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What I Eat a Day / Intermittent Fasting in 2019: How I Lose Weight / Easy and Cost-effective Healthy Diet Idea

30 Sep , 2019  

so I’ve just realized. I’ve got a bruise on my head right. Absolutely, no idea where that came from did anyone else just get the most random bruises and you’re like what did I even do like? I do not remember in my head, maybe that’s what happened. I hit my head and I don’t remember it because I got concussion conspiracy theory anyway. I feel like I’ve been promising this to guys for the longest time entirely sure why I haven’t done it sohere it is.. Obviously, today it’s not fasting day today is a full day of eating beautiful, healthy food.
So I’m going to show you every meal that I have some snacks drinks. Just everything really up. So I have just this moment got back from a run. It is the most gorgeous morning. You know when it’s sunny, but it’s crisp. I love autumn morning so much now. That would be the reason for the sweaty little Franks here. So I’m going to freshen up and then we can have breakfast together so before I actually jump in the shower. I just wanted to quickly show you my post-workout skin care, routine. You guys might have seen this before, because I’m a little bit obsessed with it bitch. My channel and hello, my name is jammer and I’m obsessed with my Florio. I talk about this all the time I use this every morning and every night as my like morning, skincare routine my evening, skincare routine, but my favorite time to use it is after a workout because I find it really gets in your pores. It removes any dirt from your pores, which is the main reason for breakouts. It’s actually controlled through an app which is so clever. Please ignore my cracked phone screen. This happens to every single iPhone I ever owned under the tap just so it’s a little bit damp. It’s also waterproof, so you can use in shower. Then I like to take a foaming cleanser. This is my favorite one to use the rips off foaming cleanser by Clinique pop a little bit on the foreo like this and then on the app settings. You can actually customize your cleanse and rotate and choose how long you want to cleanse for I’m just gonna choose 60 seconds and then the intensity. I usually have on 10 hit start and your four arrow turns on. So it’s really really really clever, and then I usually just go around my face with the cleanser. You can literally almost feel this pulling the dirt out of your face. It’s just like a really gentle but effective exfoliation, because I’m just gonna remove any excess cleanse off my face with a warm damp cloth.
I’m also going to rinse. My foreo by the luna 3 is not only a cleanser, but if you actually turn it over to this smoother side, you can actually give yourself a firming facial, massage, which you can choose on the app and then I choose which massage treatment I would like, and The app will actually talk you through how to massage your face. I just think it’s so clever. It’s actually really hard to talk and do this at the same time. I love this feature so much. I think it’s perfect if you’ve had a hard day and just fancy a little pamper or just to give your skin a little bit of TLC, it’s amazing, so that is my post-workout skincare routine. A complete I’m going to leave a direct link for it in the description box that I alsohave a new addition to my little 400 family, which I’ve been so excited to show you guys, and that is the UFO. Oh, my god. This is an absolute game. Changer, if you love face masks – and you love just pampering yourself – you are gonna love this so much again, the UFO is controlled through the same app. This one gives you a full spa. Facial in only 90 seconds also got these masks for their toe. So simply all you do is get one of these little masks out the pack here on the top of the UFO clip it on, and then you hit start on the app and this actually heats up. So once the mask is on here, you glide it around your face and it is amazing. So relaxing you guys know I struggle with sheet masks. They never fit my face, and this is a great alternative to use the call it a night mask of the day and it just left my skin. So incredibly soft like it felt like I’d, had a face mask on for ages. It was so soft. It felt clear it felt moisturized chatting from me at time three jump in the shower and I’ll see you downstairs for breakfast, like I said, I’m gonna leave a link for it in the description box below and I’ll see you in a moment, I’m back. I’m feeling clean and cozy and hungry. Actually, so I need to crack on with breakfast at the moment. I don’t really have a strict time when I have my breakfast, it’s kind of azzam when I’m hungry. I thought today would be the perfect day to film Hawaii in a day, because I’m at home all day I feel like if it was out and about it, would be a little bit.
I don’t know I just feel like. I want to show you guys stuff that you can make at home, so everything I’ve chosen to show you today. Obviously, I eat different stuff every single day, but breakfast lunch and dinner that I’ve chosen today is easy, quick things and stuff. I’ve chosen is a good one that you can take to work, and dinner is also a good one that you could cook for more than one person. Oh I’m in need of another coffee. I’ve already had one coffee today in the mornings I usually drink. Just black coffee, or sometimes I have a little bit of coconut milk or recently I’ve actually been having pumpkin spice coffee, which I got from my local garden center, and let me show you guys it’s so nice. This is the pumpkin spice coffee. I usually just put some of this in a cup with a little bit of coconut milk and maybe a sweet night. If I’m feeling like I want a little bit sweeter, it’s so nice and it’s really low in calorie as well. It’s a lot better for you than the sachets, I’m Koka. My arm is actually aching. So much that’s ridiculous! I actually found the exact same one on eBay, so I will pop that in description box below for you, but this is the coffee that I drink. I kind of go between the espresso one and the americano one here, so they are my favorite coffees to drink they’re, currently on offer in Waitrose for two pounds. Fifty two they’re half-price so I’ll usually have two or three coffees in the morning. I know it’s a lot that I am addicted and then I also drink a lot of water. I actually get a lot of questions how much water I drink, because I’m at home all day, I think it’s a little bit easier to drink more when you’re at home all day cuz. It doesn’t really matter how many times you get up and go. Does that make sense, so I usually drink two or three of these throughout the whole day, I like to drink a lot of water because I think it makes my skin really nice. So for breakfast, I’m going for a low carb option, try and keep my carbs down in all my meals. Usually dinner I’ll have like a little bit more but breakfast and lunch. I try and keep super low carb. So I’m gonna make scrambled eggs. I’m gonna have three full eggs, not just the white, so three four legs and then I’m gonna have two slices of this ham.
