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What’s in my bag with Lily Aldrich? | Flower of Power

30 Sep , 2019  

. As you can see, I’m joined by Lily Aldridge, who is model extraordinaire mom, yes and Victoria’s Secret Angel, and we are New York for New York Fashion Week with Teen Vogue in the YouTube space and we’re former. it must be hectic right, it’s very exciting in there super busy. So let’s you go first, you’re the guest, all right. What is in your bag? This is my bag. Very gorgeous T, Thank You st. Laurent um. It is stamped leather, so you know with Scofield, are a little bit Danna.
So my first go-to thing for Fashion Week, I think, is hand sanitizer yeah. I’m a mom in New York is a little bit messy sassy and it’s handsome too cool. My bag is actually a naughty new purchase for the autumn. It’s from Chloe it’s a bag in the like lion color. It got rained on yesterday, which was very upset about. As left a little damage on them, not shiny, the first thing I have when I’m traveling this makes me look so geeky. I don’t have a pouch of makeup. The first thing I have is a pouch of electronics yeah, like portable charges too, like a plug-in charger. Spare memory cards an SD card reader, my explode and I’m stealing this you need it you’re like right and then pull out hand sanitizer. Well, you know long flights. Okay. What have you going then? Okay? Well! My second is my not so. Fancy electronics still tango, but not as cute comes out of my bag up and my phone in my charger come everywhere and a funny thing about my Chargers, I’m always in photo studios, so this one is actually borrowed so stolen challenge’ borrow is from Pier 59. I love you guys so much. Thank you for always having chargers for me. The next thing I haven’t here because we’re in New York, the weather, is not good right now have an umbrella so uncool again, I’m like bringing out like an IRA glatman. Ah, well, you know it might expense pre-baked this bag yeah an umbrella. It still doesn’t help. The hair I mean like this humidity is not good for head of it and umbrella helps. That’s why I’m in a braid yeah, it works right. You had it covered. I should have thought about okay. My next thing essential is trying not to get sick from all the running around. So I have a citrus drink from pressed Juicery.
I think just drinking as much citrus trying not to get cold. It’s very important. What else is in this? It’s pineapple apple, lemon and mint. Oh yes, also very delicious! Is this a good juice juice place to go to this? Is my favorite yeah? I love rice to check it out. It’s yummy. The next thing I have in here is my vlogging camera. Obviously I’m not daily vlogging at the moment, but I’m gonna be taking some shots like on the go, and my big camera that I found with is just not practical thing like taking around. So this is my little camera life film stuff, I’m super cute. It’s actually pretty heavy look man and I’m a Christmas tree pictures. Okay, my next essential is my chapstick. This is a big chapstick. It is really good. It’s winter AdWords, I’m addicted to it. I can actually give it to all my friends cuz. I love it so much, but if you know me I’m addicted to chapstick when I’m training I’m bringing my chapstick to every front station, I’m at work, I’m just are you taking in the gym movie? Oh, my god, like trip all my trainers, just make fun of me because they know that this will follow me and I’m fine eyes are throughout the gym. I should have a few makeup bits in here, but I kind of like shoved in his back pocket. They’Re not leave very neat, I’m gonna see them all together. Otherwise I feel a we’ll be here all day. Oh, I have a little little hair brush, which is kind of full of hair. But it’s not looking at and has emeritus is very practical on the go. If you have messy hair like me, and then I keep like a general just collection of stuff to top up my makeup right now, it changes like daily right now. I have YSL shocking eyeliner, which I’ve just got. I really like it. I have a concealer, which is that, like the label is rubbed off, but it’s from collection, which is also really really good, and then I actually have two lip glosses, which are my own lip glosses, which is crazy to say that amazing, one of them I’m wearing Now, which is like the very color matches my bag, I’m sad like that, and then I have a nude one, so I’m kind of covered full bases with those two amazing. Well, I guess I’ll.
Do my makeup yeah anything below okay. I have a lot too. So I’ll just grab them out. Yes, but I’m mostly, I did to see the way my essentials. This is always in my bag, a Chanel compact. It’s always good, mirror love it rosemary, Swift’s, concealer, it’s all-natural organic and it’s just a great concealer cover-up. I don’t wear makeup, so I just like to put a little under my eyes and around my nose and I love it. Do you earn makeup often I don’t really wear a lot of what I’m just not working, but this is like what I would be wearing. Yeah a little concealer, a little highlighter which eeks yeah. I love that stuff yeah benefit, so yeah love it the goal we want charlotte tilbury. Let me say this: one is very Victoria. I have that one, it’s really beautiful, color, very, very sexy and then one of the best things ever that a makeup artists can use Japanese eyedrops, Oh other, like Amy’s before a cult favorite they’re the best like when he gave it to me. I was, I was speechless just if you’re tired, if there’s just brighten your eyes, are amazing. They kind of burn a little bit, which is weird, sounds extreme, but it’s a good nice. Okay, sass is fine, but it’s a nice offending all right. I love it. How do you get it from Japan only in Japan? No, you buy a sink, that’s why so. He came to me from Japan, but um roto make a good one that are kind of like okay that have that little special or special. The next thing I have is my diary, which I know like I’m so digital in everything else, but I have to have a written diary in my brain is like I serve one thing: just it disappears, so I still keep a written diary. I love to write, lists and notes and stuff, so I took everyone lists to the same. It makes you feel just so much Sangha knows yeah. I can go to bed a night. I have my list. I’ve been listing forever. I used to like list in the morning I’d wake up really: okay, waking up take a shower eat breath like when I was like six mom kept summer from there hilarious, okay, my next accessory or essential would be success. Okay, just always running around I like to have sunglasses on I love these Ray Bans, cool easy.
I actually don’t have any, because it’s such miserable weather, I left them Hotel Normally, I would have in books The next thing I have is gone Obviously, because you know it’s only that’s a short one, yeah showed you two and to share too, because you know you need tissues as well Yes, two short ones Okay, I love it Okay, what’s next to month, oh it’s just good one double-sided tape for fashion week In a double sided tape, wearing a lot of things that are just okay, just in case you never know, it’s always good to have Sometimes I keep it in my wallet like I’m above you a little bit to my wallet and they also keep like alcohol swab to my wallet, because I work a lot and they’re always putting earrings on me Smells like clean them Yeah, that’s a proper model trick, but let’s say there you go, keep them in your walk You heard it here first and then the next thing is this is pretty much Oh I have my possible because you know I’m from England and love it and then my wallet is the last thing in its system cuz I love stars and that’s my bag I think my all to my wallet It’s really thick with like weird things that I’m going to be thrown out of it Obviously um there’s a phone Is I just I don’t know what is even in here I have a picture of my daughter in here I have actually it’s just super cute I have the key to the hotel, where my husband asked me to marry him Oh thank you he’s got You know, Sarah, my god, you kept it I got an English pound or that’s yours You, sorry, I’m sorry, sorry close um! I don’t have talents to you Have like every currency just in case yeah Thank you guys so much for watching I’m going to be filming some other really fun stuff with the Teen Vogue team Whilst I’m here to make sure you go and check that out I’ll pop the link below to that and I’ll see you again very soon, I thank you so much to let me for joining me Bye, guys, hey guys and welcome back to my channel So today I’ve got a confession to make to you all I may have been hiding something for the past year I

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