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Why does YouTube actually delete the verified channel state? Let’s talk!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey, what’s up guys you’re here, a ka-bar? No. This morning, I thought I’d be working on the Clonezilla tutorial on how to backup your PC following installing Windows, 10 1903. which is how to get the each EVC codec for free I’ve been releasing a lot of content, that’s been doing really well lately, and I’ve been ramping back up and things have been actually Really good, I have a 119 million views on the platform I’m getting close to that million subs.
That’s what I’ve been shooting for, I’m hoping next month on my birthday, then I hit a million. That’s like that’s my goal. I probably won’t hit it, but I’m gonna try I’m gonna work very hard, but some took the wind out of my sails a little this morning and a lot of other Creators too. It really didn’t make any sense. So I get this email about exactly 50 minutes ago at 10:20 a.m. it’s funny to say 50 minutes ago, and this and it’s gonna be hours and hours and hours after it occurred. But I get this email from YouTube. Let me read it to you and it’s an official one at first, I thought it was like a scam or a spam mail, but no, I verified that it’s absolutely genuine, it’s as lie there, we’re writing to let you know that we’re updating the eligibility criteria for Channel verification on YouTube. Unfortunately, with these changes, your channel no longer meets the criteria to be verified. We realize this might be disappointing, but we believe these updates will make it channel notice. Our sorry updates will make channel verification more consistent for users and creators across YouTube. Please keep reading to learn more about the changes. What are the changes? Youtube will now proactively verify channels. Instead of accepting requests for verification badges, we aim to verify channels that represent a well-known or high searched creator. Artist, public figure or company with a clear need to differentiate themselves from other channels with similar names channels are typically verified if they built a large audience and have a community on YouTube, which I do that you guys are widely recognized outside of YouTube and have a Strong presence online, which I do throughout my many social media outlets, live streaming on Twitch, not so much lately, but live stream on Twitch I’ve been published by Business, Insider cryptocurrency, magazines, local news outlets, I’m all I’m scattered all over the place.
. As a matter of fact, even some Dutch Channel last year, like straight up. I was actually kind of honored by that one. I thought that was cool that it’s like that’s. That was my on TV moment, but I’m like wait a second, so I meet these criterias right and people have tried to impersonate me and there’s a lot of other channels called nerdgasm. So that causes a lot of confusion. I do own the trademark for my name. I own the trademark for Bartek least nerdgasm, I’m a business, I’m an S Corp, I’m incorporated in the United States, so I meet all their criteria. So I don’t understand why I’m receiving this email. However, I found out that many other creators are receiving the same email that have the same, if not more subscribers than even I do so. I’m wondering if this is a mistake and if YouTube, somehow their automation, screwed up and ended up sending this email to everybody, but I’m not so sure, because I haven’t seen any really huge creators like talked about this on social media. It’s all been the people that are under a million subs, but they don’t say anywhere in the email that there’s a sub account requirement. So I really don’t think that that’s a the last bit of the email, so the goal is tohelp channels avoid impersonation. The whole reason that I requested verification on all platforms, including Twitter, which is the hardest one to get, was because of impersonation there’s, always gonna be rampant impersonation. because people will try to scam, people will try to discredit people will try tohurt, maim that image any way they can. A verification is a pretty good way to shut that down, because people can immediately tell if it’s the real person or not the second, that I am NOT verified on a platform I’ll just get replies from people saying you’re, not the real barnacle ease. Your trust me. It happens every single time I log in to my other Barnacles nerdgasm account, that’s not verified. Yes, I have another. Barnack least, orgasm account it’s long story, but that account whenever I log into an I comment. People instantly call me out and say that I’m not the real barnacle ease, because I’m not verified so that verification is actually really important to people to do this. As a career, so the email ends with what does this mean for you so starting in early October 20? 19. By the way, my birthday is October. 30Th. That’s what I’m shooting for a million subs. So of course they’re doing this in my in my birthday month.
