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30 Sep , 2019  

. I am so excited to be filming, as you guys can see by the title. I’m just going to be showing you guys a ton of my current favorites things. I’ve been loving for the past month and, as July comes to an end, I’m just kind of reflecting on the month and everything that happened and went on, and I was like you know what. Why don’t? I just do like a current favorites cuz. I’ve been vlogging a ton. I’ve been traveling a ton recently, so you guys have been seeing a lot of like daily vlogs travel vlogs and I just decided to switch things up a little bit.
Do a sit-down. I hope you enjoy it, and also I will have all these items link down below and some of them are. I will have dupes for them also, because I want to make sure that if I’m showing you guys something that is more expensive, I’m giving you an affordable dupe. So you guys can like get the look for Less. So if you guys want to check out any of the items they will be linked below and also you can follow me an Instagram, that’s always linked make sure you’re subscribed if you’re not already and without further ado. Let’s get started, I don’t know also, if my hair’s, I’m having a weird hair day, so I was gonna. I only cut it up in a bun and then I just took it down to film, and I don’t know if I should just put it back in a bun or leave it. But I don’t know my hair is just being funky today. So just start off with some of the things that I’m wearing – I just don’t forget about these items and I wanted to show them to you, but I’m wearing them so anyway. The first thing is these rings right here I’ve been getting so many questions about them. They’Re from Amazon – and I just got two of them and just put them on my pointer finger stocked them, and I really just love the way that they look. They were super affordable and they just really add like something to an out like a plain outfit, because I’m always wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants. You guys already know that. So I love to use like jewelry to accessorize. That’s like my favorite thing in the whole world, so yeah, I love these rings. Super cute and affordable just really add like a nice, nice touch to any outfit, and my second favorites is the new jewelry that I just got in New York. I got this mini ring right here on my pinky, it’s so cute, and then I also got this chain necklace right here. I’Ll actually go up closer for you guys, so you can see. So I have this chain necklace right here and then I also got another charm to go on this necklace and it’s just a little itty bitty butterfly.
I went through a lot recently and I just like wanted to give me get got something for myself as like a little reminder, so I got the little butterfly charm, I really loved it, and then I also got another chain. This is just what it looks like just like a thicker chain to go next to my bracelet from Italy. I got these. I forgot the name of the store in New York I’ll have it in the description for you guys, but I will also link other like items that you guys can purchase that are not real gold because they were like more expensive. I like to get jewelry. That is good quality, so I can wear it every single day, not worry about it getting ruined. I really like to like invest in my pieces, so I have them for a really long time and, like I said before, just wear them everyday and not have to worry about taking them off in the shower. When I go outside when I go swimming so yeah and then one of my next favorites is this big oversized sweatshirt that I’m wearing from kiss I’ve been wearing it. So much recently and I actually met a few of you guys in New York City and you were going when I was that kids and you were going to find this sweatshirt. So I was so cute that, like made me so happy that you guys were like going into kit to buy it because it’s a little mine, but this is like one of my favorite sweatshirts. I just love like a big oversized, comfortable sweatshirt right now and like a pair of grey joggers like what I’m wearing right now, I just always love to be comfy, so this is like my favorite at the moment and then the last thing that I’m wearing are Just these hoops right here, you guys have heard me talk about them so much. They are my Jennifer Fisher hoops, but I want to tell you guys, like a little bit more about them and show you like which ones I have with the names and everything, because I get a lot of questions about that and again you guys know. I am obsessed with gold hoops, so I really like have been eyeing the Jennifer Fisher hoops for so long, but I hadn’t bought them. This is like, if you like, I had always loved them and then I would wear gold hoops seriously every single day and they were just like these ones that I had from Madewell, and I also had these other chunky ones from Target.
But they would hurt my ears and I would wear them every single day. So I wanted to invest in something nicer for myself, so I got the Jennifer Fisher ones and these ones that I’m wearing right here are the mini Samara, yeah the mini Samara. And then I have these ones. They just come in this little black bag, which is cool like gonna travel back and they have their own pouch. So these big big, big ones are called, I think, they’re those two inch Samara or like the Samara, but either way they’re the same like family as the ones that I’m wearing they’re just a lot larger and the next pair of Hoops that I have are just These ones right here I wear these a ton. These are my favorites. These are called the baby jamas, so yeah. These are the baby dramas and these are the mini Samir’s and I have the regular sameiras and I really love these because they’re just so thick and chunky, and they really just give you that, like chunky, look that I don’t know, I feel like it’s so hard To find, like a pair of Hoops, that I have like the perfect chunk, and these are them and they were so late, they don’t weigh down your ears at all, and I just really love my Jennifer Fisher hoops. I wear them every single day. I wear them when I am at the beach, I run them at the pool. I wear them like what I’m wearing sweat. Pants ain’t really want to dress up. There are my favorite accessory of all time, and so, if you’re looking to like, invest in something, if you need like an idea for like a birthday present graduation gift like something nicer where you know that you want to get like something really nice that you’re gon Na have forever and it’ll be like more valuable to you. I highly recommend, if you’re into hoops getting pair of Jennifer Fisher’s, I just love them and yeah, so my next favorites are actually in this alo bag right here, and this is one of my favorites – I just decided to like, throw them all in there and to Be able to hold everything together, but this bag is from a low. I got it when I was in New York. They gave it to me as like a like bag when I was shopping, but you can also get it on their website so I’ll have that linked. I just think it’s so cute. I love tie-dye right now. I love how it’s just gray and it fits so much stuff. I bring it with me to core power and I bring it literally with me everywhere to the full beach whatever and it fits so much stuff. I just really love it right now.. I have a few pieces of clothing. I guess that we can just talk about those first, so the first one is this pair of shorts.
