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Wrong way vs right way / / 711 kinds of food have been eaten

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, when several of him we’re gonna everything, the wrong way heats up chicken wings, tacos all right. I’ve been in 7-eleven for like five minutes, and I gotta use the bathroom and we’re back from the 7-eleven we’re home, and today we’re gonna eat things the wrong way and I’m gonna eat things. Only the right way: we’re gonna switch roles. What are you talking about? I have to eat things wrong, but I don’t do that. How do you eat this? The wrong way figure that out, I need my spoon and some milk.
What are you doing? Is that the wrong way? What are you doing? No? This is the right way guys. I don’t think people actually do this. Do that. I have no idea what you’re even doing this is horrible. All right, I got my milk I’m actually offended by that. I don’t even like watching you. Do it stop the right way to do it is to separate all the marshmallows into One Bowl and just eat marshmallows. Who are you Mariah Carey? Is that what she knows, how could you possibly eat a cereal bar incorrectly right ownership? You’Re surprised, you didn’t put ice cubes in that bowl pizza, yeah 7-eleven, it’s good for a grab-and-go. It’s also very affordable, 7-eleven, not sponsored and have a bite of this perfectly warm pizza that we did not let sit around at all across first baby. What are you doing lose my appetite? No Dave he’s stuck. That’s not only wrong. That’s just wrong, like you, you’re gonna show up on some strange website later you have a big throat. Yep, that’s not! Oh, that’s so wrong! Your Sapporo get the freak away from me, bad dub. You want to eat this wrong, don’t you! I do nominate this wrong. I am offended by people that eat this wrong. Anyone that eats that wrong. Oh you have to eat it. Yes, that’s the rule! No, this! That’s the rule, okay, this is how you do it folks. This is how you do it, though this is give me this, give me it. You take your teeth, you grab a corner and you pull yeah look type news i available to me when it comes to. Nobody cares. Jp, hey! Oh, wait! I have another bad way. Oh grab up a healthy junk food. Cutting board, find his head chopped out healthy junk food calm. This is what you do take it out. This is how you eat it. Now we can make a little cheese board, I’m not eating that! It’s good! Oh! Look at this, if I want, I can make a little baby stress off only a little bit who’s that eating it even more wrong. Next item milk doughnuts, I’m gonna – be eating this wrong. I guess because we’re waiting for a timer to go haha. How do you eat a donut incorrectly only eat the center first only eat the exterior that’ll piss.
Somebody off don’t mess this up JP because you’re supposed to eat it correctly. What are you doing? I’m eating it correctly. Why are you squishing it? I’m not school? Who does that this is the right way to eat a donut? No yeah, you go. I don’t like this. No, you go in the scene and you open it like that. No, that’s not correct either put like cream cheese on it. Wow who has cream cheese on a donut, you’re gonna eating it incorrectly JP. We only have one chance to do this right. We it normal once I ate you. This is the wrong way to eat. It hmm everyone to me it like this, because the exterior abt best lets the muffin top. Obviously we all know how to eat a KitKat properly. This is what you do. We snap it like a gentleman. You eat one at a time. Why cuz you get like more crunch? Would you eat it like that, or are you very very much offended, I’m okay either way. Oh, you have eat things wrong. Now you’ve been eating them, the worse. The worse, you would eat something wrong. That was supposed to be right, know that that’s how people you don’t know, how could you possibly eat this incorrectly? There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s? Sometimes you just take the adriĆ . Why is that wrong? Oh, I thought that the wrong ways to eat out the center only. Why can’t people just eat and shut up you’re, not a big fan of peanut butter. You get the perfect peanut butter or chocolate distribution in your mouth and then the thing looks like it’s from the commercial. I know a million ways to eat this right well, you’re in the wrong 711 wings, guys so the wrong way to eat these, but also, in my opinion, the right way to eat these. You dislocate it and you pull the bone. You did have a whole handful of meat, yep, no, no, no, don’t eat. That seems like a very messy way to do it. Super efficient, ok, JP! You have any more wrong ways of eating this. What are you doing if this is the correct way? Jp? Not like that there, it is guys all of the meats off GP your nabhi, any more of those if you’re gonna either like look at this office. Is you they’re not hotdogs? This is a German wiener today the right way, the wrong way in 3. 2. I’m not happy about it either people say it’s wrong to put ketchup on a hot dog. No, I like ketchup on a hot dog. Ok, that’s a little much! I’m surprised! You didn’t put it in your little little bite hole there. I just need also relish and mustard. You spitting that water is not from 7-eleven, you better stop.
