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Who did better? Mom and Dad!

30 Sep , 2019  

Okay, everyone is gets more complicated so this morning for everyone getting dressed, I’m gonna take a camera with the boys if you’re a boy part of your hand, alright. So this is a boys team. Can we have a show of hands for the girls team? Please? So, who do you think is going to win in a boys team in a girl’s team? What’s a wibble, so I’m just gonna take your camera out and with Alexia Amelia and herself, and I’m gonna take camera with Eduardo and Trey on myself and we’re gonna get dressed and we’re gonna see the difference between moms and dads boys and Girls and we’re gonna see who is the fastest hello? You know, are you ready? I mean yeah, who do you think is gonna win? Who is the slowest dresser in the house? Are the boys gonna win? Oh, that was very bad.
That was very fast all right unless yeah, unless yeah, I want you to sabotage mommy. Are we planned outfits yeah same as what they’re wearing for Andrew’s birthday for Jen’s birthday? You gotta throw. Do you remember I don’t remember either hey. This could be a fun thing. This could end traumatic, yeah, we’re gonna win, Amelia you and me wait. That is even Ryan. His girls are the best boys dribble get set. If you run to your room, guys quickly quickly went to your room, no you’re gonna run no you’re going the wrong way all right boys. Are we ready now? Why don’t you remember all right? What did you work for your birthday? I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t know: okay girls, you know wearing sony blue wait. What’s going on, hey cheater cheater see. What’s going on, we got a cheater, you got a cheater, we got a cheater, do you what was it a boy? Yeah boy yeah go to mommy? Yes, yes, I’m happy and I don’t think I don’t think we’re gonna win media cuz unless he has gone to the wrong room. Oh, what? What is this come on? Let’s see quickly put it on quick, take off your pajamas all right! All right! I didn’t know I didn’t know the girls were cheaters yeah. I had by. Let’s see, look what okay, okay, who shoots are so fast. What pick that outfit? Yet you cheated! What were you wearing mister? Oh! What about this look? Look polo shirt! That’s nice! I have a polo shirt like that. We could be matching deal. It’s okay, though it’s okay, I think it’llbe okay, maybe okay! The goal was to get dressed, no one specified what you actually have to be dressed. So technically there was no discussion of what specific the thing that we were supposed to actually wear for this birthday so birthday this day so um, I guess it’llbe okay, all right these guys! That’s nice! That’s nice! Yeah! Look at that! I like that.
I like what I’ve done there. It’s like past Ellie. Okay, can you put them on out? We need. Oh boy, let’s see, wait, okay, this is it. This is our time. This is our time to get ahead. Alexia’s. Distract me everyone, oh, my goodness, is that yours or andreas look at this mister, that’s so nice and it kind of matches Eduardo okay hold on. Let’s get you dressed, let’s get you dressed buddy! Well, that was a hoot, so yeah, some of you, eagle-eyed viewers, would realize that was a few weeks ago. Actually, I think that was it was part of a project that we’re working on that didn’t end up working out. The window got act and we never ever abroad candidate. So I’m using the thing. So I was like oh wow and I found it and I was like, oh my god, it’s that was so fun when we shot that and I was like. I should use that something, and I was like just stick it in just stick it in here man. I thought you guys would like to see instead of it going there’s so many like projects that we work on and sometimes they they they come out and you guys watching. So, let’s just don’t and then they just got left and then once go by and then I forget about them and then I find him like. I drew that I’m, like Josh Bazar. I’ve had that one and I thought that was he paid a fine part out. Video as well, I don’t know, we know ever, shows you, but I was doing the decide the path as well. I don’t know ever update you on that.. So this is round two with the path. If you guys watch me on user stories, make sure to follow me on Instagram and watch my stories because you get a little sneaky VG stuff. Most of these were the steps from the thing at the end that caps, because I was pulling them up, I managed to take most of them up without breaking him, and I was thinking we can reuse these. My friends well Donovan. Thank You, Jonathan. No, I decided after I fail with the stone which I really like I’ve gone with these concrete slabs and I think that does look. Okay. The Sun is ruining the whole vibe here, but I do think that looks. Am Tina looks good and it’s nice and it’s solid. I don’t know if I showed that in the vlog either, but I did finish painting one side of the picket fence. It looks much better, doesn’t it this is look pretty pretty little picket fence, Evan and the gate yet obviously, and I’ve only done like one side of it, but I think it looks cool. I think it looks cool. Okay, that’s the other side. Isn’t it just have to look at in this? I don’t know, I’m the only one.