Oh, my god, this ham is so nice because it’s got cranberry on it makes me feel Christmassy like it really does. If you don’t like ham, you could have the little chicken sausages, they’re, really low in fat and they’re, really really nice as well. You could have no me and you could have avocado or some spinach or something like that. Also gonna be having tomatoes. I love tomatoes so much. I’m probably gonna have one of these big ones and then a few little yellow ones. I have been feeling too small, but you cry big enough. Don’t let it go you spend my coins. Show I’m gonna. Be yourself would be some afternoon everyone, so I just have to go and get dressed, which I’m gonna be honest. It wasn’t very happy about. I was hoping for a full day and my dressing gown I had to pop to the post office. So I’m wearing clothes not loving out, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve just realised for lunch and dinner. I’ve actually got fish, and now I feel really bad. I know a lot of people don’t like fish, so I’m gonna give you like some other alternatives. In case you don’t like fish, but I love to fish, so I a lot of it so yeah anything. I show you that you don’t like meat wise, like the ham like the fish, so I thought for the next two meals, just replace them for something like chicken. You can get those turkey steaks or you could even have a steak. Anything like that. Pretty much all lean meats are really really good. So if you just swap them for something that you like then yeah, I promise in my next ye today I’ll switch up a little bit and have like something other than fish. But it’s just what I eat all the time. So I’m not gonna lie and pretend that I don’t eat it so lunch time by for lunch, I’m obviously gonna be cooking this now, so I can show you how I cook it, but you could take this to work. You could cook it the night before and then take it for work the next day. You could alsohave this for a dinner, so you can kind of mix and match them as well, so I’m gonna be making my favorite little tomato salad. So I’m going to be mixing tomatoes with fresh basil, spring onions and a little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. So that’s going to be the tomato salad and then I’m gonna have some rockets and I’m gonna pan-fry.
Some tuna sake. I think there’s two in here, I’m just gonna be having one of those tuna steak was actually really hard for me to find. I found this in Sainsbury’s. It was quite expensive, like it was five pounds, fifty for two tuna steaks, but ever since I got back of holiday, I’ve been obsessed with them, like I just think, they’re, so fresh and nice, so I’m gonna squeeze a full lemon on there as well. We’Re gonna cook them in a pan like this with again some olive oil. I used to use fry light a lot, but I figured that it sticks a lot and I think it tastes so much nicer with a little bit of olive oil. So by a tiny bit I mean literally like look like that much. That was a brilliant measurement. Gemma, like half a teaspoon just so it doesn’t stick teaspoons the small one right, half of the small, the small spoon, Wow cooking with Gemma, it’s all going well. So this is basically like a tuna salad, but because we’ve got tuna steaks because we’ve got some tomato salad going on over here and we’ve got some posh rocket darling. I feel like it’s tuna, salad, a bougie tuna, salad right, it’s just white till Birnam, absolute right. We don’t feel like this town, that’s beautiful stars. I wanna drive a faster car and I think break me. Try, Oh me, don’t feel died when I’m in this town, beautiful stars. I want to take a trip to Mars. Hoping can break me. It’s beautiful stars. Average are faster car. I just wanted to show you a drink that I have every single day. You guys are. Probably I just want it. I just wanted to pop on and show you a drink that I have every single day without fail. You guys are probably sick if we’re talking about this, but please try it and notice the difference in your skin. It’s insane. So I will literally have half a lemon and, like a little handful of mint, leaves chopped them all up pop them into a cup and tip hot water in leave it for about 10 minutes and then obviously drink. It Gemma, of course, but it makes your skin unreal if you want like a really clear glowy complexion. This definitely helps you look who go to it. Math today, I’ve been sat at this table for the past five hours. I just feel like. I learn a bit mad. I think I’ve been sighted for too long. I mean I look a bit bad currently cuddling my water bottle anti. All I’m doing that, I’m just not to make dinner, but before I do, I just wanted to talk about snacks.
