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Which one is my Fenty professional filter shadow? The 420 one? 430? 445?

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys or welcome back to my channel. Now, if you guys know, font is releasing brand new hydrating foundations on the 15th, which is Thursday today is Tuesday, so ahead of that, what we are gonna do today is you guys are gonna help me pick my Fenty shade. So, as we know, if NT came out almost two years ago at this point so as for why I have three shades and I don’t know which one works best it’s beyond me, but that is what you guys are gonna help me out with so the Shades, I have here are 4:20 4:30 and 4:45.
So when I first came out, I went into Sephora and I matched with 420 and 430. They both melted into my skin, so I went with both of them. Cuz I was just like. Ok can’t choose one. Let me just get both and then this past January 1, 445 came out. I was like hmm like. Let me just give it a try and I bought it, and I kept it so today. What I’m gonna do is I’m going to apply all three shades. Full face, and then you guys are going to tell me which one matches me the best so now we know that with these foundations, they do oxidize. So what I’m gonna do after I apply the full face of it. I’m going to wait. Maybe like 5 minutes, yeah I’ll give it like 5 minutes, and then I will come back on camera and then show you guys what it looks like now. In the end, we are going to decide whether 420, 430 or 455 is a match for me just because when these foundations release – and I go into support to pick them up and review them, I’d rather not get like three shades filming primer, I’m going to be Using the og soft matte primer, this came out when the foundations originally came out two years ago. I know that they are also coming out with a hydrating primer this Thursday as well. I will pick it up, but I highly doubt that I’m gonna keep it and the reason I say that is because I literally just thought the true matte primer, and then they came out with this primer, and I before I bought the true matte primer before They announced that this is a brand-new bottle like a brand new bottle, so I don’t need three different primers from the same exact brand. You know what I’m saying now.
Obviously, if I like it I’ll keep it, but I just like this is brand new and then I just got the true matte, which I really really like. So I just don’t need all three of them, but I really do love this primer and I also really love the true matte. So we’ll see all right. So now we are going to apply for 20 this one I’ve had since it came out. So it’s like probably expired, who knows but we’re gonna use it anyways. So I’m just gonna take two pumps on my hand, okay guys. So this is 420 on the bottom side of my face. There is nothing on my forehead and nothing on this side of my face. So what are we thinking so far, so I’m going to apply the full face and then give it like five minutes off-camera and then come back to show you guys to what it looks like all right. So this is a fullface of 420 and then, if I pull down my shirt, a little bit, which I really can’t this is what it would look like. So I’m gonna get a five minutes off camera and then come back and then we’re gonna. Take this off and apply it for 30 and then the same thing for a for 45 all right, so I will be back in five minutes all righty guys I am back. This is what the foundation looks like it’s been about like five minutes um. So what do we think? What do we think about 420? Honestly, I’ve been wearing it for over a year since it came out, so it does work, but is it my true shade all right, anyways, let’s go on to 4:30, I’m going to wipe this off now and then we are going to apply for 30 and obviously I’m gonna use a different brush just so that the colors don’t mix or anything like that. Alright, so now we are going to apply for 30 um. I also grabbed the different brush. Guys do not judge me. I have like six of these brushes. This is the only foundation brush that I use so I’m obviously debating on picking up the foundation brush because, obviously like I don’t need it. But what do you guys think? Should I pick it up? Are you guys picking anything up to you pick up everything want something releases. Let me know alright, so this is 4:30 all right, so this is four thirty on the bottom half of my face. This is my neck. This is my chest There’s obviously nothing on my forehead or this side of my face.
So what do we think about four thirty so far, I am gonna apply the full thing and then you guys could obviously let me know at the ends, but this is what four thirty looks like so far No makeup, no makeup all right So this is what 4:30 looks like this is what my chest looks like What do you think about the match? So I’m gonna give it five minutes off camera, and then I will be back, take it off reapply the primer and then the 4:45 foundation So BRB, alright guys I am back, it has been five minutes This is 4:30 full-face What are we thinking? Is it better than 420 like? What are we thinking so now, I’m going to take the face off, put on primer and then reapply 4:45 all right and finally, we have 445 different brush again yeah, it’s a little dirty Sorry, alright! So another two pumps does only the same thing: I’m gonna apply it to the lower side of my face, and then you guys are gonna see what it looks like with me not having makeup anywhere else all right So this is 4:45 on my, like a lower half of my face, no makeup, no makeup and then my chest not that it matters, because I don’t match to my chest: anyways um, but alright So now we’re going to do the full face and wrap it up All right, so this is a fullface and then just not that it matters so this is it tell me guys what you think, which shape matches you best Obviously I already have all of them, so none of them are going anywhere This is just so that I know come Thursday which shade to buy, because there’s no reason I should have three shades of one foundation, especially since I’m a foundation junkie like I have at least 15 foundations Don’t judge me Foundation is on my jam all right um, very quick Hopefully I could edit it to be very quick, very quick to the point I just want you guys to share with me what you think about the shade which shade should I pick up? Are you guys gonna pick up the new foundation? What are you, what do you guys think about it? So let me know till next time guys

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