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YouTube replays the old James Charles video! -BTS fans worry about Jimin! (Dun Hao)

1 Nov , 2019  

Kanye West opens up in a new interview: YouTube is trolling. James, Charles and BTS fans are worried about Jimin, all that and more on today’s daily Hollywood right now, hey guys, what’s up welcome back to the daily Hollywood rundown if you’ve been watching clever since we’ve come back, you know that the daily Hollywood rundown has not been Here we have the clever Hollywood rundown, but D HR is back Monday through Friday and a weekly recap we’re gonna have new stuff.
Coming so make sure you stay tuned, subscribe to our channel ya. Haven’t already you guys, it’s really important, so you keep in the know as well as hitting the bell. So you know and also leave a comment below. but we have so much to talk about so much to talk about. First, we need to talk about Ansel Elgort Instagram posts that were pretty hot. Actually, ok, you guys so something major happened. Last night Ansel Elgort posted 17 Instagram pics within a matter of 10 minutes with no caption no explanation and the whole thing was just a mood honestly, I was so confused. The whole world is confused. I mean the internet, we all just have so many questions on this one. At first, we thought. Okay, maybe these photos are promo pics for his new movie, the Goldfinch which comes out this September, but blasting his followers with 17 shirtless selfies and no caption and honestly bad lighting doesn’t really match with his Goldfinch character. So we’re leftwondering like why share these now like what are these photos all mean: Ansel hasn’t posted to Instagram since April 26, so while we’re not quite sure the meaning behind these pictures, we’re definitely Not complaining – and you know what people love them too, even Real Housewives, star Lisa and I love them, but Diplo, on the other hand, did not, and you guys the good people of Twitter all came to the same consensus like this user who tweeted I want to Be as confident as Ansel Elgort posting 17 selfies in different angles, while some users were questioning was he hacked? I don’t know Susan because I saw this and I was like. Why is he trending last night, and then I went to his page and I saw all these selfies and first of all, it’s not just confidence. It has to be amazing to know that you can post multiple multiple photos, literally in different angles and still get. I don’t know hundreds of thousands of likes on every single photo.
I know we’re all guilty of taking like a zillion photos too. Captain come on in Mel, I’ve seen your Instagram we’re all guilty of taking like a zillion photos at that one perfect shot, but it’s pretty cool that only like celebrities can then actually post all those shots. I don’t normally see that, though, and I feel like this was just like a whole mood. Every single image actually was a whole moon. You’ve got ones that he’s like almost smizing great one, but you can see the clothes in the background that he obviously took off before jumping in for the photo, and I mean I’m just dying to know Ansel. Okay thinking, I literally, could have put hashtag no filter on everyone and thatwould have made my day, okay guys so moving on to youtuber James Charles obviously, we know everything that’s been going on over the past couple of weeks and we’ve been trying to move on. I was trying to move on. I literally said on the last thr like I’m over it. However, I was scrolling down YouTube last night, not even like not even like really scrolling, just like a tiny scroll and in my youtube recommended. I still don’t know why. I clicked it, but they said before he cheats cover and I was like what is this and I clicked it, and I was like oh this kid looks a lot like James. Charles turns out, it was James, Charles, under another account called a little souped affiliate shot. So this YouTube account is James coding and it appeared in people’s recommended on YouTube. 7 years after it was originally posted on the about page. You see it says hi, I’m a Mario Kart player. Just so you know I’m 11 and then we did the math and this all adds up because James just turned 20, and this was in 2010. This page was started. One comment said: YouTube is really out here. Exposing everyone with their recommendation, another one said YouTube – is funny AF for putting this and everyone’s recommendations. So Susan, I’m not kidding, I wasn’t. but I was in the deep dive trying to figure out like if other people knew about this and yeah. There were a few people who talked about it. On Twitter and like whatever. I didn’t even know how to explain it. It’s it’s different, yeah, very different, obviously because he doesn’t have his makeup on the free makeup mogul, but you can still see the features in his face, so you can see singing singing and his personality is coming through, but obviously he’s not as confident as the Damon’s.
We know now. Are you being shady like recommend when we talk about that for the shape? Because I think I think it’s a little shady, err or not trim but like people start to view, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that YouTube’s gonna recommend it to you. The fact that it’s literally popping up as so many people’s recommended it’s kind of like oh what’s going on, do they want us to see a different version of James alright, first of all and here’s the thing it might not be Shady. It kind of feels like trolling to me, but at the same time is, if that’s who James was that’s, embarrassing like I would Not want that go back.. So that’s the question like YouTube, where you’re at like we’re watching you what’s going on just before we move on, though just play one more clip: okay, happy Halloween to all my fellow Americans and happy G at the dinner, whatever told me Nick sticking home easier, but While I’m doing my deep dive, who he thinks is really pretty so where’s Emily. Now, like I really want to get like an interview with Emily to saying yes, you knew James back then like what do you think about this whole situation now? Thatwould be crazy. I mean. Okay, you guys so the boys are BTS know how much fans love these puffs. That goes by the nickname, Tanny and when some new pictures were posted to BTS as Twitter, I mean everybody lost their mind. Everybody went wild and, if you’ve seen pictures of teddy he’s the cutest little dog ever so I don’t blame them and also trending yeah. Again, everything everything everything guys so the fans on Twitter we’re going wild over these new pics with one user. Writing. I love you and, as we just mentioned, the BTS army even got any trending worldwide. This user wrote Tanny your trending number to worldwide, because so many people are talking about you, it’s what you deserve as well as worldwide famous dog is now trending. This cute dog is powerful. We should add this, isn’t the first time that BTS is loyal following maintaining a viral sensation and he is so cute, so we can see why. But for the most part, a lot of fans couldn’t get over how much tani has grown.
