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What do you get for 2100 dollars at the sweet dig refinery in London 29

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guy welcome to my tweet dicks, but before you come in hit subscribe below, have you done it? Ok, so I live with two girls. We really do complement each other because we’re all quite relaxed people, it’s around 530 square feet downstairs and about 350 square feet. Upstairs when wise, we pay 1,650 pounds that equates to about 550 pounds each, which I really think is a massive bargain for this area. As a community, Leighton is just great there’s, a really lovely welcoming feel to the area.
It’s also only 20 minutes on the tube to Central and the transport links are amazing. There’s always something to do around here. It’s definitely the place for me, plus we get so much space in this house so win-win this is the living room. I was really lucky when I moved in, because pretty much everything you see here was actually here already. I didn’t need to buy anything extra for the house. It’s massively dominated by this shelf of pure randomness, lots of fashion magazines, huge amount of books that we read as a household and we kind of swap and switch around also just some really weird stuff, photoframe, the Spice Girls. There’s no reason for that, but we like it. I think a main talking point is gonna, be this beautiful cast of my housemates breasts. It was really embarrassing. My parents came round my dad didn’t know where to look, but it looks really really great on the shelf and make some makes it a nice focal point. Everything in the house is begged or borrowed. Basically, we have an invested huge amounts of money on brand new furniture and instead you know we actually take on beautiful pieces like this 60s vintage table. I would describe our home style minimal, modern, a bit of eclectic, throw in a little bit of vintage and it’s a bit of a random mix, but we love it and it’s our own.
This is the kitchen it’s one of the reasons that I wanted to move here. I think that the space and the light really makes it something special and all three of us really like to cook here. It means that we can just enjoy have a chat after a long day at work over a cold gin and tonic Jim. My love love of my life. This is the garden. We only have three plants at the moment, one being a Christmas tree that my housemates planted last Christmas and I named doing so well. But it’s really great tohave such a big space out. The back of our house also for summer days having our friends around for a barbecue. It’s just perfect. This is the bathroom. It’s totally Zen we’ve added loads of really lovely sort of bits and pieces, lots of plants, lots of succulents to really make us feel relaxed and at home we have the shelving unit, which is a godsend. It gives us space to add all of our bits and pieces, it’s quite a small space, but I feel because we’re really really minimal in this house. We make it work for us. So when I moved into the house, everything was basically here we’re ready. So for me personally, my biggest splurge was this beautiful shower curtain and I think it really gives a finishing touch to the bathroom. Oh, I forgot to introduce you to our friend Daria up here from that iconic Selene campaign. It also reminds me that I really want a roll-top bar I feel like I look at that and I’m just raging with jealousy my only pet peeve in the bathroom is the extractor fan, because my bedroom is right next door, and that is just the most annoying noise and this is the bedroom, and I really really love It exactly how I wanted it very me quite minimal, but with a touch of flair with my edit wardrobe top tips for storage would be having a space under your bed.
I actually use wicker baskets, where I put all of my towels and all of my sheets, etc also my winter clothes, because at the moment I only have my summer clothes on the rails The clothes rail actually works really Well, it’s a bit of an extension My personality – and it shows my love for fashion and for clothing I like to experiment with different colors and outfits: I’m a visual merchandiser for online men’s fashion website It’s a really creative role and I feel like I take that creativeness back with me home, and I think that this room really reflects that from my clothes, rail, which shows my love for fashion and just the way I put things together in the room This is probably my most sentimental piece I actually brought this from my first house in London, so it’s not a family heirloom, but it’s really special to me Getting this into the house was an absolute nightmare We had three of us girls pushing this up the stairs, as you can imagine one pulling one pushing I cannot describe how heavy this is, but it was all worth it in the end because I’ve got it in prime position in my bedroom I think my inspiration probably comes from sort of Scandinavian deck or also one of those really hipster plant shops There are so many hits to plant shops in East London Honestly, you can just step out of your house and you’ll find one in about five minutes, but it can be quite an expensive treat, so I actually have to fake plants in my bedroom Have you spotted them? Yet here’s one after a really busy week at work I really look forward to coming home to my room, putting on some candles and reading a really good book on my bed It’s really nice coming home to a really clean, modern space

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