These are from Reformation and I am obsessed with these shorts. I discovered them last summer and I got them in so many different colors and then they came back with them this year. So I just got a new pair and all of my clothes from last summer. Don’t fit me anymore, so I was so happy when they had these, because I can never find denim shorts that fit my waist and also fit my butt. So these ones that fit so perfectly they have like the right amount of just dressing. They are high, waisted and but not like too high waisted and they fit my legs really nice, not too tight. Not too short. I just really really love them, so you guys have seen me wear these on my Instagram they’re, like the only denim shorts I wear. I just really focus us with them and then also I have these little shorts right here, which I love for working out or just lounging around in wearing during the day, they’re the perfect length or, like a little biker short from a low. I really love the material as well they’re, just like really stretchy and comfy, and really suck you in. So these are definitely favorite for going to my favorite workout class yoga sculpt at core power and just like, wearing day to day with, like a big oversized sweatshirt over them. I just think that they’re so cute and yeah they’re from Elle. Oh, I really love them and then next I just have a few of bikini favorites. You guys haven’t been seeing me post, so many colorful bikinis on Instagram, especially in Miami, and they all have all been from Frankie’s bikinis, and I already showed you guys my other Frankie’s in my last like summer, collective haul, but I just got two new ones. So basically Frankie zucchinis are my favorite at the moment. I just think that there’s such good quality they fit so well, and I just got two new ones. They are actually from the Sofia, OGX Franky’s collaboration. So I got this one right here, just pink tie-dyed bottom, with a tie top super cute and then I also got it in Baloo. It’s like a navy, blue and baby blue tie-dye and then same deal just like little bottom string top. So those are super cute obsessed with Frankie’s. At the moment, I just like love their bikinis okay. What else do we have in this bag? Okay, I guess I can just talk about these four items, though it kind of like grouped and do a little category right now, but I’m really into like different perfumes and scents.
I feel like I have been using. I had been using the same perfume forever and ever I was using the vanilla one from Anthropologie and the coconut one from Urban Outfitters, and I just feel like I needed something different. I needed a change. I was kind of sick of those, so I’ve been using like four of them that I literally keep in my bag and they’re. Just oh they’re, all just smells so good. So this one right here is just called coconuts: it’s coconut perfume! I don’t know the brand. I will find it for you guys, oh, but it literally just smells so clean and fresh, and I really love this one. My friend actually gave this one to me, so I will find out where it’s from and I will link it because it’s amazing and then I also have it this one right here, which is just the Viktor and Rolf flower bomb perfume. I just got like a little travel-size one from Sephora. I just love again just having like a little perfumes that one smells amazing and then I also have these two right here that are just my Sunbird perfumes and this one right here is the fresh cannabis scent. All if i’m pronouncing that correctly, oh there’s one, she smells like it’s so different. It reminds me of like a hotel or like being on a vacation. That’s it what it reminds me of, and then this one right here is just an OG product. Can you can really never go wrong? It just smells so good. It reminds me of my mom a little bit and so yeah. Those are just some perfumes that I’ve been loving this month and then it also have a few more just like beauty products. The first one I have to include in the favorites, because I used to use the Pinklon as lip mask the berry one, and then I discovered the vanilla one and I’m obsessed with the vanilla one. I just love smell of it and just it’s so moisturizing. On my lips, I don’t even need to talk about the Lynette Mouse, because you guys already know that I’m so obsessed with it. I’ve been obsessed with it for like a year and I try to use other lip products and I try to branch out and try something new and I can’t I literally can’t I just have to keep going back to it. So the vanilla is my latest obsession. I know that they just came up with a new flavor. I think it’s like apple or something fruity, and I just am really not into that right now. I just really love like the coconut, vanilla, clean, smelling sense.
