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Wrinkle true color

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey you guys, it is tailor made chain here and I’m back with another look. Yall already know what it is. I got that pete lewis, i shadow palette in y’all, I’m serving y’all firey realness right now, like all because this beauty right here and I’m so hard to bring that to y’all, I did a different foundation routine. Today I use the brush and beauty sponges. I gotta use new foundation today. I use new brushes today, jaw, I’m just so hype, and I got my nails done today.
Let’s get into the mills up so yeah, I’m just so tight right now, because I’m hard to bring you on this look. I really really love everything about this. Look from the hair to the gloss to the ice shell to the highlights it just all goes like oh, this is so goddamn pretty. I am so proud. It’s like a pop money, I’m just so proud of you. I’m gonna keep that much longer. I hope y’all enjoyed this and make sure y’all like I’m gonna subscribe and hit that little notification bell before you go any further, also make sure you got go like and spare my Instagram account like and spam. The picture and make sure y’all follow me on Instagram. It’s the same as my youtube telling me Jane. I love y’all. I hope you guys enjoy this. Keep on watching hey uh. I am back y’all, so I am really excited because I got my Lily lashes and the man, so she sent me six different pairs and, oh my gosh look at these lashes bro. These like are you, have a key, Louise calm, eyes, shadow palette. It looks like this and I’m really excited to use it today, cuz it back to my hand, so good, so we’re not gonna talk anymore. We just don’t jump straight into it. My face is washed. I’m gonna use my Mac Studio, moisturizing cream, oh so low. My skin feels so long. Oh today, I’m taking my hoodie Beauty complexion complexion perfection cream makeup base. It looks like this. We are trying new products today. I did just get this in the mail, so I don’t really talk about it. Now. I’m just gonna use a brush to apply it. You see I’m going to use a brush. This brush does makeup addiction brush to apply it. Let me get my handy. Dandy mirror available, I’m just gonna put this away. It smells so good when I use it on my clients. It looked like it like added my gosh. Alright, like a oh. No wasn’t like you know to wear it a really mad at your skin, because I can’t use a mattifying primer.
It just makes my skin look like it’s suffocating and that it needs to breathe, trying to go back please just much. Today I got the who beauty foundation. I ordered these two as well are two of their foundations. I even normally use the color mocha, but I also got the colored chocolate mousse and I think I’m gonna be using a color, chocolate, mousse and if anything, I’ll just you know, add in a little bit of the mocha, and I also got the foundation Branch For the first time, I’m like, I really wish to brush wasn’t white, but it is what it is. We don’t keep it pushing. Go ahead. Put this on okay, so chocolate mousse, look like it is a little too light now. Chocolate mousse is definitely too much too light. Let me just go ahead neck from Oakland in there real quick, you know: okay, okay, these two will work in this foundation. You don’t have to use our eyes. It says you don’t have to use a powder because it dries to a powder. So that’s not really like this foundation, we’re gonna mix them to the colors together mocha and moves. Oh, we just created our perfect day y’all. Yes, I will use my foundation stick and ebony and go ahead and contour my face. This is the Anasazi foundation. Stick y’all know the same one. I use every time. I’m just pillow talk about it. Would I check it all right. I’m gonna hit hit up that nose, alright, a ton of new products. Today, I even realized that I had this many new products, so I’m going in with my car shape tape and deep intensive and I’m gonna break the under high with three lower arms. Like I’m been doing, I’m gonna take pants and directly in with a high, and I went with to the lines on both side a bubble of my nose and right, at least in my eyes. I’m gonna go directly under my eyes with my beauty sponge. Hopefully it works. I’m gonna take my branch because the beauty reminds a ticket too. So let’s go ahead and do this counselor. Okay, let’s put that out on those smug along with a little bit more of the 2000 years later, with a little bit more of the tense, and I mean my makeup addiction blending sponge.
I really like this bun, like a young autumn, normally sponges, but I really like the sponge like a lot, so I’m go ahead and said that was some translucent powder. I’m this Beauty Blender is damp, so I’m just going in with the damp sponge and just pressing all that in so I’m just pressing it and I’m not baking. Y’All know I don’t make press that in Markin my forehead.. You know I make up my stuff. That was some translucent powder. Instead of a mile, it completely blew an itch boo. My nose itch. Alright, I’m completely satin go ahead and spray my face with some Urban Decay chills Franks. We’Re gonna go ahead and send that down.. Waikele blends with the sponge and they said, was a damp sponge and then then he sprays and then he finished the rest of the powder and he sprays again and what his face is still wet. He applies highlight Mike is legit all right summer, bronze, I’m gonna use the anastagi attempt to deep contour kit, and this is Lin like for my bronzing – it’s lit because this have like a more reddish undertone. So it gives me that grizzy, my reddish Sun globe looks like sunkissed boom. Look at that it’s my reign right. Number three branch: I use my it’s my rainbow number one brush from bronzing and I’m using my number three brush for contouring and I’m using my mahogany ground right hand associate y’all, know I’ve been using this a lot lately, so it’s nothing new, nothing known same stuff, Different day the contour you this is when you carve your veins and you add the shape to your face. You know with the Sigma tapered blending brush. I want to highlight at the end, so I’m a card on my crotch go with the powder I’m using this product here, the lower translucent powder and I’m using the same their sponge because it melts the product into your face. Perfect, I’m using have any different estancia and I’m going in with my 7b brush. This brush is soulfire. Oh I’m so excited that looks so good. Like look at the bridles, though I’m gonna take my Pete Lewis iron shadow base and she just came up with new colors, which I’m really excited about, I’m just putting this all over the lid we using her her Danielle palette today, I’m gonna blend that Into that concealer so will, for my eyes, are primed. Now, I’m going in with her power, I’m using my makeup addiction expert blending brush just you know for my transition, like I always do, and I’m just going into that people is yeah.
