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We’ve made the giant Pringle’s

1 Nov , 2019  

Guys comment: what’s your favorite flavor, am I missing the best one? The only good one is pizza. Today we are going to attempt to make Pringles. We got a lot of inspiration watching Claire from Bon Appetit and, of course, our good friend Corinne from thread banger seriously, though they did such a good job.. Every account that you have JP is giving me that push. He said he wants to make a real big tube and there are chips you need to go inside wow.. You know, that’s cooking.
You have to make something: we’re making potato it’s a Test Kitchen. We don’t know what we’re doing figuring it out together, potato flour. Yes, it’s a thing. You found it on the Internet, it’s from Ohio. I can’t stop potato flour. I’m gonna put hot tub starch salt in water, h2o wet stuff. Let’s go for 20 milliliters of salt. Actually, would you want to make a lot of dough don’t leave? Are we gonna fill a whole giant tube of Pringles yeah? I don’t want the first batch not to work, so we should do a small batch first and then we can double it up. Oh, was it spilling cuz? That’s a bad idea. It works out because I spilled a lot of it. Do when shoulder for good luck. Great there’s a lot of calories in this I’m at half a cup potato flour. I think I’m gonna need like a tablespoon of potato starch. Let’s just do half a teaspoon of salt. We don’t want to add too much water for let’s just you 5 whoa. It’s crazy how this is smelling. Just like a potato couple, more tablespoons here, six, seven, it’s really thickening up a lot. We’Re gonna need some more. As you can see, it’s still pretty dry eight-nine. I don’t think I did those right. It looks like a ball sack. I know what I’m missing. I forgot vegetable oil, I’m glad I went for a chip and took a look yeah. Oh it’s already better. Oh, you could make tortillas tacos today we’re attempting a preamble. There will also be an Amazon associate link to this in the description. Okay, so, let’s see what happens here, hopefully this ball size makes sense starchy all of your weight.
Oh that’s kind of impressive, though look at that. Did we just make it with this, or is that a Pringle? I don’t know we have to shape this like a Pringle, we can’t just toss it into a deep fryer. So what do we do? What do we do Claire? I think I need to make a mold and it has to be a mold that I’m able to put into the fryer, so I have to make it from metal. She cut the strainer to make the Pringle Claire. I got a head Bon Apetit. They have all these sisters, but this sister holds sentimental value to me. I gave you this sister as a birthday present. It’s okay! If you cut it up, I’m not gonna cut it up. Mesh same thing got on Amazon, Prime link in the description. These are cake boards, six inches in diameter, also on Amazon, Prime link in the description. So basically we got to cut this to the size, so it could fit into the can. The can is six inches in diameter. You can’t make your potato larger than that dimension. It’s simple, simple: math guys you eat, like five already, never offered me one. What about offering me one! You already put the top back off a quarter in diameter six, so you multiply 6 times 0.8, divided 6 by 2 point 5 ratio; 0.8! That’s the multiplier or 0.75, and there it is. These are our dimensions all right guys. This is gonna take a while JP’s got a lot of cutting to do. Let’s start the time lapse, and there it is. This will help you now Jules specimen on the one, the parental chip, hello, clear. Now it’s 57 grams, we’re gonna put this in our little contraption place it on top we’re ready to deep-fry number one going in the fryer dude. If this works with the tortilla press, we don’t need this pasta thing. You want to see it. It’s done pop right out, get stuck. Oh my god. Oh my god! No everything was going so well. It only makes sense. Things were going too well. Everything was going perfect, we’re gonna figure this out. It’s supposed to do that supposed to be easy. This is seemingly more difficult than we thought, and here goes nothing.
Maybe we shouldn’t use the must ran. We can’t have this one vamp, oh, oh yeah is that a chip whoa. This looks like a giant Fraggle dude. This just gives me so many ideas of what we could do with potato dough, my goodness it’s approval and he’s just like one athlete good job. That was my first try. Whatever I bought, I don’t think it’s food safe. Well, we already ate that the shells right here boils on top. The bad part is, I can’t tell if it’s done or not, they look like it’s getting the color. Well, we know this. The match doesn’t: stick they’re coming out. It’s a good, try more. Like a Pringle, I don’t know all right going in for trial number five dude, it’s totally working now. I think it’s stuck to this one. To do this stuck the top one. You just ruin another strainer, it’s gorgeous the color, the texture, the salt, the shape. This is a giant Pringle. It fits perfect if you put a stack, perfect fit. All you got. Ta do is recreate that a bunch more times put it in a cylinder. Stick it in a tube. Our tubes are not going to be tied today guys and welcome to answer, perhaps tom, with JP so for the Pringles. Can I started out with this rigid white poster board soon discovered it was too rigid plan B. So I went with three layers of thin red poster board. Instead, as you can see, I used the six inch cake board as my base to wrap the poster board around and then secured it with an acrylic adhesive or you could use duct tape. The cake board was a bit more difficult, considering I was born with very short arms you’re, like a transformer one more time for the next step, we have to cut our tube to the correct height, so I measure the can crunch. Some numbers came up with 18 inches. I should have cut this in a previous step, but I didn’t know very focused for aesthetics. I wanted to creep that foil rim on the top and bottom of the can, after several layers of duct tape, I felt like I did a good rim job, so there’s no logo online So that’s a circumference, the diameters 3.
You multiply that by PI Ok, like a mad scientist, so 6 times, 314 18 inches plate all right We got our measurements, go back to the photo shop It’s pink, alright guys, my extremely expensive printer doesn’t work anymore, so we’re going Office Depot to get this printed I think what we news does that cleaning fluid for the printer This is that we need to bait So what we do is you go to print you go to poster and it does all six like that So all we got to do is hit print and boom it’ll work Printer doesn’t work, that’s because printers overpriced, you always run out of ink and then they get clogged But you know it does work officemax Thank You Matthew Now we put the labels on time Lapse starts now What do you think like a Pringles? Can? Oh, my gosh? Yes, alright, the cans done it’s late I’m going to bed see you tomorrow, good night, alright, guys We need a lid that that fits Let’s see if we can find transparent If we can’t, we that’s our option right there, no baby right here No, this one’s clear, I don’t know to rebound it, it’s perfect yep Can you make that yeah? You got to make a lot of chips that are gonna Go inside this thing JP Are you up for it yeah? I don’t know If you are, you don’t always have to go original I, like them, cheddar cheese, flavored I got it from the mac and cheese box and we’re done now We have to fill that container Wow It’s ready to go on the shelf who’s buying, it’s a hundred million dollars, plus tax Wow Thank you all for coming along on our journey, making giant Pringles We had a great time and no one got sick What should we oversized? Next? It’s up to you to decide Oh, oh, my god, all right guys comment right now What is your favorite Pringle? Did I buy all of them? Am i missing your favorite one? No, the only good one is pizza I was so bad if you broke all of those chips

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