That’s really over this side. Everyone else is on outside it wow. It looks amazing well like yeah, it does don’t come over here, everything’s fine, why later I’ve run out of a stone. I’ve used it all up, but I think it looks great and it’s kind of hard to tellbecause it’ll lighting again, but I think it looks great like it just needs to get what I think it’s four across and maybe before a twelve, maybe twelve slaps for There and then enough to just finish this off to the edge here. I think that’s great, like you know already happy with that. It’s really solid as well when you walk on it, which is also a plus the babies, are asleep. So I am cooking dinner. We’Re having chicken and mushroom pie tonight, which is a recipe from Jamie Oliver, his 30-minute meals were just on my favorite cookbook of all time, so I’ve got chicken which I defrost it. I have got mushrooms, which I just chopped up spring onions, a leek, because I found that in the fridge we just had it leftover, so I decided to use it up, puff pastry, creme, fresh mustard, an egg plain flour, chicken stock and then I’ve got some fresh Thyme over here and I’m gonna add in some nutmeg as well. It almost forgot to defrost it I kind of remembered like just in time, and then there are two sites that you can make to go with this dish. So there’s peas and smush like carrots mush, which is always way too much for us. So what I usually do is just make either/or. So tonight I’m going to make the peas then I’m going to put in some oil and then we’re going to heat that up and then to that I’m going to add in the chicken see. If I can do this 100, there we go now, I’m just adding in some chicken stock and I already added in mustard and some creme fraiche. Okay, thanks for the chicken into a pan, but I can put in the oven TRUCKING in the edges of my pastry. Okay, this was supposed to be a flower. I didn’t really work out that way. Let me make it into something better. I attempted to do a rose for the middle, didn’t really work. Okay and now I am going to pop this in the oven for 15 minutes – and here is what the pie looks like. I’m actually really happy with my little rose. I’ve never done that before now, I am making the peas, which is just the side to go with it, I’m just adding in the juice of half a lemon. It’s just little: gem, lettuces salt, pepper, frozen peas, a little bit of flour a little bit of butter, and I think that was it so far and then I’m gonna add in some mint as well. But the peas are just kind of defrosting in here, throw in chicken stock as well.
That’s the other thing that I added the dinner is done. Lb come on and I am now I’ve moved on to cookies. I haven’t baked cookies in ages, so you want to see Eduardo the cookies. These are ready to be baked in the oven, probably in the dishwasher yeah. It’s done a cycle since then trying to look some cookie dough, I’m gonna pick some off. Oh, you will trust me just pick it up lumpy bit off yeah. I need it. I’m sure trust me. Do you trust me told ya. These are ready to be popped in the oven and then I’m gonna have a tasty snack with my coffee, yummy yummy. I love these, don’t you, the cookies, did you see them? Okay, guys are. The best you know is that, in the context of the situation, I’ve just transplanted stolen the battery from missing this camera, though, by the way wait. Lee get a load of this thing. Alright, so this is the other vlog camera we have too little money. Try check this. Is that what it’s the thing, what you gotta do. Is you gotta like you gotta, you gotta hold the screen in the right area, or is it just earth there’s various like a sweet spot, we’re vlogging with this camera? Oh, I almost had it there. No anyway. Oh this is fun. Oh there we go got the sweet spot there you go anyway, so I vlog with that one at the moment a lot. This is the one end. I think I think is great. I think that’s the one I actually ended up. Well, that’s you know this battery. Definitely was that it wasn’t making enough, but that’s that’s the one. I think I’ve vlog that side or left that side Paxton that day they got soaked. What I was gonna talk about guys is every now and again we go to these. You go through these periods where every is gray. Okay and we’ve got a great flow going on with the kids and me and Anna are just in a good position: everything everything’s just great and and not stressful yeah. Yes, I did just dump a pile of sweet corn at him, because you only anything else and then right now we are in dead depths of despair. Oh, just you know it’s like yeah, I just dropped less seats kill a couple hours ago and I come home or try and get some work done then. But him right he’s gone to the stage where you can’t leave him alone for a second like he is he’s just a mental monkey man he is like he’s. Jesus he’s just crazy, okay, whatever experience, I didn’t like it, okay, so then, okay, so then you’re like kind of juggling between him and so he’s with you all at higher, and then you gotta, go and cut the legs different school and even get home unless It’s good, you gotta, do lunch both of them and you put them there for nothing and not that’s the only key or time.