I guess you could say so. I just love this right now so yeah when Angela masks always a save and then the next thing is a deodorant, so I’ve been trying different natural deodorants sends the wintertime. I got the Campari one and I liked that one for a little while then I felt like when I would work out. I couldn’t go a full workout without like smelling after and it’s hard with natural deodorants, because it’s just so difficult to find one where you just like can wear it working out. You can wear it all day and you won’t smell and I finally found one you guys I’ve logged um. I think it was like a couple weeks ago, maybe a month ago, and I showed that I got the toms one. It was like coconut one. I picked up and it didn’t work, so I just want to update you guys on that because I tried it for a few days and it didn’t work. It still like made me smell, but my favorite one right now is native deodorant. They have so many different scents. The one that I’m using right now is mandarin in white peach. It just smells so fresh yeah, it just smells like so fresh and nice and it is paraben free, aluminum, free, just an all-natural deodorant has all the ingredients on the back. You have so many different sounds like I said before, and I said that they have a coconut one that smells really good, but when I got it they didn’t have that one. So I’m gonna have to look into that because you guys don’t know obsessed with that scent, but yeah. This is definitely my favorite natural deodorant. At the moment it is just so amazing I can go through workouts wearing it wear it all day. I wore it. Walking around New York City when it was like 90 degrees, and I was good all day long. So I really trust that one and it doesn’t make my underarms burn, which has happened in the past, with some natural deodorants that I’ve used and then also. This has been one of my favorite lip glosses at the moment. It is the Pat McGrath lip gloss in the shade of blitz gold. It is just this super shiny gold, lip gloss. I will show you guys. I just got this as well, and I’ve been so obsessed with it. I’ve been wearing it non-stop, it just makes your lips like so shiny and that I almost said material the. What is the first formula. The formula is just super creamy and it’s really nice.
It’s not sticky at all, and I just feel like it looks really really nice on any skin tone, so yeah that has been another favorite and then last but not least, for the skincare items. I only have two more left, but this has been my favorite face. Wash it is called nourish, botanical Beauty, calm, cool gel face wash, and I got this from Rory’s on the Cape, the organic market – and this is just what it looks like. I don’t know where they sell this. I’m gonna have to do some research, but I bought it there if you guys, are on the cape or around that area, and you want to try it out. You can pick it up and I wash my face every single morning with this foreo device. You guys have probably seen these at Sephora, so I just like put some of my cleanser, whatever cleanser I’m using this one, I’m just been liking. I love a foaming one and then like rubbing it on my hands, or I mean on my face and then turning this on and it vibrates and you just like cleanse your face with the silicone of bristles, which is a lot cleaner and better for your skin. Then, like I feel like one of the spin brushes, I don’t know those have always freaked me out a little bit just how I feel like they’re, not like as sanitary, then like the silicone, so I’ve been loving. This I feel like it’s been making my skin super clear as well, and just like really getting in there and like cleaning it cleansing it all that. So I love this. It’s definitely a great investment to have if you are like really into skincare and stuff, like that, I just keep mine in my shower. It’s super easy to travel with, and I just love it, but last but not least, my favorite item at the moment. but I’m obsessed with my Polaroid camera. I bring it with me everywhere. I go. I have so much film and I just take pictures of every saying I have a huge like basket or bowl filled with all of my photos that I have taken when I was traveling and just in moments that I obviously like want to capture the moment, and I get to keep them forever and it’s so fun to like just sit down and look through all of my pictures and like look back on those memories, and I want to do something with all my Polaroids that I have. I just don’t know what I want to do yet, maybe like turn it into like a big piece of art or something I have no idea, but I have hundreds and hundreds, and I just want to keep collecting and bringing my camera with me wherever I travel Wherever I go, I just really love it right now, so I have this.
I got out on Amazon and have like the white in sac If that’s how you say: Oh foo, G film, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 That’s someone that I use and a lot of people ask me how we take my polaroid pictures and what setting I do and honestly it’s on the setting that has like the little house and I don’t really change it ever so I just like turn it on Snap, a picture and then just take it out and I’m done, but I usually don’t use an outside because I feel like it gets way too overexposed I don’t know how to like work it outside I’ve tried doing that and it hasn’t worked So I just kind of stick to like when I’m inside natural light and all that and last but not least, I just have a book favorite and it is girl wash your face by Rachel Hollis I read her book girl stop apologizing and then this is so I think that that one was the second and this one came out first, but I read them like out of order, and anyway, this book is just amazing I really like it and it’s so like motivating and uplifting It just gives you like a different mindset and perspective on life, and I just really like that I don’t know it’s just been really inspiring me, so you guys should definitely read this book If you haven’t already, it is one of those books that, like you pick up and you cannot put down, you could seriously read it in like one day, I just love her books, she’s an amazing author So in person she’s, like a motivational speaker, I’ve seen her stuff on Instagram I think that she’s super inspirational, so I just wanted to share this book with you guys and yeah so about those are all of my favorites that I have been loving or all the items I’ve been loving for the whole entire month You guys enjoyed it and you can follow me on instagram If you want, it is always linked at the top of the description and also make sure you’re subscribed if you’re not already I have so many things planned just exciting trips and something that I’m working on that you guys will find out about soon So yeah, you guys just make sure you’re subscribed You don’t want to miss out on to me that I love you guys so much and thank you for watching

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