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Why I don’t make up anymore! Get ready to go to Jamaica and tidy up my room!

1 Nov , 2019  

no okay, so yeah um, I’m gonna be rambling. I look a mess. I told y’all anytime. I look like this. I caught myself Michael my ass, I’m looking like Michael Myers right now, but I feel, like I gotta say um. Let me tell you out that see honey. I know I’ll be able to shake. I won’t it’s a mess right now, like horrible, like y’all, see it God that baby is my chance girl. Let me show y’all, I’m gonna get a little wall of striper wall um, it’s gonna, be like white gray and a new bed set um.
No everything so I’ll show you the others, and let me tell you other ways: I’m I ain’t into a makeup, but let me show you who can paint my room. So if you, if you don’t want your own painting, he does travel, he lives in Indiana. So that’s like that’s not that far. I am on with to write shit on camera, but yeah. Nobody say halfway these things together, Briana, okay, yeah! I got this thing from fashion Nova, okay, so um. So it’s him right here, but he’s going to be doing my room and like look at this, it’s painted go long and stripes. Let me show you our little wall wish. I had a gold glitter wall. Look at this Gucci, I’m trying to show y’all a little while so look at this, so freakin cute and, like I see me, cannot see me in my room like doing since we’re you on that little while and just know that my camera and had that background, Go react girl. What I could feel stories have, like my room, hasn’t been my room like in a minute, so it’s been like I’m like I can see like y’all go like last year. It hasn’t been my room in a long time, so I’m like I need something different um and they’re like I can take this stuff with me like. If I ever move, I gotta take this stuff with me and then I gotta him. Do the same thing at theme? I don’t know what probably not something like that so yeah um definitely doing that. So I’m gonna die and silver and I’m gonna do a straight wall. That’s gonna be very cool blonde. Again I Laila say hi hi. Okay, I got the best every week, so it was on sale and it’s so pretty. I’m gonna get in the dresser in the bed like a fat piece that I’m gonna show y’all it’s that one. It’s it’s from the wrong place! Y’All! Oh my god. I’m not gonna coal, like what the fuck know if you ever heard of the wrong place, but they have fresh and stuff like that, and I wanna go the Bayou see nice. It’s like they see nice City to get like their lip that I have on my bender. I don’t like it.
I have to do. We want to Jamaica and I haven’t been putting out any like makeup: tutorials Yonex it and putting out um hair tutorials, because those are already in my whatsapp account and they have been stopped, shut your mouth and they have already been um uploaded. They just haven’t been out cuz. I had to make my cool Freddie fry look satori tomorrow, I’m going to get my hair done, I’m going to get a half up, half dude! I was talking my nails on yesterday by Tiana. They were cute, but the only thing is, I don’t really like the way the stones are placed. I don’t know I just don’t like the stones had a place and I think it’s. These are worse keys, but I don’t like the clearance I like the AP once the once I like multi color, something on it soon. If I can’t open out of here, I just it’s just a lot and I’m taking with me all right child. So I just got my hair washed and I’m about to go cook me up some cream away me lightly. Well, just for now coz. She real think you feel me like it. I live stopped. It I be used. Well, she don’t realize I can make it like this, but yeah I got this. Take it from my face is right because I’m gonna go pick them up. Who don’t like this? Who don’t like this stuff right? I never thought about. Ups, smooth dance from MJ, like I told out cold time, I didn’t even fucking, know how much I had to let go for you, but to get my package okay, everything’s wrong for only is Chicago. You gonna put my cast. What talk about the oh good? I had Brady, but I keep looking at the spring, always look at this money. Let’s go good, I have brain, that’s how I understand I’m going, I’m gonna do a princess the time Indian, there’s gonna be down at the bottom. Around is oh, my business show the new clips. Look like your mama. Let’s try see ya. This is my brighter girl cheese. Just like you know, I’ve been came home from get him. I have right there or whatever, okay they’re, just some brains to go underneath. So when she do the points at the top and she’s gonna sew it on so I did she didn’t do my educause. I do have a tutorial that I have to do so. It’s just gonna be show braiding, so I’m nice to go to Charlie beauty and give me just cut crease brush that Judy bad Melissa been talking about in that package that I had get was not from MJ. It was um some hair from hair company. What do you have so now? Where are you going? No, I don’t want no more keys.