One fan raved tani, grew up so well. While another said this pup has grown up so fast tani is trending as he should be. Oh, I really want a clever puppy. Oh yes, the issue is like who’s gonna take it home, because I like playing with puppies, I like dealing with them, but there somebody has to train them, beat them this pop boy is the cutest yeah. I love Pomeranians yeah. They are the cutest little dogs and I can’t get enough. I want to see more, like I’ve, more pictures and all the fans clearly want to see more as well. I just love certain dog likes. They like that puppy size and look their whole time, but moving on to other BTS news, some fans are very worried about one of the members, so BTS has been in their World Tour love yourself, speak yourself and they just wrapped up the u.s. portion.. Oh my god, this absolutely broke. My heartbeat army said that Shimon was sick and was coughing a lot during the soundcheck. I’m sure he was crying because he couldn’t give his 100%, but someone please let him know that we understand and it’s completely okay, so Susan, like obviously whenever you see one of your favorite performers, even if they’re in part of a group crying on stage you’re Gon na show, concern and people were tweeting showing concern for him telling him like to relax and when you’re part of a group of context, the pressure off, because it’s like, oh there’s, other members in the group. They can kind of take the lead and I can sit this one out, but he was still performing pushing three yeah. I mean I found it really emotional to watch yeah like I think you can’t not watch it and and feel emotional, because it’s a song on stage in front of the entire world and and it kind of didn’t didn’t it wasn’t like this quick little moment and It lasted for a while, but the good thing is: he did speak to fans the next night at the end of the show and here’s we have to say so. A fan account translated his message for all of us. He said: did you have fun now? There’s something I want to make sure to tell all of you. Actually, this rarely happens, but my body was a little unwell until yesterday, but even so I was fine because I thought I would do what I could do, but the reason I cried yesterday was because you all sang together with us right. I was deeply moved by that and it became a gift for me guys.
Thank you so much I’ll never forget that you move my heart and everything I received from you even after today and I’ve gotten better now. Thank you so much and I love you all. A lot thank you. This really warmed my heart because you don’t have to say anything like in the fact that they are so involved and engaged, and you can clearly tell they love their fans so much so. The fact that you like spoke out granted, we have to have a translation of it, but it’s still beautiful to know what he actually said and we can really connect with it. It is, and you don’t really see many artists communicating that way with your fan base. I respect boys so much for that, and it really does help. You know that connection that you feel so connected because you understand exactly what’s going on and yeah. It was a really beautiful moment then, when you know why he was crying. So you guys Kanye West is in the me again, which is no surprise and he is being interviewed or he has been interviewed by David Letterman for his series. My next guest needs no introduction and we’ve just recently seen the trailer that’s been released, and I mean we need to talk about some of the things that are in this trailer. When you’re bipolar did you have a potential to ramp up, and it could take you to a point where you start acting erratic as TMZ would put in case you don’t remember. Kanye was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Two years ago, after being placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold in November 2016, since then, he has talked about the stigma associated with mental illness. According to the Daily Mail in his new interview, Kylie compared his bipolar disorder, to quote a sprained brain and explained that it has a strong stigma attached to it, he said: quote people allowed to say anything about it and discriminate in any way. If someone has a sprained ankle, you’re, not gonna push on him more with us once our brain gets to a point of spraining people. Do everything to make itworse. Kanye then recalled his stay in a psychiatric hospital and said his treatment was awful He said twice: they have this moment where they put you, they handcuff you, they drugged you, they put you on the bed and they separate you from everyone.
You know when you’re in that state you have to have someone, you trust It is cruel and primitive to do that They love to write you off They love to cut your sentences off halfway What you say doesn’t mean as much so Kanye has somebody who people have a lot of feelings They either love hate I mean actually some people like him, but yeah right, there’s, there’s, there’s definitely strong opinions, I’ll say on both sides regarding Kanye, so I’m very interested to see the full episode of this, and you know he obviously has Kevin support Kim has been very open about this and has talked about like how much he loves and supports him, and she even talked about to the point I think it was a vote saying how she doesn’t really – or he not gonna – take the medication because it changes He is yeah, so I’m just very intriguing yeah I mean, and what I love about this is that he’s bringing a voice to like a really important like illness and issues that probably doesn’t get talked about enough and the fact that he has bipolar – and he is Someone who’s very famous and he is using his platform to talk about it so that people, you know so more people get educated in some ways and I think that’s really important, because people need to feel represented, and I think you know it’s a great way for Kanye, I guess use his limelight for for causes that are bigger than him all right, guys, that’s a wrap on D, H, R! This is our first one back under like the new clever wake as well Yes, I would have know what you guys think Let me know what you think about this whole JS coding YouTube channel Are you intrigued like? I am? Let’s know in the comment section below yeah and I want to know what you thought of Ansel Elgort selfies I mean so many questions What were the questions you had? What were you thinking when you saw them? Do you have a favorite pic? I know I do I have several to be honest Let us know subscribe comment like and we’ll see you guys next time, bye, guys bye, guys, alright So that’s a wrap Also, and I think you can only do that by subscribing so hit The subscribe button also hit the notifications So you know whenever we post you guys

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