Your channel will no longer be verified, but you’ll have the option to appeal the decision here. This will not PACA monetization of your channel for for more information on these changes. Please click YouTube Help Center and it just takes you to a bunch of stuff talking about more about the change and why they’re doing it in blah blah blah, because they want to differentiate like celebrities from from creators that they don’t consider celebrities. They also say it doesn’t impact monetization, but it absolutely does when people can’t tell you that you’re, the genuine real person that you represent and people impersonate you that that absolutely is gonna hit your bottom line when people start watching replicated content on non genuine channels, Because there’s no way to figure out which one is the official one. This also confuses businesses, then may potentially work with me in the future, because they’re gonna want to work with a verified channel to make sure that they’re not being scammed by somebody else with another channel called barnacle ease nerdgasm. So verification is a very important thing. It’s something that we as creators rely on. I sincerely hope that this is a mistake. The YouTube made up their automation and they just preemptively, sent out way too many of these emails, but I will tell you right now: I’m not going down without a fight. I’ve already appealed the process and part of the appeal process was to show other channels that can be confused with yours, which I was able to show three or four. I alsohad to provide evidence of external websites that basically advertised me or know that I exist. The show that I have a presence outside the YouTube platform and I showed sites like Business. I put in probably twenty before I finally said. Okay, that’s enough! I put any more upright crash, their damn form and and as soon as I hit submit, it said, thank you um. This is gonna, take several weeks to review and we’ll get back to you if we need any more information. So basically, that reply from Google means that if I don’t get a response from them, I just lose my verification. Like everybody else, I will never get a human reply and nothing will ever happen, so this is terrible. This is absolutely terrible when I woke up this morning.
some thousand views already on. Why Windows 10 has so many bugs and thrilled to be back to regular content creation after health issues took me out for a little while this stung it so I’m not gonna lie it stung to get this email like I’m looking at it and at first I was like why why is this happening, but then I went on Twitter and I saw there’s just pages and pages and pages of huge creators that I follow all saying that they received the same email, which I find highly suspect. However, I don’t think boogie has said anything yet or anybody that’s got like 4 million plus subscribers or something like that. They’Re really big guys. I haven’t seen the email, so I do think that there is a subscriber component in here that they’re not talking about in the email for some reason – and I am just a wisp under it. So if you know of any channels there were over a million subs that got the same email, please let me know I’d be really really curious, because I think that might be one of the artificial metrics that they’re not showing in the mail. Also, if you know anybody that has been successful with the appeal process that I may not know of, because I don’t follow every single content creator on YouTube. Please come over and tweet me or leave a comment down below and tell me who it is because I’d like to do some more research on this ongoing, since this doesn’t go into effect until next month. We have a little tiny window of time to kind of try to figure things out and get a feel for this. It doesn’t mean that anything’s gonna change with the channel, for you guys, I’m still creating the same content. My health was doing much better. Now. I talked about those issues mostly on my patreon, because it’s very, very private. What’s been going on with me the last couple of months, but I am back to work.. It just means I have to spend more of my time fighting impersonators fighting people telling me I’m not, who I say I am and dealing with the fallout from from search and indexing and stuff like that favoring verified channels over unverified channels. It’s it’s a little bit of a kick to the teeth. I have to admit, but it’s absolutely not the end of the world, and I want to make that clear right now: it’s not the end of the world, any creator that would just walk away from YouTube because they lost their verification.
It’s pretty clear that they’re doing it for the wrong reasons. I’m gonna be here no matter right, even if my channel would not be monetized, I would just go and get sponsors. I would just go and have somebody sponsor my channel or use affiliates or do whatever I had to do to make a living doing what I’m doing, but I love YouTube as a platform, because so many people are on it. I don’t love YouTube because of YouTube. I love YouTube because of the community on YouTube. I love YouTube because the access to so many people so many devices its proliferated across everything. I literally watch most YouTube from my samsung Smart TVs, the built-in app, because it plays back everything with the witch 8 with HDR emulation and all that stuff. Then even my htpc does not do. It looks better in the app that it is HPC. So YouTube is a platform that I’m dedicated to ride-or-die, and but this is scary, because this has given us a glimpse in the future. We’ve seen YouTube already do some kind of crazy things around how advertisements and monetization works now channel verification works and also was the was the other one that would people were going through like they said they couldn’t monetize their channels unless they hit a certain. A certain mark, and then they raise the bar and raise the bar again, it looks like YouTube, is systematically trying to turn into Netflix is what it looks like. It looks like they’re doing everything they can to try to push the creators off the platform that are not just hustle every single day pushing as hard as they possibly can, so that the 1% becomes the platform. Now I understand from a business perspective, that’s basically less bandwidth and more money because they can charge more for the advertisements and stuff like that. I do understand the business justification for doing it, but it’s called YouTube for a reason like they started the company on the premise that people could just share their lives on this platform and YouTube is less about you than it’s ever been before, and that scares me. I don’t know what the future looks. Like I mean YouTube, could just decide one day to shut my channel down delete all of my content. I don’t even think I have backups um. so I’m kind of at their mercy just like many other people.
