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1 Nov , 2019  

Oh, hey guys welcome back to my Channel today. so what are we buying today? Obviously, you guys read the title we are going to buy school supplies from wish. Last week. We did backpacks and that which surprisingly well so today we’re going to be unboxing some school supplies. So let’s get into that all right. Let’s get opening. Oh yes, one hand, has no nails in one hand, has nails we’re not gonna talk about it. The first thing I opened were these cactus pens.
They are so freakin cute and beware and one’s nice and cute a lot. But how much were these pens, pricing? Sarah? Those pens – were exactly one dollar with one dollar shipping back to you, regular Sarah. You know with which you’re gonna get some steals and deals. Let’s kick it off to testing Sarah thanks, unboxing, Sarah, so the first thing were to be testing out. Are these pens they are so adorable by the way? I really like the way they look. So I guess I will do my job and it test this out. I guess I’ll just write my signature, oh my god, these breaks so nice. Oh my gosh, it’s like it’s like a ball pen or something like what who wrote subscribe over here. That wasn’t me. If you’re gonna have to subscribe, but anyways these actually write super nice. I would definitely take these to school. It’s a yes from me. I’m gonna give these a 10 out of 10. I absolutely love them all right back to unboxing Sarah next products. Okay, so the next thing – oh my god, I remember these. Oh my gosh, you guys these are band-aids, sticky notes, so you like write on them like sticky notes, but they’re band-aids. They actually look really gross. I’m not gonna lie, but I’m not gay super fun. You know didn’t like that to waste like you, can’t only get these everywhere, like only I wish. So how much does this cop take it away? Pricing, Sara those think you know, according to my calculations, are two dollars, thanks, Sara so a million science to test these out because, let’s see if they actually work like good sticky notes now the testing Sara. Oh my gosh, this looks so gross, though I mean they look like band-aids, but their sticky notes. So I meaning they’re, not gross they’re cool. Again, we’ve been using these cactus pens for everything, but I’m Abed and use one of these giant band-aids.. You know you kind of gotta, stick that places memory, so you just don’t forget that did it that it even stick. Do they work as a bad date? It’s the question. They don’t and it does a good job. Andy very cool, very cool. Keep that ten and ten from me Buster back time, I’ll win the next product.
Oh my gosh, it’s so freaking cute. The next one was this little journal, but it’s like a lego journal, type thing and then also Lego, see like not Legos but like little sticky squares like you get the gist and then you just like stick them anywhere and I think that’s kind of fun to Play with it’s just a lot smaller than I thought it was gonna, be I thought of the wheel off error. So how much was this journal? Sarah? According to my calculations for hours? Okay, that’s awesome! It was only four dollars. I actually really. This is kind of small, but that’s okay. You can use it like a little secret journal. You buy it and test this out. Oh my gosh, you guys always give me a fun stuff to test out. I love this already. I was like I was just like a little Lego. I wonder if C to like stick it like earther, oh, no one! No one can get into my diary. It’s not a diary. It’s a journal! Okay, so I guess I’m supposed to test it out, because I mean I’m that’s what I do and I guess I’ll just write in it – see how it works. I’m just gonna draw a picture of, oh my god that looks so ugly. Okay, obviously I’m not an artist, but I mean it does work and there’s a lot of papers in here. So that’s really cool and I think this is. It would be really fun for doodling. I have to save another ten out of ten for me all right back to unboxing Sarah gamer Maxine. Oh my god know if you guys know what this is. If you guys can tell this is a chocolate bar notebook and it smells like chocolate. Oh, my god, as soon as I pulled it on the bag like ice melted, like wait, what did I order? It’s a charm. It has a little bite in it too. So make it like. Look more like chocolate. Oh, my god is so adorable. I swear. If you take this to school, you’re a boss, baby definition of a boss baby, you may ask Sarah: what’s the definition of us baby, a boss, baby is someone who is totally awesome and very cool and is also subscribe to cerebrate a box. Thank you. I love this pound was this that no Barker holding is one about, but one dollar? Oh my god. I cannot believe I got this for $1 guys. So let’s go ahead and write on this a little bit back to testing Sara. Oh, my gosh did Sara bite out of this. She eats everything I swear. Oh, I think it was made that way and it smells just like chocolate and there’s so much paper in this. We have to test it out and try and draw this leave it to artiste, Sara to, of course, draw another masterpiece. Okay, obviously I’m not an artist time. We were dropped at this time.