The best creation on planet Earth, because it’s what depends if i snack a lot. I think I snack a lot later on in the evening, so I think my snacking time is like 9 p.m. when I come down and raid the fridge. But if I do ever get hungry in the day, I try and stick to like fresh fruit. So my favorite is bananas. I like apples, only pink lady apples, though great strawberries, stuff, like that you don’t actually like through another one of my favorite. Snacks is just a little bit of peanut butter on rice, cakes or you can get the little chocolate rice, cakes, which I don’t think of that good for you, but they’re. So nice, like they’re, literally it’s so nice. You could alsohave some like carrot, sticks or cucumber sticks in hummus like stuff, like that really do not like my hair today, like what is this little piece doing? Oh god, one of my favorite things is yogurt as well. I love yogurt. I try not to eat too much dairy, so I love the out Pro go yogurts. Oh my gosh they’re, so nice. But at the moment I’ve got an obsession with these. Yes, they’ve got Darien. Do I care absolutely not that’s so nice and they are the total zero percent fat yogurts with strawberry the only place I can find these is Waitrose like nowhere else does just the strawberry ones, the other ones that are really nice are the raspberry and pomegranate ones, But these are just these just top all of them, so dinnertime dinner is so quick and easy. It’s like an oven job literally. Everything goes in the oven for 50 minutes, and then it’s done like it’s so so so easy! Oh basically, all of this is going in here and it’s going to be put in the oven for about 45 or 50 minutes on about. What’s it gonna go on, I’m gonna put it on about 180, but all of this is from Sainsbury’s. I usually do weekly food shop in like Audi or somewhere like that, but I was just closest to a Sainsbury’s, so it was more convenient for me. So these Mediterranean vegetables, you can pretty much get anywhere and they are so nice now they say roast for 25 minutes, but I find, if you throw everything in together and leave it in there for about 4550 minutes it all.
Just cooks together really nicely probably gonna cook. All of this and then have dinner for tonight and dinner for tomorrow. Cuz I’m just cooking for me tonight and no. These are like a portion, is half of this and a half of this and obviously half of this. So this would be great for two people, so yeah, I’m gonna cook, all of it and then have the rest tomorrow. So literally this, how quick it is. I’m going to tip this in they’re gonna put these in there and I’m gonna put this on top. Then I’m also going tohave some prawns as well ignore the date on these. By the way it is September and no they’re not out of date. They’ve been in the freezer, so I got them out this morning and just defrosted them these look so nice. I literally can’t wait to eat that and half a pack only has 180 calories. To be honest, I’m probably only gonna have maybe like two of these, because there’s six in here and they look quite big, so I’m probably only gonna have two of those I’m gonna spray them with fry light. Just so they go nice and brown. I and then gonna pop some lemon on the salmon and I’m gonna season, with black pepper and Italian herb seasoning. How come the stars come to shine when it’s dark from so far away? Show us where we are. What makes the Sun go to sleep? Every night, and what’s it dreaming God, I wonder how come the sky sometimes hides behind clouds? Maybe it’s just like me a little bit scared of heights. Why does the pain always keep on pouring down when it’s gray outside it really makes me ponder, makes me wonder I just like to come on and speak a little bit about intermittent fasting, because this is something I have been doing for years and whenever I mention It in a vlog or anything I get loads and loads of questions about it. So first things: first in the description box. That kind of like teach you all about intermittent fasting, because I’m not the best at explaining things. So if you are interested, then check those out, I’m gonna be completely honest. I feel a little bit vulnerable talking about this because anything to do with diets or eating habits. I find you always get so much stick for it like if you eat too much you get sick. If you eat too little, you get stick, it’s like you can’t do anything right So I am really talking about this, because I’ve had so many questions about it.
I am NOT sitting here saying that everyone should fast, that’s not it at all I just find it works for me I enjoy doing it and I’ve been doing a few years and I actually really really enjoy it The diet I kind of follow it’s not really a diet I guess for me, because I do it all the time It’s more of a lifestyle, so I do the 5:2 diet, which means you have 5 days of normal eating So, like the food that you saw today, that will be me 5 days of the week and then 2 days of the week, there’s a period of time where I don’t consume any calories Now I usually do 24-hour fast switch Whenever I tell someone that they look at me like I’m mad, or they want to put their arm around me and ask me if I’m ok, I feel like people that are really uneducated about it Kind of have this opinion for example, I’ll consume my last calories on say Sunday at 6 pm and then I won’t eat Until Monday, at 6 pm so it’s 24 hours gone passed in my fasting time, I usually drink lots of water like a hell of a lot of water, black coffee herbal teas I drink a lot of my lemon and mint water because I find that kind of like suppresses my appetite Whenever I tell someone I fast for 24 hours Their first kind of reaction is how, honestly, when you get into the mindset of a and when you get used to it, it’s just so easy and I really enjoy it because the end of the 24 hours, they will give you all the information you need to know They’Ll give you the facts They’Ll give you the benefits They will give you everything if you dohave any specific questions about anything just pop them in the comments box I try and get back to you as many comments as I can If I find there are loads of comments So I can directly answer any questions I really hope you enjoyed it I hope I gave you some meal ideas and stuff like that and also whoa look at this beautiful hair Oh you’re, alright, they’ve loved you all so so much really rough nothing’s working, but there’s something inside of you That says all that, because you don’t know

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