If they deleted the channel. I’D have to just go, find some other place or stream mile media, so I am grateful that they allow me to use their platform and I am grateful that I’m allowed tohave a channel and use their platform to expose my content to other people. So I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but the verification is a very important thing to what I do specifically and I even have a six-month-long case into an impersonation that occurred on me that caught the cost companies about 50,000 H dollars, and it was a guy in New York, I have a whole dossier on the police, our open, both of my local precinct and his local precinct in New York, where he was able to dupe companies into sending him a bunch of free stuff. Pretending to be me that was before my channel was verified. Now that my channel is verified, I immediately get an email, and these happen about once or twice a month, I’ll get an email from a company saying. Oh, we got this mail from you, no barnak lee’s manager at or whatever is this you. We went look to your verified, YouTube channel or your official YouTube channel and it’s different from the URL that he gave, which was his impersonated channel, where he just copied over graphics and stuff, and it’s actually saved me. It saved me a ton of time and a ton of effort, so verification is something that I strive to get on every platform that I’m on just so that I can spend more time creating content more time, focusing on what I want to do. Instead of trying to protect myself from people trying to either hurt or profit from me all right guys. I’D love to know what you guys think about it down in the comments, if you’re for it or against it, either way, please express yourself down below, if any of you guys know how to get a hold of somebody at Google, specifically human being I found getting A hold of the human being at Google specifically for YouTube, it’s damn near impossible, but if you know somebody that works there or somebody that works in YouTube or something like that, please reach out to them on my behalf and the YouTube community’s behalf and just ask Them what’s going on here is this: is this for real? Was this a mistake if something is something wrong with the system, or is this literally the direction that they’re going to go, and all I can do right now is just wait until October and see if my appeal is accepted I put so much information in there to prove that I own the trademark, I’m a global brand.
I have been featured by, like I said, Business, Insider 3d, printing magazines All these things I have done to meet their requirements I have a hundred and nineteen million views, like I told you guys, that’s not even a humble brag, that’s just I mean that’s a lot of use for for a YouTube channel I mean I’m in the top 10% bucket of YouTube, and so does that mean they’re sending this to everybody, that’s in the top 10% bucket, because that I mean that’s scary, that’s that’s scary I realized from a viewer perspective Do you guys may not understand just how bad this is because, from your perspective, all this there’s not gonna be a checkmark Next to my channel, there’s not gonna be a channel Mike a URL will be a bunch of like crap characters It’s not going to be forward such barclays One and you’re, not gonna see a checkmark mixed My name in in the comment sections, which means other people that name themselves barnacle ease or an orgasm particle Eastern chasm, can easily fool people into thinking that it’s not me So people only go through the comments immediately know who is really me and who is faking me and if YouTube goes through with this, and they don’t accept my appeal, not just for me, but for everybody else a it opens us up to a lot of problems And so I hope they reconsider alright guys This is usually the type of format that I do on my patreon channel for the junior episode, where it’s, where it’s not really edited content There might be a couple little cuts in here so that I could show you guys the email, but other than that This is something that I usually keep on patreon I don’t do this blog ish type content here, but this is something that just happened, alright guys, I love you Thank you for all the support, guys we’re gonna try tohit a million subs verified or not we’re hitting a million subs on October 30th, 2019, which is of course my 40th birthday So if you can help me out by hitting that subscribe button and banging on that notification bell, I sure would appreciate it and I promise to make some content at least some of my content that you’ll find interesting Alright, guys, take it easy, it’s all Next time,

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