But then, if you something else to do which worked stuff always comes in a way, then you gotta go to that. You gotta, do housekeeping or laundry or cleaning or gardening or something and then it’s fine. Then let school time began and he claimed to keep some school. Then he can hope to school. Now the kids have got like you didn’t mean five or six layers of homework. You have to do with them. Then they’ve got musical instruments that need to be done. Then they’ve got dancing in gymnastics and sports and classes and music and all these other things you gotta bring them to, and then you have your then you have to make dinner somewhere in between now right and then you have your dinner and then it’s just Bad go for a bad time and then it’s like oh go time for bedtime and you’re like bringing upon her and you’re like putting the Mocs bed and we split up high five and seeing each other passing one even know what you want. You don’t even know he wants and then and then you finally get this bad and in there I had a better open there and all this stuff. And then it’s like 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock and then I had softened and like see you later bro broski and then with your own things for like an hour or two and then it’s bedtime and then I’m like 500 morning Eduardo stuff because he’s something then He goes into a nice teacher who makes a lassie open unless he’s like. Why is it over and she walks in my suit ray upon trillions of meetings are blessed he’s over it’s 5 o’clock in the morning and let’s go again we’re going through right now. It’s just it’s just the psychic. This we haven’t found our our little cycle again, you know and then it’s like. Oh see, we can’t you know now. Natick kids is leaving school to take the children he left. I love them. I am blessed that I have my four children. I love them very deeply. We are so lucky in prisons. You have all the wonderful things in our life that we’ve been luckily enough to have boy what you want this now. Do you want drinky? No milk mm uh-huh and that’s before we even start talking about these doggies. So, if we’re seeing a little stress there and the vlogs at all lately, that is why I, just it’s all, come to a head sit down this morning at 5 o’clock when Eduardo was hitting me with a radio yeah asking me for a battery, I know hold On hold on, I forgot, I forgot, let me just get some stuff for it Okay, I know just like, oh, my goodness, I’m crashing I’m inspired and it’s over it’s over everything’s over happiness is over.
I’m trying to use it one hand here right now This is gonna Oh, no DJ, oh yeah, that’s gonna end badly Anyway, I’m sure other parents out there can relate You know So it’s just like I’ve got so many other people asking me for things like you know, agencies that were working with and commercial stuff and man people along they’re, like hey, do this, can you do this? Can you go to this event? Can you do this? Can you film this? Can you make this happen? Are you serious because right now, look what I’m taking clicks? Look what I’m taking with this! This is what I need right now: okay, huh! I don’t have time for your cool life That’s my life update, so I had the guys come to the house this morning to investigate the situation and it turns out I killed the lawn so without after it care and stuff that I got Apparently it’s actually not as like You can’t just throw down and water it alone and be like it’s done Bernie, it’s a much longer complicated process than that, and it should come with warnings all over the bike Saying warning this is going to kill your lawn You don’t like do like a thousand steps, so I did about ten steps I was I was on a 10-step program I wasn’t on the thousand step program, hi we’re still here so yeah, that’s the that’s the plan Okay, it means you can see is a little hand here We’Re gonna go, collect Alessia from school, go to schoolbuddy Ah, oh hi! We need to get a cow for a date Oh it’s good! Hey! It made its way back It made a doe No still recording that’s gonna be a problem, so this isn’t ideal Oh, did you go sleep? No, you didn’t go sleep at all, no, not not even for a second No I’m dread You go sleep Oh did I nice at the school huh I think I’m my velocity shoe, Oh in the case of the missing shoe, has not been solved He’s now No shoes, I know, are one of those shoes Azrael have no idea, I’m sure Couldn’t you drop the deny and look whip DML everyone’s pulling at her car went straight into school, grab less yeah back to the car Why did you shoot? Oh? No? No! No! It’s key! That Alessi is talking in the car bet her friends, it’s hurting, kids and she’s Got friends Friends, wait a second wait, a second I’m putting it to bed What am i doing? What am i doing? Go change your new peanuts good night night, everyone he named together! We’Re stronger

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