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Will Smith surprises the good intentions of the students in the virus video

1 Nov , 2019  

How you doing good, alright wait who’s? Who – which one are you Christopher, Christopher Michael time, Michael Antoine? Okay? So whose idea was this idea? Your idea isn’t that okay, so you saw that this is obviously the beginning of the school year. Yes, ma’am just started. Did you know, Michael no ma’am, I didn’t know nothing of much. No, you just had had you seen him getting bullied, or did you hear about it? So what happened was we was in the same class like when school had first started the first week.
I was still on a temporary schedule and they was making jokes of him, and I was also laughing alone and then, like once. I used to just gohome and think about it. I wanted to apologize to Mike, but I wanted to give him something in our policy right. Okay, so then you talk to Antoine about this, and Antoine said I want in. I want tohelp right, okay, and how do you all know each other? We we play football together, play football together. Okay, so y’all are popular. Well, you play football all right, and so so, Michael all of a sudden, these two guys that you don’t know, walk up and decide to give you brand new clothes. How did that feel? I was surprised, shocked, happy trying to give a sherry face instead of show him a smile uh-huh. It was the best day of my life because I was buoyed, yeah us boy, so you were bullied your whole life and suddenly out of nowhere. The kindness of these guys – and you didn’t really want to film it, but somebody just because you didn’t do this – to get attention who filmed this well, some! Well, we have a friend he always had his fun out walking around. Of course, stuff around school he’s saying is walking. Tour is Mike a third period class. You are, he stopped. He was like which I are doing and we was like we’re been reinstated. We just pulled Michael out of class, then people started coming out of class.. You know I had posted it to Facebook. I didn’t, I wasn’t expecting it to go viral dude. I want to do to make a difference to make people stop bullying right right and it did because it was viewed so many times by so many people and that’s why you’re here, because not only did I respond a lot of celebrities. Looked at this and said this is amazing We want to reward these guys and and point this out shine a light on you.
So will Smith come on out? Oh! Thank you Yes, yes, Gemini man! Thank you It’s very cool It was like that That is fantastic and there there is no way that I’m letting this pass without making contact with these kids and what what you did felt small to you But I promise you that is exactly how human beings are supposed to interact and it’s not it’s not more complicated than that somebody’s having a hard time and you’ll help them it’s that so then it doesn’t matter If you know I’m peep, everybody is suffering You won’t walk past a single person as not having a hard time, and you guys saw that and you decided tohelp and what was really big also was the self correct You saw that you were laughing and you were part of it and you stopped and self corrected yeah all right so will and I loved what you did Obviously I can’t I can’t thank you enough for being an example to all the kids out there All the adults out there who need to pay attention tohelping others and will has something for you yeah You know just cuz, you know it was a it was around close and out I thought it was cool, so I just I just want you all tohave some gear I got a little some stuff out here Well, we got we got it back There bring it out We bout you I got you some gear I got you a couple of things A couple things: yeah, that’s a cool stuff Is this the stuff this is This is a symptom, special state of art, stuff right It’s not This is my smile, it’s not even out yet So this is like a merchant line I’m doing I’m doing a secret drop and a cut what it’s not secret anymore I just announced it, but I’m gonna drop soy, sauce um, you know special stuff and and also I talked to the people at New Balance and the this This is an act of kindness that I don’t I just don’t want to soon be forgotten right, so everybody at New Balance has agreed that we’re going to get gear for everybody in your school All 600 cares in this world and you know I’ve had a relationship for a long time with Shutterfly Shutterfly loves what you did So each of you is getting a check for $10,000 [ Applause, ]

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