It’s like a mustard in yellow. I love it well, this is so pretty it’s like such a burnt must be like yellowish color, oh so pretty, alright! So now that’s done. I’m gonna go into my BH Cosmetics x. It’s my right brush! It’s the number! Six brush, I love this brush, and I’m going to go into this orange is my first time dip it into the orange time-release I did. It is like people like. Is it worth the hype yeah? It is worth everything like I’m, not someone that just on talked about something, if I don’t love it. If I don’t truly believe in at this palette, look at that look at the color payoff and because the base just like the base in the palette were made for each other. Alright, I’m going back into that P Lewis color nobody’s balloon that orange out the very top are on the hedges. Oh my gosh, it’s so pretty! Okay! So now I’m going into burnt coming here, then I’m just using my small tapered blending brush by makeup addiction. I’m going right into my fruits right in with that one. Oh, my gosh! It is so amazing like look at the gradient already yeah, I’m gonna stop talking about it because I can go on and on for days. This is some of the best eyeshadow. I have used this beautiful flawless blending all right, orgasm. Alright, someone take the color Queen and I’m going up to my 514 brush by morphe. The red is soft. I thought was going to be a little more color payoff, but it’s still really pretty like you could see it like. You could see it a lot nevermind you can see. I’m alive, I’m trippin. I was expecting just a little more color payoff with the red, but overall so far, every color is winning. This red is winning. I’m gonna take this pencil brush by it’s my reign race, the number seven brush and it will go right into that crease. I did have a little fallout, but that’s about how much fallout I have from any other company. Some companies have way more fallout. I mean we’ll go into this Brown just a little bit, because I do really want the crease to stand out a lot. So I’m gonna go in with a little bit of brown. I’m just praying that this don’t roll look just a little bit, I’m very, very little bit more creaks to be like cut like cut, I’m just warning with the same P Lewis eyeshadow base.
I don’t know if it’s P Louise, but I think it’s people who is because she was like. Oh you said my name right when I said Pete Lewis. So I don’t know, but I’m using my Inglot 22t brush and my people is eyeshadow base. I’m gonna go ahead and cut that one, a Moulton is the D. The other gives us what we need. Oh no, oh! No! Oh my gosh, a please! Don’t even get this! Ah, I’m gonna take that flat brush that I used earlier to blend that to put that on the lid and I’m gonna blend it on with that. So it’s like the white out of this palette is called charm. So really the way most of my wife is like shallow. I mean I like sheer. You can still see thrown alright. So now I’m going to this color here, so my camera ended up dying. So I went ahead and did the other eye off-camera I’m just going to go into this pink color here? Oh no! I’m not I’m going through this! This burr click here, I’m gonna top this right on! Oh now, let’s go back to my yellow color and just tap that and bloom those two colors, the other. We live. No note number just take Queen and put her right here announcement. I don’t wanna. I don’t mean to put the collet in the way, so that means I need to go into the Sun kids coming here that I didn’t use, I’m going to put that right between these two. That just means it’s gonna connect every color together like that is looking so cute all right. Now I’m just going to go ahead and put that burgundy right here on the very outer corner, it’s so fire and what’s a little bit of that chocolate brown colors that we use just a very, very little bit just blend it into that to meet those colors Right here, imma go ahead, finishes I’ll camera and I’ll be back for the lashes and the lower lash line. So I’m just starting off with that. Oh my god. It is even charged with that burgundy color, you guys I may not be able to finish this on camera, because my camera’s on the stand – and I still have a client coming now – and I still have things to do what I’ve done.
So I’m just putting this dark burgundy color right here on the outer corner, I mean underneath my eye, I’m a lash line, I’m not taking it all the way in the front, though, because I want to put white in my other one, I’m gonna take that Yellow right here in the very inner corner that I used earlier, I’m gonna take it here and I’m gonna take that on Sunkist orange right on that side of it yeah I like this much better oops, I keeping the good colored in Hawaii Sorry, how I’m gonna take the burnt orange right off that you know I’m gonna take the red-eye smoke it out, they’re good people, no These are the style meet Miami They look like this Let’s put the white in our water wine, I gotta bring the pencil, so I gotta sharpen it today Now we’ll just take my Mac mascara It looks like this I’m gonna pop that on and then we’ll go ahead and put my lashes on and we won’t come back and just all this off and if I’m a very in a corner, highlight I’m going to use the small little brush and I’m going to use this Print color here I’m go ahead for my face No McCall hit a highlight: I’m using rosy highlighter go and put this on While my face is still kind of wet I’m gonna go ahead line My lips with a mini bakery Just take my next baby Look! What Monterrey put that right in the middle on top up with this lip oil, vital role to beauty? Well, let’s go ahead and put this weight on guys, so we are done with the look I hope y’all enjoyed this yall already know I was raving and it was you know, Retton about how I feel about these products, and I can honestly say I am love with these products Everything I use today will be in my everyday routine from here on out This eyeshadow palette is smoking hot fire like y’all? What more can I say about it? It speaks for itself like I don’t even got to tell y’all Oh, go get this palette with this outlet It’s worth every dollar You can see that it’s worth every dollar You can see that this palette is worth everything like you can see it anyway Try it! Oh gentle! Oh, I love you out, but I got to get out of here it’s time for me to go to bed back

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