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Willa Ford kept a secret of $220000 from Scott disik and turned it around like disik!

1 Nov , 2019  

Benny go what’s going on no signal in this Damn places, that’s good! We got a problem Okay, what’s wrong, hope! Why do you wear top white tennis shoes because I haven’t sight another part of the day besides here and it saved your shoes like I do I do I have the wrong car Okay, so listen! Basically, we got two hundred thousand dollar problem I’Ll, tell you what yeah so the drainage problem all this mess here it rained So it sank The elevation is different, so we gotta figure out where we’re gonna get the money from whether it’s you or Mickey Or what do you mean? I don’t mean, there’s no $200,000 I hit it hello guys How are you going on all right? Just bad news here, huh something’s cutting one of you is cutting somewhere Okay Well, I $200,000 is too much 20,000, no there’s somewhere We can find something if it’s either in the tile Maybe we do a different brain or what a plant scientist? Why don’t we try to reel it back in? We can’t go back cuz If we go back to him, then we say: hey psych, we’re taking this out this out This song he’s gonna go this isn’t even my house and I’m flipping anymore I don’t want my name on it Listen before we sit down with Scott, let’s see what we’re gonna eliminate and see if it’s worth even bringing it up, information is lying No, it’s not! Okay What how long are you talking, don’t say anything cuz, I’m telling you Scott calls me every day and I have a hard time not telling somebody We need to do this in the next couple days to figure it out, because I need to make a decision Okay, I’ll give you a couple days, I’ll zip it, let’s figure out where we can try to save some money Let’s just make it happen, you guys we are never going to make up 220 K and finishes and appliances and fixtures Then Mickey you gotta find a cheaper bid Okay, we’re not gonna walk on it; Minnie just get it cheaper, big, Mickey

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