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Youtubers has eight of the most barren houses!

30 Sep , 2019  

I’ve got to give you guys a never-before-seen house, I I am NOT trying to show off and if you do think I am showing off then what those are you gonna do about it some days. I am content with my life and then other days. I sit around wondering why I didn’t start my own YouTube channel when I was a teenager instead of watching Pretty Little Liars, reruns on repeat, actually, I’m not even that cool. I was really watching. Spongebob Laurie people moving on some of these youtubers are so rich that they have designed their own custom homes that will legit blow you away we’re talking massive mansions with $45,000 couches room full of Birkin bags and everything in between.
So, just in case you weren’t already kicking yourself for not having millions of subscribers we’re rounding up. Some of the best youtuber home tours right here on listed first up is the bow wearing glitter upset Joe Josie Wow, whose house looks exactly how you’d imagined it rainbow. Sparkles in her face literally everywhere, Joe Josie YouTube channel, along with their various brand partnerships, clothing lines, she’s become a favorite among little kids, I mean hello, we see you Northwest and her House is literally any kid’s dream home. I mean she has a room literally stacked from floor to ceiling with all of her Jojo merch. I’ve got to give you guys a never-before-seen house. I just got done redecorating our house. That’s her. Whole family actually live here, because my brother would not be down to live in a house that looked like this, but apparently they all live somewhere. Underneath the glitter, her living room is also decked out with Jojo merch and his extras he’ll. I mean she says so herself, it’s a little bit extra. The next house tour belongs to sister James, Charles, despite being temporarily cancelled James Charles successful makeup. Palettes clothing line and YouTube channel have made him a multimillionaire at only 20 years old and his house is literally my dream home. The interior design, which was done by fellow youtuber mr. Kate, is so on point I could cry. He has tons of custom art pieces and the whole place has been personalised to fit James sleek, grey, black and white style. James has talked in this YouTube channel for years about his dream to have his own house in this dream is now a reality fully equipped with its own very impressive studio.
I’ve always dreamt of having a room where I can get everything done, our friends and guests over and film comfortably our room, our my manager, assistant, editor writer, can all be in it and it won’t feel cramped, and this room is exactly that. So it doesn’t really look like that: host sister scandal hit him too hard. Financially James seems to be doing just fine, but next up is another beauty boy, the hilarious, Bret Munroe. He and his family live in Hawaii and a gorgeous house perfect for Bret mins. Wildly extra lifestyle, the bite – this is my kitchen because over twelve point, six million Instagram followers have helped make him into a huge star and he has the bathtub to prove it. And if you feel like you’ve seen this tub before, it’s probably cause it’s a staple. In his Instagram feed that boy loves his tub, but that’s not even where it ends in that same bathroom. He legit has a fridge to store his moisturizers and face creams, where I can put my moisturizer, but of course Brett Minh has one in his bathroom. Another youtuber who lives with their family is Lauren gray, but that doesn’t stop her from having an insanely gorgeous room. The pink and gold color scheme matches her whole real-life Barbie aesthetic, and I love a good matching moment. Her vanity is literal goals. I mean, I guess that probably explains why her hair and makeup are always so. Onpoint she’s got the ideal setup and if that wasn’t enough to make you jealous of a 17-year old herb, you and xboxone setup make me wish. I could go back in time and yell at my parents were not forcing me to start a YouTube channel. Then I have my TV and then this is the view from my window, which is probably my favorite part. I got super lucky with this view. I’m sure you will now sorry not sorry. Next up on our list of best house tours is Tana mojo, who explains her house better than I ever. Could you walk in and it looks like I have my life together, but I just don’t in the slightest for someone who’s always claiming to be such a mess. Her house is really nice. Like honestly, it’s seriously impressive. We get to see her closet, which is filled with clothes, and she said herself that she never really wears any of it.
Okay, but her designer collection is definitely enviable and then up here on the shelves. I have a bunch of stuff that I just like with. I want to put on display or as new or his designer, and I don’t want people to like touch it here. We have a little Gucci princess section heels, I’m literally never gonna wear a section, and then we get a look at her favorite part of her house, which is also my favorite part. She has this very cool room with these circular couches that couldn’t have been. She looks like a really cool hangout space. I guess tannic on not working out, didn’t stop her from getting her dream mansion, speaking of which we have to talk about Logan Paul’s house, which also has circular couches. Can you guess how much they cost please sit down if you haven’t already, because this isn’t for the faint of heart ready for it 50,000 a piece I mean, I guess when you’re worth around 20 million at $45,000 couches chump change, but that’s $90,000 worth Of couches, I’m official, you should and Brooke the rest of Logan’s house is equally impressive, specifically his backyard, which is fully equipped with the boxing ring. You know just in case you have to have an impromptu fight, as one does when you are Logan Paul. His house is worth around seven million dollars, which makes sense because he, his brother, Jake Paul, have become legit YouTube. Royalty Logan’s house also has a merger to jojo’s, and it seems like all of his friends are just always over. I mean I guess mine would too. If I had that much space, but again brace yourself for this next one, because the eighth’s family is building a legit compound which is bigger than most hotels, I’ve stayed at a little bit of the history of what the house. This was obviously like two houses before so we completely reconstructed both houses to make it into one and then obviously like refurbish, like everything like redid everything, as if one mansion wasn’t enough to a spambot. So you would have created one massive monster house for the family to live in all right, a family compound. We will officially move in in about three weeks. Even before the house is finished, you can tell it’s unbelievably stunning The space is gonna, be over 20,000 square feet, with 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms on 1.
8 acres of land again Are they accepting reservations? Because I would love to stay at a hotel? I mean the Ace Hotel isn’t from the G Hotel already, but you get what I’m saying: look we’ll call base family hotels anyway, the mega mansion is worth around 10 million dollars So maybe we’ll see some new members added today’s family to fill up this giant house and if not, I’m gonna try to get invited over I promise you won’t even notice, I’m there and last, but certainly not least, the most iconic of youtuber house tours goes to Jeffrey star So there’s no secret that Jeffrey started loves living the life of luxury He wears designer clothing, drives pink luxury sports cars and travels in private jets, but there’s nothing as extra as his house So you’ve probably seen the front of Jeffrey’s house on his YouTube channel, but the inside is where it’s at is entirely decorated, with pink decor and it’s the most extra interior I’ve ever seen He has a whole room of pinball machines that shane dawson accurately called dave and busters a machine for the newest ones that we are obsessed with playing in the moment and if that wasn’t enough, for you just wait until you see what he refers to as his Pink vault, which hasn’t been same amount of Birkin bag that he has been collecting for over 15 years The vault is behind a bulletproof pink bank vault door, so no one is getting in Unless it’s on Jeffrey’s watch, I have one of the biggest collections in the world I am obsessed with Hermes, I love the quality I love the design and I love the desirable like seriously Even the Kardashians will be jealous of this collection and even though his house is the most lavish YouTuber mansion, his favorite place is his pink chair in his backyard Even someone as extra as Jeffery can appreciate the simple things in life, but guys now I want to hear from you which youtuber has your dream home and if you were crazy rich, would you live large or were just saved? Let me know in the comments section below and then we are done with that subscribe to clever of course thanks So much for hanging out from here on clever news: I’m a mill in this jr and I’ll see you next time

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