in boiling water for literally Luria SH seconds until they get really red and I’m gonna put them back in cold water. So you don’t want them to overcook, because I want them to really cook in the sauce that I’m gonna make, but I want it to be easier to peel the filling we’re gonna use, our sofrito you let that simmer for a minute, I’m gonna. Add a little bit of adobo and I’m gonna add my lobster a little bit of the leftover lobster water, we’re gonna, add sauce on well now that we got the sauce time to mofongo frying up the plantains, the best part I’m so excited it looks So yummy I haven’t found the pylon in LA it’s really hard to find so I’m just using Ari’s, mortar and pestle half with the garlic a little bit of oil, throw a decent-sized Chucho drone in you wanted to get like sort of like a pasty, consistency and Then I slowly throw in the plantains and mash you smell it and then I’m just gonna keep mashing Until I get a good consistency – and that’s when I add some of this sauce from this guy – not too much because you don’t want it too saucy and then a couple more usually I’d porn the ball with the peel and then it kind of like slides out With like a knife – and you can kind of just plop it in but we’re just using the mortar and pestle and that’s why I’m balling it up with my hand, look at that.
Oh it’s beautiful! So nice, oh good, for real yeah! Oh, that’s what I care about how’s that Lobster Oh season, if the trooper being baked, because we didn’t finish cooking until the night, but once you eat here like damn some fire food, this is a track he made This is trash you made This is not bad! Aluminum is highly recyclable You guys both use this tomato paste, there’s some produce stickers and there’s also like these herb things What you can do to avoid that is going to the farmers market You can get produce and herbs package free and they won’t come in these little tags We also have some seals for some of the spices, that’s kind of unavoidable, a lot of times Let’s you get your spice in bulk, but those weren’t at the stores we went to for all your food scraps We can compost that so you guys made food to serve about four to five people Danny your zero waste version was sixty forty four and what you usually spend was fifty-one eighty-six So the zero waste version came in at eight dollars and fifty eight cents more turbo and Joyce Your zero waste version came in at forty three thirty one, all right What you would normally spend was 5678, so you actually spent 13 point Forty seven glass I did take out things like olive oil and black pepper, because most people have in their kitchen time I think a little bit more intense because we have to go to two stories Would you guys make these dishes again in the zero waste way? Yeah? No, we didn’t take too much time because we did have to go to great places I’m gonna do this I already know I’m gonna be wearing my heart and soul into it It seems like you know, for my heart and soul to the environment, but what about you? Hey? All we do is marinate overnight somewhere as well Keep the weights down we cooked all day Yeah we cooked all day We did it our way, cuz, it’s the always zero Okay, it’s okay with zero place Then we do it our way

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