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What’s in Remi ashten’s bag? Did you spill it? Refinery 29

1 Nov , 2019  

I use it as a trashcan with me all the time, so I’m sure there’s a lot in there, hey I’m Remmy Ashton and I’m going to spill it. I do this thing where I just like to use one bag for like months and months at a time, and this right now is my bag that I’ve been using since August, and I haven’t used a different one since and it’s my favorite I like that. It matches with everything I feel like I’m always wearing like tons of different outfits, so I feel like it’s good to like dress up if I’m going out for the night or dress down, if I’m just wearing like athletic clothes, are you ready to spill it because I am alright we’re gonna go through this.
I don’t really know what’s in here, um, let’s start with we’ll start the pocket. First up, I have my passport because I lost my ID and yeah. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now because I’m avoiding going to the DMV I haven’t been since I was 17 so trying to not go back, but I’ll have to go there eventually. Next up, I have a receipts again: a trash bag. Yesterday I watched my friend’s cat for the day, I’m highly allergic, so it was very entertaining. She attacked me somewhat packed out and I bought her 120 dollars worth of stuff. I never had a cat, so I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I got her everything I made also a donation to save the animals, so love that a crystal baguette. These are my favorite. If you are looking for alcohol, isn’t healthy but, like you know, lighter alcoholic beverage, vodka, water and then you put this inside and it tastes so good. So I keep these with me all the time when I go out. You can also put it in normal water, but I use it for when I go out at night what else we’ve got a nut butter packet. These are great if you are hungry, on the go, I’m all about the snack, so this is from our ex it’s an almond butter, one, my two favorite snacks in the whole world. Oh I’ve, gotten tons of these in my bag. These are like trivia packets. I just steal from like Starbucks or wherever i go for coffee. Oh, I got a part. This is so bad if so much tracking it um I’ve got a parking ticket to the USP village.
From when I went to yoga, probably or juice. I’ve got a lot of random dollar bills in here for valet. I live in downtown, so I always have to like pay for parking all the time. So I have a whopping $13. Moving on, we’ve got my phone. Of course. My dog is my lockscreen she’s. My best friend her name’s Daisy and she’s, a Maltese two puppy all right. Well, not a puppy, she’s. Four I’ve got more trivia packets, one two, oh wait! No! No! This is my trash. From this morning. I’ve got my card holder. As I said, I don’t have an ID, but I have to debit cards to credit cards. My Disneyland Pass and a business card for a banking guy. That’s all that’s in here! Next up, I have contact lenses, because I do this thing where I like blink, really hard, I think sometimes like contact falls out and then I can’t see and I need to drive so I keep them with me. If I ever need my prescription, is that negative? Three point: two five in case you’re wondering air pods in case I need to flex on someone, but I wear them when I go grocery shopping, so no one will talk to me. Oh this is interesting. I got this. My friend gave it to me that he got it from Amazon. It is great if you are out and about – and you want to strong, but you don’t have a straw and you’re trying to save the sea turtles. Then I’ve got this here, you open it up. You just screw it together, so this is great if you’re like going out at night – and you want to straw, they don’t give you honor through. I got a coffee shop, you don’t want to use one look at that. You’ve got one on the go, I’m saving all the turtles got my keys here. On my keys, I have my apartment Bob. I have my apartment key, my fob to my office mail keys, my parents house key and then this, which is also from Amazon. As you can see, I eat a lot of sriracha, so it’s incredible! I bought this, so you buy them. You can get them at like Urban Outfitters, but Amazon has been cheaper and you fill it yourself with sriracha from home. It’s pretty much almost empty I need to refill her, but it came with this and a bigger one though, and really all about that next up, we’ve got my snack with me, which is a to me.
I bought this at Whole Foods, it’s an organic Roma tomato and I’m on this weird diet plan right now where my nutritionist has been eating: seven Tomatoes a day, seven whole Tomatoes So I carry it with me at all times I’ve eaten every like a couple hours, but I can’t eat a Sammie, no plain, it’s really hard for me So I carry around with me Trader Joe’s everything, but the bagel sesame seasoning, but basically imagine like an everything bagel and it’s just like everything On top of it without the bagel, so it’s like the less fun part moving on I have more trash more trash I’ve got a lot of lip products, I’m always switching it up I’ve got the Winky luxe I don’t know what this is, but it’s green and it’s like a little Oh matcha balm, it’s a green I like it a lot Okay benefit punch pop This is in the shade sugar cookie This is so underrated I recommend this I randomly found it in my drawer It’s so good I feel like I’ve never heard any youtuber talk about it This is peach slices and jelly bounce lip balm I bought this from random store in New York that I found in Chelsea Market the other day and I like needed to buy something So I could say that I went so I got it and then this is what I’m wearing right Now it’s the Urban Decay hired by shine in 1993, which is my favorite lip shade of all time, they’re like a matching lipstick and a matching lip liner, highly recommend If you like brown, tone lip all right Almost I’ve got a core power, yoga pencil or a pencil pen For when I need to sign something, and then last at least I have this little dongle thing which has saved me, because there are so many times when you want to play music in the car or something, and they only have a normal ox cart But you really want to be DJing This saves a day So that’s everything! That’s in my back! I’m surprised it all fit in here such a small bag, thanks for watching refinery29, click here and just subscribe Click here,

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