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What you need… Primary make-up bag! Dollar store version! Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

. so you can be part of the pita chip family and also don’t forget to hit that little bit. So you can get notified every single time.. Today I have my set of Dollar Tree D. Remember the makeup starter kit for beginners that I recently just uploaded. You guys loved it so much that you guys wanted me to go to Ulta, but I had a better idea. I was like why not go to the Dollar Tree first for like more affordable compared to the Walmart one, so I’m gonna do a Dollar Tree.
One first, I’m gonna head out to ootah probably next week and go ahead and film that one for you guys, because you guys were all like. I want to see a no to one. I want to see an all to one, but first I thought it’d be a great idea to do like a dollar tree, because everything is literally one dollar here, so idolatry makeup, beginner skit, so yeah, I’m gonna – do that for it today, I’m kind of nervous Cuz it’s 913 and open at 9. I think I’m gonna be the only one. So hopefully that’s the record because I’m so scared. It’s always still. I converse even they’re like um. Excuse me, I mean you can’t film in here and I’m like. so we won’t get caught. So let’s go ahead and off to Dollar Tree. We go like I’m crazy, then hopefully we finds a pretty good, no all right guys. This is all the makeup that they have so we’re gonna go on to another dollar store and then there was nothing at the Dollar Tree. So don’t worry. I got you there’s another Dollar Tree, probably like 20 minutes away from here, so I’m gonna go and hopefully we have better luck there. If we don’t, then in Shirin, I love you, but I don’t want to be in my feelings right now. Okay, thank you! Commercial, this is actually another location. I don’t even know it’s actually closer than the other one, but if this one doesn’t turn out good, then we’re gonna go to the other one. But hopefully me how better start here they have a lot of stuff. They have the Wet n Wild can makeup remover towelettes. Everything is literally $1.00 here, and then they have fees which are global beauty care. They have the blue ones and the people it’s in half those other ones there. Oh, my god, I’m so excited they have a lot of stuff here. If these no, I grew up in different wear makeup and not notochord. These lip glosses by la colors have the pink one and the purple one, and they have this red one. In this clear one having different shades, obviously they have these lip balms tinted and scented crepes squeeze and they have different vanilla bean, my team and berry blast, orange Christian and double bubble and they have the lip smackers.
These are layer, your flavors, oh my god. If you don’t take this, look at the lip gloss for this one, so pretty okay, I’m actually going to take this one, and I see you slip smackers all the time when I was younger and they have these red ones. They have this one here, someone’s also vanilla, I think, is the same one as this one as well. Let me have some gracious kabuki brushes for just one darling literally and then, if you need a sharpener, you always need a sharpener, your makeup kit, so it’s only $1 here as well. Those would really come in handy with, like your other pencils, eyeliners and all that stuff, we have elf, it was obviously a super foot avoid and everything is $1. They have lip lacquers and board pink lip lacquer and have this Lipstein in Beauty, berry blush. I said beauty very much and they have what in wild brushes. These are wind all there. These are super fertile and they’re real, really good and they’re wet a wild is just $1. They have these little pigments. I’ve actually tried these pigments and they’re so good. At it i shadow plus also as a highlighter, they really come in handy and then they have these browsers, which I’ve seen, but I’ve never tried them, but um these sponsors my work. They have a little punchy too much shimmer going on, but these are a dollar bronzer. Is they have a foundation? Ok, the foundation here. Don’t trust it so much because I’ve tried it and I really don’t like it, but go ahead and give it a try. Everyone skit end and everyone’s skin type is different um they have a bronzer. I think I would try this bronzer. Is that up the other one that I showed you guys just because this one seems a little bitter woohoo. They have lashes. If you like, really dramatic lashes, here’s the police come and they also have lipsticks eyeliners and have mascara from white, and why would I would like that? They have wood and why, over just one dollar, that’s really good. I mean if you want to learn how to do your brows. This eyebrow sounds okay, it by elf really good. So you can give that one a try if you want to try, but just doing your brows with pencils, I’m just really good as well or if you want to try like a crazy look.
