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Why do I smell like fish?! Five Female Health Tips

30 Sep , 2019  

We know the most frequent tips given to you guys to make sure that you do not smell fishy down there or to drink water eat healthy, don’t use bad yourself. Your vagina is a self-cleaning machine, but I’m going to give you guys some tips that I use to make sure that I smell good on a daily basis: hey James, Oh Jean, welcome back to my channel. So, as you guys can tell by the title, I’m going to be telling you today why your thanks, I have been telling you guys.
I have some hygiene tips that a lot of people do not really, you know, take a lot of people won’t tell you these hygiene tips, but I have the best ones that I feel like have made me smell good now, y’all. I went to a party recently and at that party I mean there was people sweating people dancing, including myself, and some people were smelling super funky, but you know what compliment I received. Do you know what compliment means I received? Well, I got someone told me you just well dianna. That is one of the best comments that anyone can ever give me. I love being told that I smell so so so good. So, let’s start off with tip number one always make sure that you have some good fragrance with you and longer fragrance. I always like to keep with me is set bird. Yes, you guys heard me sense. Bird suffered is a subscription-based designer perfume program that allows you to try a 30 day supply of perfume for only $15 a month 14.95 to be exact. There are so many different brands to choose from on set version 450 to be exact, and you can choose some top designers. You don’t even have to choose Gucci, because we all know that they’re canceled, but you can also choose from or to Michael Kors, even Dolce and Gabanna. The best thing about scent bird is that it’s very accessible in comes in a small little pouch. So you can just pull out your perfume and get ready to go. The best way I like to smell good is to use my perfume, and some bird is a great way for me to try different nice and um. You know flirty smells, but let’s get into the rest of these tips.
Shall we alright so another way that I like to make sure that my hygiene is that it’s like it’s pink to make sure that it is always good that I’m always smelling good all over. I’m not talking just about definitely I’m talking about everywhere everywhere. I actually don’t um remove hair from down there. That often, I only do whenever I like. You know. I know I’m gonna be on a beach or something or something where I need to wear something. That’s like, supposing my legs a little more than usual, now good reason that we shouldn’t really remove our pubic hair as often as a lot of people do. Is you want to reduce the risk of infections and of irritation on your skin? Now everybody knows vaginal, hair and vaginal skin is very very sensitive, so you don’t want to keep shaving waxing and all that. But when you do shave or wax or anything of that sort done there, because you’re not supposed to narrow down there like another way to make sure that you are very healthy. While you are doing these, things is to wear a good amount of cotton panties. I think the cotton panties are really really helpful to us. I know when you’re always shaving and clean down there. You want it to be pretty so you want to wear, but I think it’s very beneficial to work hard. The thing about it is: whenever your hair is clean and shaven, you want to make sure that you’re wearing cotton panties more than you’re wearing any relays. You sat in all those nice little embroidered panties. You know you want to make sure that you’re keeping it cute and keeping it comfy with some cotton, because you want to reduce the risks of yeast infections as well lalalalalala Cindy. We don’t want to hear this, but some of this is real tea and I don’t want you guys to know this before you go ahead and mess up your whole system cut years ago. if you said Beth and Body Works, I’m not judging you, however, I’m judging you, I choose not to use Bath and Body Works.
I like to use more natural products to bathe with, because I feel like personally Bath & Body Works and all the chemicals that they put inside of their soaps and stuff, like that, I feel like it doesn’t do well with my skin. I saw a skin irritation in between my chest. I think I think it was eczema. I used to have really severe eczema in between my chest and as soon as I just wish over to using products such as dub african black soap. I noticed it going down in the wood sense as severe as it had been before, so I choose not to use Bath and Body Works, and I don’t know it’s just me. I don’t think about the Body Works smells that good anyway, I feel like if you want to get the best smelling. You know results for yourself, it’s good to use more natural products and more not smelling products when people smelly, I like for them to think that I’m a true shea butter baby, I smell, like you know, I’m saying, like I actually smell like what I look like You know – and I do so what I like to use, what I actually bathed with is baby wash it’s very sensitive to the skin, and it actually doubles up as great sense for you whenever you do get out of the shower. Well, you’re, watching this over baby. Wash it’s very like it smells really fresh. It smells brand-new as opposed to you smelling, really fruity, and that can really go sour. You never know what it’s gonna smell like later on and today I just think smelling like baby water smells so good, and then I also top that off with this cocoa butter. So I was gonna just try and put my own little spin to it. You know what I’m saying and I hope that helps somebody out there with these tips, my big 5 main tips. I hope you guys really wrote them down 1 Make sure you keep some accessible perfume with you and separate has a great way of you doing that to make sure that you’re not removing your hair down there as often I’m really trying to keep it cute, keep it classy, yeah, ok, but make sure that you’re, Not trying to remove your hair that often from down there, because you want to lower and reduce the risks of irritation and infection.
3 If you are going to remove from your hair from down there or even if you’re, not make sure that you up your cotton pantsy collection, that will also reduce yeast build-up in the risk of yeast infections for use natural products on your body Try and dish out the bath & Bodyworks and all that stuff You don’t need that use tub, use african black soap use Shea butter use things that you know are pure in their ingredients, use things that don’t really have chemicals alcohols All of that stuff is unnatural to put our in our bodies anyway and five I feel like this is most important to me personally Use baby wash use baby wash to wash yourself, not the sensitive one, just the one that you know I use a V No one that if you know like wash this so good so good and I like to use products that are more natural based rather than flowers and different alcohols, and all these different scents that you know are not natural to use Use like vanilla, scents, maybe or use like an oatmeal scent or a brown sugar scent I like those sense because they smell more towards the cocoa side, and that really smells how you look I hope you guys got the tea that you needed to get and if you want some more go ahead and follow me on all of my social media – that’s Instagram, snapchat and Twitter, especially my Instagram, because that is where all the tea is I mean look you’re gonna be rocking on this sometime, so if you want to rock with me, just enjoy me there with that being said, And my down below especially semper I see the next one safe little gentle I love you so much hi hit me up, don’t call my phone If, if you try to shout, I get you, what is up, you can’t beat it up and if you want some more when you wake up just hit me up,

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