I wonder how many people are offended right now, honestly, just looking at JB’s face I’m offended, but there’s a whole nother pub you’re, not fully tacos. How could you eat a taco incorrectly JP? Am I the one who has to get it in correctly? What do you do? Z, the meat at the centre? Let’s find them right away, actually, no, no and the other wrong way. It’s sharp on the top. I think my mouth, that’s how you don’t throw away Wow. Did you pee yourself over there today, you’re doing things so wrong, they’re, pissing yourself? Oh you JP it. Okay, Cheetos and I’m gonna be eating this the right way. Well then, you’re gonna do show me what the right way is. I have no idea, and obviously I trust you from all the other things that you’ve been eating correctly. Thank you, sir ma’am, with a bunch of cheeto in my hand, cool this is not right. I feel right: you’re gonna get cheese all over your fingers and then that’s gonna be nasty and then you’re gonna lick your finger and then it’s all bad the right way: chopsticks you’re! So right. I have it on my hands already. It’s all over. My hands, I must be doing something wrong: no cheese on finger and wrong, just a pleasant experience. I’m having here. I think that you might have swayed me the right way with this one OOP er, who, in there God’s name, is Ian the cheat only with a fork. Nobody does it work, they don’t fall apart. Do you have any hand sanitizer? I have chopsticks nose up with them chips, chips. How can you eat these are wrong. Would I think I know how to eat this wrong. First, I’m gonna open it from the bottom that really irks me that you don’t eat one. That’s the other wrong way. Why I can’t eat any more of these chips, so I’ll just be sitting here waiting for you, you can eat any more of them. Let’s do a little prank on JP. He doesn’t like salt and vinegar chips, though they just put them inside his bag. Oh, my back hurts like a mother. Your back hurts yeah hold it. You want another few chips before we go on to the next thing: yeah, you can’t eat anymore. You can only Hardeep is the wrong way, because one is wrong. The right way I can eat as many as I want. Oh no, oh yes, are you vomiting? Why do soul, but I had to I had to you. Did me wrong. I don’t really do care, you have them. Thank you. I love them. Am i loud nope? Oh yay. These are my favorite freaking thing ever Wow. I never got one this big, except for the one he made. It was Japanese. Oh obviously, that’s already the wrong. My top came off I think it’s offensive to people when you like bite into ice cream, you’re biting the ice cream.
That’s wrong! The cone! First, all right nice on you How could you possibly a combos roll JP is here to show that I eat around the combo and then finish it with the center guys comment below? Do you do this, because people are gonna? Do this? It’s like pizza paste in your mouth, no more ice cream Okay, now you could use any popsicle, but I chose Oreo because I like Oreos a lot I don’t want to eat this the wrong way So here we go This is such a horrible idea This is so good who came up with this idea Had this you’re eating it upside-down? No, I don’t get it This is like Breyers ice cream, how’s it going What which way is right, which way is wrong Let’s be real I’ve never had one of these 7-eleven burritos before, though, I wonder how they compared it to cool way, they’re really big They are bug, everyone knows the viral meme of fake Justin, Bieber eating a burrito, the wrong way, the right way and the wrong way This should be the right way I get all the good stuff right away This is actually not too bad for a 7-eleven thing Wow GP, so you get a burrito, but you need the inside, not the tortilla mm-hmm! That’s just Cheez Whiz you’re eating! Now, okay, now you’re offending me eat it all! Yeah you’re a horrible person, we got no done it, we had everything wrong, except for one more thing, and nobody on the internet has done this Yet are you sure I don’t know probably fold and lock the bottom flaps and the sleeve ain’t? Nobody got time for that Yes, this is how you do it guys What are you doing? No, that’s! So wrong! That’s wrong! You need to sleep three minutes it’s toohot and then when JP’s then burning his face off, probably which is low, I will eat it correctly Ooh, let’s go mr paper Towel mine’s ready! Oh no call hot pocket, cuz, not hot inside JP What are you know? Oh there’s a cheese good way to get the cheese out of the center JP I made a hot pocket You meet a hot hole inside of your hot father Yes, oh you just told pepperoni out of there Oh no, it’s so wrong girl What item that you guys saw were you most offended by and could we have taken it further? I assume so it notifies you when we post see you next time I hope to keep doing more Weird things and I’m gonna go to the bathroom again you’re, just gonna stay

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