They have eyeliner pencils and shimmer and they have to be. I think I showed you guys these the beauty benefits. These are new ones. I haven’t, I didn’t see these in the other dollar where we went, but they have these long lasting for me, rich pigments, and this one is like an orange and a purple. They have a bronzer and then these colors and have already pretty the eyeliner and brown a navy one purple this right here, it’s the brow and eyeliner process. You get a brown eyeliner one, and I saw these aren’t what in wild as well. These are eyeliners as well, and they have the mascaras that I was telling you guys and then all the brushes by Wet n Wild have eyeliner one. This one right here is the contour brush the angle, liner, the eye shadow, one and then more of the contour, and they have lip colors and all different shades that you like, and then they have these, which are also more mascaras by la colors. They have ton of variety mascaras that you can get or you can try liquid eyeliner those who first time try an eyeliner. I can definitely recommend this one. You can go ahead and start practicing with that one they have blushes, which they have different shades. The pink blush or peach rose, and they have the pigments that I was so many guys, like this pigment and you’re in a corner. Look super super pretty or the top that one back there that looks pretty as well when they have with that one. This shadow right here, the pigmy, reminds me kind of like the Fenty beauty or highlighter that she came out with and they have these eyeshadow palettes. That was really really colorful. If you want herself with a colorful, highlight or more neutral palette or like blues for like a smokey eye or if you want to go up, get a more neutral, the holidays are really pretty bad. I don’t know or just actually, and then they have these which are for is like a quad instead of six and more LA eyeshadow palette, so they have literally a whole one chef. I show the product that you can choose from, so we have literally are different types of palettes depending on what do you want or you really? Everything is one dollar, so you can take one beach and I won’t even be that expensive and they have. These contours sticks. Okay. This woman comes with a little bit of shimmer because it is a bronzer and then this one is to actually contour it.
It’s a medium. I will get the medium one just because that one looks better instead of the shimmery one. So try that one over the even I’ll enter your waterline did. I show you guys already, I’m pretty sure I did only have these. These are aged and defined dark circles and puffiness serum and they have these BB creams. Actually I haven’t tried the BB creams. I tried the foundation. Was it to make fun of? I, like I told you guys, but they do have the creams. You can give that a shot, maybe if it works, but they do have these the compact makeup. This reminds me of my mom because my mom used to use these all the time like growing up. Isis here, use this kind of makeup. So dreams, like somebody remember you said anyways you can try it though, but that’s all you see. Oh any of you want to like apply Jeremy go for days. They do have this cosmetic wedges. I’ve actually seen a lot of people uses to do a makeup and I’m just like wait and when I’m doing your right or what’s up, but that cosmetic idea is like. I said, the makeup remover. Why? I’m so stoked of how much this stuff we found – and I think I’m actually gonna – take this lip smacker, because it looks super duper duper pretty. That’s all of them make up a section that I showed you guys so yeah hoped you guys liked it. I hope you guys found it helpful okay, if it’s don’t like treatment pop it, it’s so huge comfortably. What does that gone like we’re? Happy we’ve had so much is because tomorrow is my son’s birthday he’s going to be two years old. I did get this sprayer bottle thing because I really needed it, and I got this right here. The layered lip smacker and this one is in vanilla and it comes with the mmm nevermind. It’s happened, a lot: half strawberry, that’s pretty cool. So, basically, you put the gloss, and then you put the lip on here. I want to swatch the gloss and see what it’s like my sister use. These lip smacker goes all the time and I remember I would take them away from her and put them on. So I got one of these plus it looked really really pretty, but we’re gonna go ahead and swatch it um. Okay, don’t know why I’m showing you this, but literally you can’t even see the little specks of glitter. It’s just lip gloss, but it is so delicious. So it’s not super super yummy So, although you really can’t even see the little specks of glitter, it is a lip gloss and it smells delicious, so I’m still gonna use it.
It was only $1 I’m gonna actually keep this in my bag In case I ever need like a lip balm or something I do want to clarify the makeup Co San Jose winner will be announced on Wednesdays, and I wanted to update you guys on the foundation So this is what the foundation of the Burberry is looking like, I’m loving it I seriously love it so so much it’s amazing I actually didn’t even apply a lot of powder today I just apply powder in my t-zone and I think the partition is poppin I absolutely love it once I run out of foundation, am I gonna buy it again? I think I’m gonna buy, even if it’s full price or if, when I go to makeup stores and deals, I find another same I’m gonna buy the same exact same one in case I don’t know that I want to have a backup one, because I absolutely love it it’s amazing So basically, if we had 150 K subscribers on April the whole month of April, I’m gonna be giving away one palette to one winner, so your chances of winning are super high Cuz literally there will be like what 30 days in a month Sometimes, are you 30, so you just wouldn’t would be super hot and hush Palettes are amazing, actually we’re hush palettes on my eyelids every single day I love it Don’t like $10 super affordable, but super good and they’re dupes for high-end makeup Oh, was we had a 150 K, I’m gonna give away a palette Whenever we hit 150 K, does, I think any sense? I hope it is so yes we’re gonna do so Go tell your grandma, your grandpa, your friend, your neighbor, your cat, your dog, making a cow subscribe, so you know 150 K and you can win about it Okay, guys I love you guys so so much today with such a successful day, I woke up at 5:30 I went to the gym I got my day started super early, but I’m not excited because it’s gonna feel Like a really long day I looked at the clock and I was like wow it’s burly ten I am mmm for me a long day today, but I am so excited I hope you guys enjoyed this trip I love you guys so so much you guys truly mean the world To me Love you guys from the bottom my heart and I will see you guys on the next one Toodles

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