I promise you that just a great promise to you this is crown brush. They like them, crossed across my eyes into mountain town, but yeah they had his crown brush and what are you doing see see see, stop it definition of bad mm-hmm, guys think before you ask kids, please please, please, please tell me if she is busy. I have to go home, let everybody know diapers for me, so she got Duke. You know you can tell my first time on, like mm-hmm or this car brush, that beauty by Melissa be I’m using and I can’t even purchase it stops ticking scene living alone. I’m not gonna tell you again, don’t tell me you see her yesterday, don’t tell me no, so I should order this brush out in didn’t even okay. First, I want to Kylie, didn’t have it so I tried to go online and order again what’d. You say I tried to order this brush and so time I picked out something in and then it asks me where, like the state, they don’t even say the United States, the saying polis, whistling United Kingdom buddies say all these other states. I mean yeah and it’s not saying United States like I need that brush, so I shot to be being a cut. Crease is beyond green, so I needed like, what’s going on, let’s show y’all I’m talking about her yesterday cut creases on pointing and she taught me the brush. Yes, we go I’m Macy’s and then I wish you gonna make I’m gonna. I thought to give me the 248 brush yeah. It’s just hectic today has been hectic. My toes tonight this wax I was trying to get my own Brazilian wax, like everything, I’m sure go, get everything like it’s just going wrong like mama doing clients like this, you gotta do all right here, like it’s just sitting there. In the leather hand, like it started much like it’s don’t work, then we gonna do thank sit down so you’re. So clingy girl, you, like a sample nacho cheese inside okay, like she is home back to busy nothing man she’s, so busy busy bee busy bee haha. That’s yo, I’m so ready! That’s already yeah gonna see me when I get my hair done. Yeah, I’m just in writing for now, I’m trying to see if I chord this brush. Let me see this. If I wore this, what are you doing you gettin too close the wax my face, so my my machine is supposed to come tomorrow. My machine smells coming tomorrow My Pretty Little Miss my Pretty Little Miss things close folks come tomorrow in my morphe palette supposed to come tomorrow, the two vaults, and then I miss the one from when I was gonna, get it from the store.
That’s supposed to come, so I’m going to give a giveaway to the ones that signed up for that’s what I’m gonna Do you need to go? Get your town who needs to come, get his child, I’m tired! As hell You know some heat pad I’m saying! I’m gonna have you here all week, so go get your towel, my family, what size you when to leave at what size you wear leave s I look a man, but I came back home and I get on foundation so yeah my skin cleared up, but I’m gonna be a practicing like you know, practice made practice makes perfect I keep looking to stop looking up that girl practice makes perfect and okay So my mom, when I told y’all she was in the mall I’m trying to get well This is old, but I want to give me a new bottle foundation, because this one is way too dark for me I don’t know what I was thinking Let me show y’all yeah, okay, okay, this foundation is way too dark This is listing NC, I mean nw15 I had MC 50s, that’s what that was before I was pregnant and that was kind of like steel So when I thought I was pregnant, I got a little darker, so I did I chose in nw15 girl get it right, but I had one of the new one and I wasn’t in the store and I didn’t want to get out the car So I just saw my mom, let you know to show me: it show me the foundation, so this is NW 43 This is way too right like this is like this could be my cousin color, something like that This is NW 50, but NW I mean I end up you 50 This is NW 43, I’m thinking okay, so this is NW 50 and NW 43 like this would be like a little bit lighter than what this is so like it’s not for you Oh, I got the deal of a lifetime on watching our babies and the only thing is about a one-day one, this curl, so this is a 28 inch I was telling us in your 28 inch the only thing about this Is she just curved it in the crutchfield son? I guess I got a rowdy I know it’ll be cute with for my clothes It’s one o’clock: it’s the 1 o’clock in the morning out here where I won’t talk up, and I should need to be good funny when I’m about to go Give me something come back in I think about the Edit this alone, but for now I get real clarity I’ve been missing my phone, it’s like no, but if Cindy – and I hope that challenge away – and I see y’all on the next

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