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1 Nov , 2019  

Hey everybody. This is Julie and welcome to my sweet digs. Just so you’re aware we have a cave troll and before you come in make sure you subscribe right down here, wait a little bit all right come on in I live with my husband Kyle. We live in downtown Brooklyn. I bought the studio in 2012, we paid a little under three hundred thousand. I don’t think his market value anymore. We pay thousand dollars in maintenance and eight hundred dollars and mortgage so altogether 1800 per month, we’ve got a doorman.
We have in building laundry and we have a roof deck, which is pretty cool, so hello from the kitchen, one of the cool things that we did here was renovate the countertops and the sink and the faucet. It was probably the moment where we felt most like adults, I think more so than just like living in an apartment, but actually having to fix it and pick out things that have to be permanently glued in places. I felt like that was a big moment of adulting. For us we have one of the Holy Grails of New York City living in that we have a working dishwasher, except I grew up without using dishwashers. So when I first try to run it, I flooded the kitchen, so I thought the dishwasher was broken. I can wash dishes for a year and a half then finally, at a party, one of our friends bumped into it, ran it perfectly. There was a moment of much embarrassment on my part because I realized it wasn’t the dishwasher. It was me I feel very guilty that I misled Kyle, but it’s not my fault. I didn’t grow up with dishwashers. My parents used it for storage like most Asian immigrants. Parents do, but I also feel like dishwashers in general, are dumb. First off, you have to pre clean it to put it in the dishwasher, which makes no sense like shouldnt. They just want to just clean it. To begin with. That said, I guess it has been: a lifestyle improvement doesn’t dishwasher melon, and here we have the bathroom. The previous owner has sort of chosen a brownish taupe color, which we didn’t really like for the bathroom. So we went with full-on white. We replaced the faucets, we placed the countertop, so we also retiled this all nice and shiny. This is our dining room area which we have all of our meals at this dining room table came from Ikea, but then by slapping some paint on it.
It’s now personalized. We picked up this really cool art print. One of the things we’re probably gonna do with this painting is scare our future children basically tell them that their parents are witch hunters and if they don’t behave, the witch will come out of the painting and eat them. So I think we’re gonna be really great parents. Maybe when Colin, I travel, I think we always end up gravitating towards the weirdest thing to buy. Among our creepy acquisitions is a Norwegian troll, a marionette from Prague and a golem. We have a cave troll or an apartment troll to be more accurate and he kind of finds different places to hide. Troll was originally brought back from Norway by my grandmother and since then it’s sort of passed around between various cousins house. It is Shultz, never been to the big city before so we decided to bring him down to the apartment, give him a change of scenery, people, I think we’re so weird. Oh my god. These guys collect like weird paintings and talk about their troll as if it’s a new roommate Collin, I love to collect board games and one of the problems we were having was that they were just kind of shoved into this one corner of the apartment and looked Really cluttery, so we recently got these doors to cover it up. So when you walk into an apartment, you’re like oh, what a normal apartment and then when we’re ready to play board games boom, I’d love to hear what you’re collecting, because I know we’re collecting weird stuff. Let me know in the comments and then this is our living room. I think our home style is kind of geeky quirky collector 40. If our apartment were a character, I think it would be most like Kaylee from Firefly. That was a one season. Wonderful science fiction series by Joss, Whedon hailey, is just a very bright cheerful person who just likes collecting things on sentimental value, and I think that reflects us. I’ve lived in this apartment for about five years and since then it’s gone through multiple evolutions, the biggest one being when Kyle my husband moved in.
I think the hardest thing to merge was actually our book collection. There were a lot of duplicates. There was a lot of discussions about whose edition should remain and who this edition we should give away. I work at Random House as a marketing director specializing in science fiction and fantasy books nerd. I also in my spare time, write children’s books. I wrote a middle-grade trilogy called mice of the round table it’s about anthropomorphic mice into motorsport, and I also sold a picture book infilling. Hopefully, one day, if we ever move out to a real house, we’ll have one of those being the beast libraries, or maybe let’s open a bookstore or something our tastes are probably very well matched for a couple Kyle tends to like a lot of wooden things when Kyle first brought in the ship. I thought it kind of didn’t make any sense. It doesn’t necessarily fit with Hughes, more modern, decorating style, but the apartment itself actually has a lot of dark hardwood floors and the loft area as well. So I feel like that ties the modern furniture in with the rest of the apartment. Our compromise is that we put little Christmas lights on it, so it acts like a nightlight. Julie was not a fan of the ship at first, but I think she came around it just really doesn’t fit. We also have a projector set up here, which is just pointed at the wall. There, it’s a pretty big screen, so we can post movie nights and Oscars parties. I just want to brag on my husband for a little bit. We can play music from like anywhere in the house, and I know that doesn’t sound like voodoo magic, but it is to me – and if it was just me, I’d just be playing anything to do the computers. So I think Kyle really brought a awesome part of the apartment into the house and he moved in it’s just a sound system. Kyle and I met on OkCupid. We went on five dates and I actually ghosted him, which I am very sad and regretful of. I didn’t really notice because Kyle was a pretty quiet guy that he was awesome after I want to say three months um how messaged me about Game of Thrones and how you know we could just watch his friends I hadn’t heard from her in a couple months at that point, but I still couldn’t stop thinking about her, so I gave it another shot and thankfully she responded I was like.
I don’t have HBO, so I said yes and he had HBO So really This is all to say that Game of Thrones brought us together and we also have two shelves dedicated to george RR martin books Now this is sort of the workstations flash dressing area The supreme is super interesting in that it has really really high vertical space and not a lot of horizontal space, so, instead of just leaving the dressers, as is we try to put shelves on top of it I’ve put jewelry on mine and also just a row of little knickknacks that I’ve collected in my travel and Kyle keeps our wedding cake toppers, which are actually our D & D characters Now we’re walking up to the loft area This is my least favorite part of the apartment, if only because there’s only four foot clearance and we are kind of removed from the window So when we wake up, we actually don’t know what time it is The loft is probably my favorite part of the apartment, because it’s just so cozy up here We also have a pretty obnoxious beam in the middle of the loft, and the previous owner had to wrap it in bubble wraps because it’s so easy to bump your head against it, I’m lucky and that I’m only five foot two poor Kyle over here has to Pretty much bend at the waist that go anywhere just crab, walk crab, walk, yeah, okay! Now I’m curious What were your experiences coming into my this apartment? It was great I just fell in love with the apartment, love at first sight and me He fell in love with me and you, you felt love with me, not at the apartment Okay, waiting a real squishy now when I moved in, I think it kind of was the perfect fit because he kind of brought in all this cool stuff, even the dumb ship, but it made it seem like a more whole of like life New York is really tough and to have a sanctuary you can come home to I feel safe and feel at peace It’s really important our lives together and brushed really really well So I have to say we come with Jenn It felt like home Click here,

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