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What Christmas present does my best friend give me! Exchange gifts with saffron peeler!

1 Nov , 2019  

. Obviously, right now, I’m not in my usual setting, I’m at a SAS house, and can we talk about how cute the background looks at first. And finally, it’s gonna be open that I’m so excited. So basically. What staff got me for Christmas and we had a 250-pound budget, we decided to set a budget to be kind of, has something to go off and she was obviously gonna be unboxing. What I got for her on her channel so I’ll leave that top line in the description go and watch that I’m so excited for her to see what she got so definitely go.
Watch that links down below okay. So without further ado, I hope you guys enjoy and let’s just get started, I don’t want to like open the box. That’s like I don’t want to ruin it. Oh no. I have to rip this to seconds this box. It’s like absolutely massive. Oh my god. It’s got scallops inside, I feel so Christmassy right now, all on top and then look or the presents this wrapping paper is amazing, mince pies. Before guys that is literally us, I’m so good! Okay, I don’t know what to go for first, it’s gonna go for this on fast cuz. Oh, my god thought I’d literally. I swear to you. You know I love burgers, I’m absolutely obsessed! Every time I go out for dinner. I will have a burger. I was fund as well to me twice: okay, we’re gonna go for this one next. I just love this wrapping paper so much. This is amazing. I can’t believe it’s Christmas, all right there. Yes, the Paris, let me put it on! Oh, I’m so excited that. It’s basically a part of the whole nurse got down on it for anesthesia. The weird thing is, I was looking at getting this for staff with the s on, because new dak add a range of like all that alphabets I’m gonna go for this one. Next I’ll add that on top or downside, next we’re gonna go for this one. This is got a cute little ribbon, bow on it. I like here, I’m just obsessed with the wrapping paper. This is amazing. Oh my god, I never had anything from Pandora. It’s a puzzle, oh my gosh. I just I generally just I’m. Oh my god, that’s amazing! Oh it’s the bracelet! I don’t wanna get out there. That is literally right up my street.
I don’t always just fill out. So if you guys can see it’s not everyone, that is amazing. Oh my god. I literally feel to cry right now. Oh my god, i’ll is equal to come gonna good for this one. Always to make a point. Oh that’s! So nice, it’s got an eye on it as well. I love that if you never have too many makeup bags and now they match we’re just oh, my god, it is so exciting right now, that’s cold! Believe it Christmas already. Okay, next one, I’ve never seen. That’s so nice, so far, always their speeches, I honor you should buy a hat every time, we’re in Topshop, just like yeah get that hat or like anyway. Oh that’s so cute. I don’t actually have a hat either thanks folks, everything matches as well like look at the colors. If this isn’t just my channel, then I don’t know what is. Oh, my god, everything I caught, I’m literally speechless, I’m genuinely speechless this one was down a cyclo for that one yeah, it’s another. Oh it’s the best friend charm for the bracelet. Oh, my god. I literally feel too crying right now. Oh, what everything is to do with you, you always want to have and you’ve never owned, one, the burgers or two opposites, and there are literally just like I’m actually speechless, I’m genuinely speechless. Thank you! So much Oh open this one! Okay! This is a little one. Downside no shock, oh my god! Is it Punk? What Amster? Oh that’s so cute! Oh I’m gonna wear those with my shoes because I always helps always so bright and I always have sock sticking over my shoes and they’re, always black as well. I feel really excited to wear them. Okay, I don’t know which one I’m screwed for this on fire that noise, oh, my favorite, is it you’re both grounded? Okay, really excited to open this you’re gonna know humor shut up. Wait, I don’t what is that this is the case of over 20 with reanimation. Oh my god, they’re amazing! Do this a fu! Well, oh yeah! In that it stands off, nt, Fenty University or something I’m not even joking. The other day in my vlog I choked to have my old dirty side as I go to myself. I really need to get some new sliders. Oh my god I’ve never had anything from fenty before.
Ah of these are genuinely amazing, I’m so, oh my god I’m actually feet sense Thank you! So much oh wait I just can’t believe it I genuinely can’t basically I’m guessing this in the box Oh yeah, oh look at that box That’s so cute, I’m guessing they report things over there Okay, I’m just so excited to open this Okay, it’s got red tissue paper in it Oh my god! That’s so nice! Oh my god! That’s amazing! Are these actually bonds? It’s not gonna jam up My joke is that they are so cute Oh, my god, things that I saw me they are ridiculously me I know, aren’t they? Oh my god, they’re amazing sway the call, my god, the valley yeah the material on those Oh, my gosh, thank you so much That is everything that stuff got me for Christmas I’m just surrounded by presents right now and I’m just absolutely speechless like I genuinely don’t know what to say Thank you so much if you haven’t noticed you sitting behind the camera like you so so much I I just I don’t know what to say I generally can’t believe it things you guys have always known see Actually Thank you I genuinely love everything things I cannot go over These I’ve never seen them before I saw them as I need them as that no way and anything, my god sliders Oh, oh I’ve Never I didn’t even see these at least now, because I haven’t seen them anywhere Hmm, I am just January speeches Thank you so much for everything like the Pandora things I’ve got one hand or a ring already, but I’ve always wanted a bracelet, and this is just so beautiful and the charm that goes with it as well I just like, I can’t believe it and the burger sponge serves up the bogus buns I love sex Thank you so much for all this stuff I absolutely love it and I really hope you love yours too I’m so excited to open them, so you guys definitely go over to her channel watch Her unbox have presents but yeah Thank you so so much for watching I really hope you guys enjoyed, and I will see you on Wednesday at 6 pm Oh

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