I mean it’s paper. You can’t really mess up paper anyways. I think it is so cute. It’s such a good quality to it. I’m gonna go ahead and give this again guys a tennis head all right back to the box and Sarah alright next thing to unbox. The next thing I got was a planner. This planet has a little sushi on it too. Early suits a postive like sushi. I don’t know, I’m liking that vibe and it has a Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, and it also comes in multiple languages, just in case you’re Chinese. This is a wish. After all, remember this is super adorable I love it, but how much did it cost that sushi planner was also one dollar, but I’m just unbox her listening to testing Sarah to see what she thinks of this? Oh, my gosh. Is this a platter? Oh my gosh. Finally, I can keep my life organized wait. What does it say on the back? Gives you four like notes there or something doubles, is like a notebook and a planner, but this wouldn’t be testing Sarah. If I didn’t test it out so there’s no month or week on it, but a month with it we’re on month eight and we’re on. We run the second week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Oh I’m gonna go ahead and put some stuff to remind me to do so. I would probably need to film um. I think this is pretty cool. I really like this and it’s works for me, so I give it in it and Wow flora messy, like II, did that we have. Is this pen with a diamond on top it up? The diamond looks so cool and that’s like a metal pen which is super good quality, so pretty much you like twist it and it comes out. That’s insane. I love the diamond on the top. How much is this cause? It’s had to be like $20. Well, that pen was quite expensive. I have to tell you that pen was free, free, I’m gonna go ahead and switch it to testing Sara okay. The next thing they want me to try out is this diamond pen. Let’s go ahead and try and write in this Lego Journal. I wrote I love my avocados, which are you guys? I do love you, but also, while writing this. I noticed that it writes really good. I actually really like this. I’m probably gonna use this when I go back to school. This of course gives a 10 out of 10 for me, because how can you mess up a pen like there? You really can’t when you think about it back to unboxing Sarah, I guess I. Finally, I put my pen since first reaction is: I love this pencil bag? It is a really pretty except plenty of room for pencils, but I mean I’m not. The judge here well it’ll be best testing, Sarah, but first. How much did this cost that pencil bag must only stay with me? Everybody $1 yeah.
I definitely literally only got this for a dollar. That’s crazy, Milutin it to testing Sarah! Oh I’m going to try to fit some of the pens that I already got in here, because I finally know how else to test it. Besides putting pens in it Wow they all fit so roomy in there. I really like the way that looks well. I mean I don’t really know what else to say about it, because it’s um, it’s a pencil bag, so it’s gonna have to get a 10 at a time. For me, scissors wait, wait, wait a minute! Sarah! That does not look like the picture. That’s not what I ordered. What do you mean? This doesn’t look like the picture. These don’t even have a bunny on them, they’re, just normal scissors. That’s a bummer! I really don’t like these anymore. They have like stains on them and also it doesn’t even have a bunny on it. So it’s pretty much just scissors go ahead and give this a 4 out of 10. I mean they’re still scissors and they still cut stuff. They just don’t look like the picture. Back to you, Sarah next one, oh my gosh, the next thing orders were little pill: highlighters, oh my god, I’m freaking adorable! These have to be the cutest things. I’ve ever seen. They have a little tiny faces on them and they all look different. I already love them but notice the cost, hello, alright, what what? Obviously those cost? Oh, those those are a dollar. Thank you! Well, we can’t do them yet because the testing Sarah needs to test to make sure that they work correctly. So, let’s hit it to her. Yet so we goes well, it’s our highlight. Oh, I guess we got to highlight something and test it out see if they work and test out this. Oh my god that looks so good. Well, they all work and they all look amazing and they’re all little baby. Hollister but overall they highlight – and I swear your friends are gonna learn about all these all the time, because they’re going to be super jealous of your highlighters. I never thought anyone would ever be jealous of highlighters, but these of course give tonight and for me, because how can you not get a ten out of ten when you’re this cute whoa wait? What what is this? This is it’s like one of those pens that you like cover up like if you messed up with a pen or something, but I guess you can use it to decorate. I wasn’t all this works. I never really used any of these. I was just messed them up. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I just you know how much did this cost? That was again one dollar This is boring, Riley, wait.
Why was him here um? I guess, let’s see if testing Sara knows how to use this okay, um Aaron, what I was thinking she’s just said that she doesn’t know how to use these So how what makes her think I’m gonna be able to use this I’m me I’m her I don’t open in it, so it’s like a pen, but you decorate with me okay, so I have my journal again and I’m going to test this out and try and decorate with it Oh wait: is it actually working wait? Someone like such a little girl like oh my gosh, it looks so cute I really like the way that looks I’m going to sticker crazy Okay, I I’m in love I never knew how to use these, but now I do – and I love it – and I’m probably gonna use this at school and I’m probably give me fun um, but that’s perfectly fine with me I’m gonna give this a 10 out of 10 okay We are on our last products Sadly it’s pretty much one of those pads that you can write on and erase some, so your paper free for school Well, how much did it cost that little writing pad and my jigger was actually $7 That’s kind of expensive hope it works Let’s hope we’re done as hard as testing Sara Don’t let us down! I’m really excited to try this out, but I’m really sad If you want me to keep testing products, because if you don’t, then I’m just gonna give up so let’s just open it up, though oh it comes with a little pen right here Of course, I’m just gonna put the most important message you will ever need to read that says, subscribe so subscribe I think this is so cool So if you’re doing like some problems, you can just write them, get your answer and then delete it But this is so cool I could definitely see myself using this in school It works really good and it doesn’t take batteries or anything I don’t think it’s really cool and you can save paper and sit eat the trees I really like it and, of course, everyone sing with me It gets a 10 out of 10 I really like this product, but let’s go back to a buck from Sara Oh my gosh, absolutely love everything that I bought from rage All of it was so affordable and it was so much fun to test out and try and tell me where school supplies I bought It was your favorite, although it’s not free it If you want to be avocados member of the month and win a free, avocado plunge and a shout out I love you so much and I will see you guys next Sarah great

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