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Where to find the bright half moon pattern of gold bronze

1 Nov , 2019  

. Like always I’m coming at you with a makeup tutorial. Let’s be happy, there will be suffering the words um. This makeup tutorial is a very glitz and glam with a new lip, but is on the neutral side like Browns stuff, like that, I don’t know it’s really pretty um all these goodies combination together, I’m gonna pick up really see or tell the glitters on shining Than that, but they are poppin, especially in person, and I will leave all the lists to the products that I use in description right below at 150, almost 51,000 Dale’s um almost on the road to 100k y’all, so I’m so excited see how she just but they’re Keeping watch my lips be plump, so I’m gonna go in with my lip injection.
It’s like to play throughout and apply this. For. My lips got some injections. It just make you look like. Have you ever seen those lip glosses will put stuff in and make your lips tingling the longest brow Kotori, not a it’s, not the three, but I’d be my brows. I didn’t apply at my face, which is a people use faced and woman. I’m a three dollar shade that we’re going to apply. Yes, I don’t want to shimmer for my brow bone today, I haven’t did non shimmer on my brow. Bone in a minute got my 167 brush and one so the computer beast palette and I’m gonna grab the shade right here. It’s like a neutral tone shade it’s more to your plan right on the brow bone. So I’m just giving this a second to drive. The shade is called trippin, I’m sure, then I want to go English into shape so that a desert wrong with my mouth. You travel forward. You it’s color. I want exclaiming kisses. These are from a makeup addiction of this event, a dazzling in this one. I don’t know why I thought this was for me Laura this. Is the Murphy 514 brush? Add it right there to give me their warmest two more transition colors on the first one would be the first one, I’m gonna add its bestie, I’m just gonna practice. All my brush, I’m gonna, add black. I wanna at this black round McCoy shadow is called black velvet, so much that I added feet black, to which it’s besties, I’m going to now take some of their black and we’re going to smoke it out. When, with my with my base in Shea number three all right, so my cookies came out so long, I really like it took me, Alice Alice announced, but I’m about to cut this out a little bit. Then I’ll. Do one efforts out to add my first shade, which is called vanilla? It’s like a white shimmer shape. A second shade that I’m going to go angry is melon pigments from Eric you actually that I wanna go anyway Is my makeup addiction, hobby girl, value to palette, and I’m going to take this go show you right here, I’m bestie mix with a little bit of latte, which is this decent and put it right at the either.
Now I’m gonna walk in with and glad you’re on in number 77 and I think we’re gonna win this we’re gonna wing this one out, but Santa quitters um The first good example to use is on the white part Is this realize good reform? Um Mac, looking all over in the sports at myspace, but this how good it looks then mix the medium I mean really like that one comes when we use my super strong whole, a logical and clear, come on my banana This girl a Twitter Why? He is a missed some rhyming skills in this call know something only wish my yo-yo, but I wanna grab this from ambrosia glitter This is the nucleus tank and I want to grab this like movie foundation I am going to insert this burger quick This is primer, coconut, um, primer from Smashbox info foundation Today I used to love this combo y’all just made my face Look so flawless, it’s the Estee, Lauder Double, Wear w1 deep spice and then Lancome tester I don’t punish in the shade by gravity its weight when here is smoked out underneath the eye this, because I’m cute, I know a person like you already see this little Shannon with my Bobbi Brown brazo in the shade Deep before I usually go in with my highlight on first, but today, we’re gonna go to the bronzer and then highlight and get contour, which you don’t need all this cuz You already have a face structure You could just do bronzer and then see Take this blush – and this is in the shade, telling glow by Mac This is like a highlighter, slash bloodshot, it is so gorgeous I must say, gorgeous I’m taking this pencil out Nikki K, make the dark brown Safin of the heels and lipstick in the shade a course the world take Jacob beauties Lipstick in the shapes is honeymoon – that’s something I could be back, but what’s abuse Larry quit, so I can get some caps on up in six weeks and I’ll be right back My makeup, hopefully, is I got so much for tuning in to this tutorial I hope that you enjoy this bomb glitz and glam little cut crease, but I got y’all tomorrow or the non cut crease Look where I do glitter or Lily show you how to apply glitter, and that will be the last of the beginning series tomorrow If you know any other series or anything that you want to do in this series, please let me know by nd I need to know if I, in this series other than that comment what you liked about this tutorial down below I would love to hear your thoughts

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